Can I rest my eyes on Him?

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Can I just say that it is almost 9:00AM on Monday morning, and my little munchkins are just now waking up??  Praise Jesus, I slept until 8:30 this morning.  I feel like a queen.

The following was written on Saturday evening. In an actual paper journal.  I was desperate.

I did it all today.

I got the kids up and fed and let the dogs out of their kennels and fed.

We were all off to the park (no dogs) by 9:15 am.  We then went to Walmart to get a few misc. items and home by 11:30.

I got the kids lunch, and then we played outside and I did some weeding the garden.

FYI-I had NO idea how hard it was to weed a garden.  My. Hands. Hurt.

Got kids settled down for a nap, but only G#2 obliged.  G#1 and I watched Nascar.  I personally really dislike watching Nascar but I wanted to spoil G#1 a bit.

Got G#2 up and we played outside some more with the doggies and I cleaned up their kennel a bit while G#1 chased little doggie Dodger around and tried to hug him to death.  Reminiscent of Lenny anyone?

Fed kids dinner, which G#1 declines but G#2 enjoyed immensely and ate enough for both.

Got kids in bath then treated them to DVD for 45 min. while I cleaned up the kitchen and brought up clean laundry and vacuumed upstairs and changed linens on kids beds.

Informed kids they were going to bed.  Both protested GREATLY.  Then they were asleep within 15 minutes.

Watched news in between going into kids room and informing them they needed to stay in theirs beds-realized we are now in line for thunder storms-so checked kids again then went outside to "batten down the hatches." 

Came back inside and checked all doors and windows and have just now sat down to a quiet and calm house.

The point?

I feel like I have accomplished a lot today.  I took care of my family.  I loved on them.  We prayed and gave God glory.  I kept up the house and garden and outdoor property.  Yes.  I accomplished a lot.  I can do this!  I can hold down a home… and I can do it well.

The thing is, I don't want to!  We are on day 3 of Chad being gone, and I miss him desperately!  I miss feeling comfort at his dependability.  I miss relying on him to take care of the details.

He will be home in a few days, but I am getting tired.  The day to day work is not as taxing as much as it is the mental strain of knowing that it all depends on me.  The home.  The yard.  The dogs.  The kids.

This would be an appropriate time for me to look to the Lord for some help.  To rely on Him for His supernatural strength and dependability.  And I think the reason that things are going well… that the kids are still in one piece and I am still finding joy in my days and still able to get the desire to clean and 'take care of' things… well, I think the reason is Him.

Many blessings to you and yours-





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  1. says

    Oh my dear! I comletely understand. When Matthew’s home it’s not as though he’s helping out with my jobs. (besides the occasional giver of a bath to Anna) What I noticably miss when Matthew’s not home is the lack of a 2nd adult. It all gets done, of course but, the emotional relaxation of knowing there’s another responsible adult to just “be here” is not felt.
    I hope this time goes quickly for you. You are doing a great job and through severe weather even. JUST DON’T DRIVE ANYWHWERE. I’m just saying. :)

  2. Tracie says

    Any day of a mom with young kids is a day full of work in my opinion. Not that it isn’t all worth it, but it is work.
    I always think I will love it when my guy is gone for the night (which has happened about 5 times in 17 years) but I can’t sleep, and I pace the house when he is gone.