when you are two


When a clear lack of ability to eat without half of the food ending up all over your face/table/clothes is adorable, when your sister is the coolest person in the world and gives the best hugs, when you are first learning about “gentle” and “nice” and people always let you pet the baby animals first, […]

full bore


I know it seems weird, but I find the greatest peace in life just being with my family. Hanging out on our property and watching the kids explore and delight in the grass and trees and bugs and little flowers that we sometimes refer to as weeds, even though they aren’t and watching children play […]

Olivia’s Birthday Cake {Pink & White Ruffle Cake}

Olivia's Birthday Cake~ Pink & White Ruffle Cake!

My little baby turned 2 a couple weeks ago. It was a last minute celebration. I think I was in denial that my baby was turning 2 and didn’t really want to call attention to the event, so nothing ever got planned. But that was selfish and common sense prevailed. She deserved a party. So […]

why does a child need a mother?


Why does a child need a mother?  To tell them they are beautiful…to make sure they don’t become spoiled…to teach them to play fair… to assure them that heartache will not last forever…to believe in them when it seems that no one else does…to be a trusted confidant… to encourage them to be serious about […]

baby mine

baby olivia

there is just something about watching your baby be gentle and kind and affectionate and nurturing to another (feather) baby. I can’t help but think that my little baby is going to be a great mama someday. “Let them be little because they are only that way for a while.” -author unknown (but probably a mom) […]

olivia and colton

Olivia giving me a look

Starting the day with this cutie is one of my favorite things in the world. I am by no means a morning person, but this little light of my life is trying (pretty successfully) to change that. As she sat across from me at the table this morning, she seems to be in deep thought while […]

how to organize baby clothes

How to Organize Kids Clothes

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I am making some changes.  I am looking to improve the quality of life, to find and live joy, to make my home and my heart a place that people feel welcome. The steps are small, some might even say baby.  So I […]

she gets it from me

Olivia and her First Marshmallow

Hey.  Mom.   What’s that you got there? Yeah, the white thing.   Um, can I have one. Just one. I really want one.   Yes! Wait.  Really? Are you sure? I can eat this whole thing?   Cause I am eating it. All of it. Right now. You can’t take it back no matter […]

paper thin walls {a response to a response to a response}

Olivia Crying

I recently had an email in my inbox.  It was from care.com and read: War Of The Hotel Rooms: Should Babies Be Banned? Recently, an anonymous letter berating a set of parents who brought their baby to a ski resort went viral. People were quick to pick sides — and a heated debate began: “Are there certain […]

zucchini banana oat bread (and a craptastic day)

Zucchini Oatmeal Banana Bread

Let me just tell you about my day. It all started about 5:00am when I heard my baby crying and got up to feed her.  I walked to her room in a zombie like stupor, hushing her whimpers and gently picking her up and then nursed her back to sleep. Just as I got done […]


Colton and Olivia

thats my baby   holding   my baby. I think she likes it. You may also like: One Week Today What I Never Wanted to Say What Happens When Mama Wears Lipstick Baby of Mine

Sweet Child of Mine


Its been a wonderfully hectic last couple of months.  We have had a baby, packed a house, staged a house, bought a house, sold a house, moved into a new house, and are subsequently unpacking in new house.  All while nursing full time and trying to wrangle four other very happy kids.  And one dog. […]

Today is the Day!

Gender Reveal Rose Cake

We are scheduled to have our fifth child this morning via C-Section!  Five kids.  Who would have thought? We are nervous and excited for this newest addition to finally make his/her way into our lives! For this pregnancy we chose to not find out the sex of the baby, and its been really fun!!  Thank […]

Bubbly Baby Cupcakes

Smiling Baby Sugar Cookies

I really have baby on my brain. And on my bladder. And kidney.  Just sayin.   We are not finding out the sex of this little one, and I am loving the anticipation of the surprise!  As of now, he/she is scheduled to be born on May 31st,2013.  I think that’s a pretty good date! When I […]


Grandpa Dennis and Audrey

After all the trials and tribulations of 2012, I was determined to embrace hope for 2013.  I desperately hoped that in 2013 there would be no deaths, no heartbreaks, no disappointments, no rejection. Just. No. More. Recently I posted a story that I consider life changing.  You know, one of those stories that sticks with you […]

Time for a New Family Picture!

Rettke Family Picture

I dont think I ever shared this picture. It was taken this summer, on a 90+ degree day, in our backyard.  The wonderful Yvette of Dilly Art Photography came over and did her best to capture some candid moments in our lives.  Which is never easy with four hyper kids! It just occurred to me that this […]

I’ve Got News

Gender Reveal Pink Rose Cake

You may or may not have noticed, but I have been absent.  Not blogging.  Not really facebooking.  Not tweeting.  Not Instagraming.  Not pinning. And I have missed you.  Missed your kind words and your blogs and your awesome pins and seeing what you are up to on twitter. And soon, I am hoping to get […]

Advice to a New Mommy

Jen Shall Baby Shower, Original Image Credit Amber Bracegirdle

A sweet blogging friend is about to have her first baby.  The beautiful and talented Jen from My Kitchen Addiction! She will soon be experiencing her baby’s first coo, her first glance, her first smile. (Original design credit to Amber Bracegirdle) She is about to know what the old saying feels like, “Making the decision to […]

It Takes a Village… and a Tablet

Eddie Learning on the Motorola Xyboard

I want the best for my kids.  I want them to be smart and strong and generous and kind. And while I feel blessed beyond measure to have four beautiful children, I sometimes get overwhelmed with mom guilt. Am I doing everything I can to ensure they are the best they can be?  Shouldnt I be doing […]

Baby Einstein

This is clearly one of those “look at what my baby can do even if your baby has been doing it for a few months and its not really that fascinating or anything but I am still bursting with pride for this child whom I am sure is genius all because of a little trick […]