Audrey the Stinker Dinker Winker Bear

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On Sunday my sweet little angel woke up with a belly ache, which then led to a day of pretty consistent “emptying” of her belly.

On Monday she seemed to feel better, and made a good effort in trying to participate in the families activities.



As we were homeschooling… “Mom, I feel better!  Can I do my homeschool?”

“Have you eaten anything yet?” I inquired.  “No, and my tummy only hurts a little.  But I want to do my homeschool!”

“Okay, as soon as you can eat something we will get to work.”




“Mom, mom can I help you bake cookies?”

“Sure!  Do you think you can sit on the chair next to me?”

“I can sit real good!”

“Ok, you sit right here and watch mommy.”

*happy smiles*



“Mom, mom, mom!  Can I play angry birds?  I feel soooooooo much better!”

“Did you eat anything?”

“Yes!  I had a banana!”

“Sure, you can play for 15 minutes.”


The Faces of Audrey

It got to be closer to the time Dad comes home, so I walked to the playroom and asked Audrey,

“Honey, can you please help pick up the floor so its nice and clean when daddy comes home?”

“I cant.  I am way too sick.  I better go lay on the couch.”

Smart kid. 😉




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  1. says

    Oh my goodness how she has changed…..I remember her when she was so much smaller! Which means I have been walking with you in this blogging world for awhile now and we have never connected irl so I can eat some of your delicious cake. This needs to change esp. since I live in the same state! :) You have a darling girl there and I know how proud of her you are!!