Name That Photo Contest (contest closed)

I took this picture of Audrey today. And I loved it.  But didnt know why. She is rockin pig tails.  And my old sunglasses with no lens.  And her Little Miss Sunshine shirt. And of course, plenty of attitude. So I leave it to you. Name this photo. Best caption wins. Judged by me.  I […]

Kids Say the Greatest Things

We often let the children pray before dinner.  Parker had just finished his prayer when Audrey declared it was her turn. We all sat still, bowed our heads, and listened intently. She began, “Dear Jesus, please bless our house… and Colton… and our house… and Parker… and la la la la la la la la […]

The Audrey’s

My grandma. My little girl. Both creative. Both adorable. Both opinionated. Both Audrey. Both much loved.   You may also like: Audreys Cake What I Love About Today Father Funny Face

Now Thats a Great Grandma

The day after Christmas we ventured to Fosston, MN to visit my Great Grandma Inga. I never get it right, but I believe she is 94.  Or 93.  Or 97. Lets just say she is over 40. My Audrey is named after Grandma Inga’s daughter Audrey. (My grandma Audrey) This picture gets me a bit […]

The Birthday

Although her birthday is technically not until today, we celebrated Audrey’s birthday over the weekend. My friend Kristen has this amazing picture of birthday streamers and I knew I wanted to do that for Audrey. So I spent a whopping $3 and got three rolls of streamers, then taped them up all over the living […]

Audreys P’s and Q’s

I was busily typing an email today and Audrey came up and asked if she could sit on my lap. Not breaking my stride, I moved a knee out and let her hop on. She kept leaning closer and closer to my computer until her face was completely blocking the screen. I stopped just looked […]

A Treat For You, A Treat For Me. Or Not.

My mom sent me this: (thanks mom!)  YOU KNOW YOU ARE LIVING IN 2011 when…  1. You accidentally enter your PIN on the microwave. 2. You haven’t played solitaire with real cards in years. 3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of three. 4. You e-mail and text the person who works at the […]

Like Mother…

I didnt mean to interrupt your impromptu photo session of the ‘pretty birds in the rain’. But I am so glad I did. I adore that you want to take pictures just like mommy, but am so glad that right now, you let mommy take pictures of you. Dont ever change ok? You may also […]

Lovely and Ethereal Audrey

I just wanted to show you a fun and simple and easy way to give a photograph dimension. It involves Photoshop and The Pioneer Woman. I took a picture. Simply downloaded her FREE ACTIONS. And hit the “play” button. How cool is that for an easy fun effect?   You may also like: Audrey and […]

You Are Beautiful

If you have not already heard, there is a wonderfully lovely song by Mercy Me called Beautiful. Its touching. Significant. Personal. Necessary. I hope you will take a moment to really hear… You are beautiful. Click here to listen on YouTube.     You may also like: Trying to Live a Life:Beautiful Then Sings my […]

Seems Like Just Yesterday

I was taking some pictures of Audrey today.  She is always busy doing very important things and cant be bothered to sit still for mom to take her picture. But I try anyway. Its such a treat to catch her expressions.  And Audrey, like any two year old girl I am sure, seems to have […]

Homemade Soda

I have never been a soda drinker. If anything, I will have a Sprite or Sierra Mist… but I usually always buy it in the bottle and then I open it and wait until it gets flat. Seriously, why do I admit such things?  I am so weird. Anyway, when I came across a recipe […]

A Sense of Warmth

Yesterday, we felt the sun. Hours and hours of warm, comforting sun. We set up the chairs and had ourselves a mini picnic. Fresh popped popcorn, huge lucious strawberries, and simply sweet lemonade. There is just something about munching on treats while lounging in the sun. We havent done it for months now… and the […]

And Baby Makes Six!

Hi all!  I am writing this from my hospital room. Little Eddie made his appearance into the world at 8:01 am yesterday, March 28th.  He was 8 pounds and 2 ounces at birth, and last time he was weighed is at 7 pounds 12 ounces and 19 inches. My Dr. and his staff were absolutely amazing […]

Welcome Baby Boy!

If its anytime after 8:00, its almost certain that we have welcomed a new baby into our lives…   And I am SO excited to share him with you.  I will try and get pictures up as soon as possible, but I might have to leave that to hubby depending on how my surgery went. […]

Where We Learn

One of the many things that this family has been up to lately is homeschooling.  And one thing that I knew we needed when we decided to take on this venture was a designated space for our school work. My office/craft room/computer room/storage room ended up being the perfect place for our kids to grow […]

A Girl With Curious Hair

Remember just a few days ago? I was having a glorious afternoon with my little girl… taking her picture and gazing into her sweet eyes and just loving being her mommy? Well. The other afternoon Audrey got the big idea to cut her hair.  It happened like this. I handed Audrey her child scissors and […]

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I have had a heck of a last 24 hours.   Chad has been out of town. I have been so swollen I cant get my socks on. Last night I decided to cheat and get Chinese food for dinner, and stopped at a local place. After dinner, for some reason, I gave Audrey 2 […]

Today I Will…

  What are you doing today??? Poor Parker got cut off! Audrey is actually covered in petroleum jelly in this shot… she thought it would be fun to wipe it all over herself. And her bed. And the carpet. You may also like: Just a Little Rant What a Precious Person You’ve Become Sunny Smiles

Happy Birthday Little One

  Yesterday we celebrated Audrey's second birthday. My precious little baby… who can sing her ABC's, count to eleven, and absolutely captivate you with a single glance. Who adores her brothers endlessly. Who has meticulous manners. Who, when we seem to need it most, stops and says, "Love you too Daddy." You are much loved […]