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A long, long time ago…in a land far, far away (Fargo, ND) I had a dream of becoming a writer.

I imagined I would have a well stocked personal library full of my own works. (I might have been bordering along the lines of being an ego-manic, but lets not dwell on that)  The diversity of my written works would only be equaled only by the diversity of my life works. 

I would be a world traveler, a part time nurse, a qualified legal aid, able to take apart and put back together a cars engine, paint lovely still lifes, be a trend setter, and a homemaker.  I would lecture around the world about how to be happy and how to raise kids and have the perfect family.

I imagined a few of my titles would read along these lines…

"My Kids Are Happy and My Husband is Too"

"I've Got It All"

"The Secret To Trusting God With Everything"

"Thriving In Her Shadow: A True Story of How You Can Rise Above The Adversity of Conflict With Other Women"


You get the idea.


I realized recently that not only am I not equipped to be advising others on such topics, I am in desperate need of any and all advice from everyone else!

What I had imagined all those years ago as a bright eyed bride and youth has manifested into something much more… realistic.

If I were to have a personal library, these are the works that would currently occupy the space.



Not one to dwell on the inadequacies of life, my darling child shared some words of wisdom with me today.

I have been teaching Colton Bible memory verses with these really neat teaching aids.


"Be kind to one another," or "God is love."

The 'Be' was fairly easy to get, seeing as its sitting on top of a picture of a bee, and the 'to' and 'one' were as well, because he knows his numbers… any picture description is a really effective aid for his memorization.

We practiced for a few minutes then moved on to another task.  Colton started making a big mess of some markers and beads and I snapped a little as him and asked him to clean it up.

He looked at me, with a completely serious face, and said,

"Be love mom."



I could not help but laugh out loud and shake my head and just marvel at how wise his little four year old mind is.

So, that is the advice I plan to listen to today.

Just. Be. Love.

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  1. says

    I love your blog! I can see how it may seem simple, but simple isn’t always bad. It makes the reader check out your words, and you captivated me with your words. (I’m here from MckForum by the way). I have only used Blogger, so I know nothing about typepad, but I like your blog:)
    I’ll be back:) And I saw on one of your posts that you were on your way home from Bemiji. Sounds like you may be in my neck of the woods. Maybe?
    Blessings! Heaven

  2. says

    You have GOT to reply to me on the blogfrog discussion board… I want/hope/pray everyone will go over and read your blog and your amazing thoughts!!!  That is a truly powerful post!!!

  3. says

    Those are so great! Thanks for visiting my blog. You said that you loved organic things… but why didn’t you enter to win the sunscreen??!! Silly! :)

  4. says

    That post is awesome!! I think that if I wrote a book, it may have one of those titles too!! and I love your posters, very cool; and it would only be a child to use what you just taught them!!! Cute post! Have a great day!

  5. carma says

    Love it! Kids always have a way of jolting you back to reality. I was reminiscing the other day with another blogger on my starry-eyed days when I was going to accomplish all sorts of brilliant things professionally. Suffice it to say That never happened.

  6. says

    Love your personal book collection – the idea one, and the “welcome to the real world” one :)
    Great post, and love the verses you are teaching too.
    Thanks for dropping by to “my world” too.

  7. debbie says

    Dropped by from SITS. You are great! I loved the creativity in these book titles. I think many of us have thought we could write that first stack only to be humbled by the same realization!

  8. says

    Hi from SITS! Love your blog! I love the titles of the books, and can definitely relate (to the second group of books, of course!). My son is only 20 months, but I have a 5 year old niece that says some amazing things sometimes too! So cute!

  9. says

    Hi. I also stopped by from SITS. Thanks for posting this delightful transparent post. This post really lifted my spirits this morning. It’s amazing the difference between our idealistic world and our realistic world. Thanks for being open and real.