zucchini slutty brownies

Zucchini Slutty Brownies! Seriously delicious and a fabulous way to use up some summer zucchini!

Making decadent chocolate zucchini brownies that cover double stuff Oreo’s that are nestled over a layer of zucchini chocolate chip cookies is my new favorite thing to do. Telling people what they are called is not. I first saw these over on The Londoner and, just like so many millions of people in the world, […]

Rhubarb Brownies

Rhubarb Brownies with Video Tutorial!

Decadent rich chocolate paired with slightly tart rhubarb is one of the best brownies I have ever had! Truth be told, I was the ONLY one in my family excited about these. My husband shook his head no when I presented the idea. The kids… they started gagging and acting like I wanted to feed […]

Eight Amazing Brownie Recipes

Amazing Brownie Recipes

Brownies are the ultimate dessert if you ask me. Right out of the oven, chilled, covered in ice cream, stuffed with all sorts of glorious concoctions. They are perfect no matter how you eat them! Here are 8 that I can’t get enough of: 1 Chocolate and Peanut Butter Lover’s Brownies 2 Frosted Rainbow Chip […]

Five Ways to Eat Homemade Brownies

Homemade Brownie Pie!

Five fun and easy ways to jazz up the most amazing Homemade Brownies! Brownie Parfait 1 recipe homemade brownie 2 cups chopped strawberries 2 cups whipped cream Prepare brownies in 9×13 inch pan, bake according to directions and allow to cool.  Invert pan onto a clean solid work surface and cut up brownies into 2-inch […]

homemade brownies with peanut butter butterscotch ganache

Peanut Butter Butterscotch Chocoalte Ganache covered these Decadent Brownies!

My obsession with peanut butter & butterscotch has been well documented. It’s like the dream team to me.  Move over jelly, peanut butter has a new BFF. Adding peanut butter and butterscotch to ganache seemed like a good idea because clearly I look to add it to all the foods. All the cakes.  All the […]

peanut butter brownie caramelitas

Carmel Brownies with Peanut Butter!

Not really sure I can call these carmelita’s, but if not I am hoping the carmelita police is busy pursuing other more serious offenders. I kinda love the name ‘brownie carmelita’ and want to keep it so please don’t tell me if it is completely being used out of context. But you can see why […]

brownie cookie dough pie

Brownie Cookie Dough Marshmallow Pie!

Stop judging me. Ok, nevermind.  Judge away.  This dessert is… well… ridiculously awesome.   Let me tell you how this came about. I was craving brownie batter.  I know, I know, gross. Raw egg, yuck.  But I am one of those weirdo’s who does not have a problem with raw egg nor do I have a […]

gluten free fudgy brownies

Gluten Free Fudgy Brownies!

One of my favorite things to do is bake.  I love getting into the kitchen, getting out bowls and measuring spoons, opening the pantry door and standing before the sugars, flours and baking ingredients.  There is a nervous, almost giddy excitement about it that brings me to a calm, comfortable, happy place in my often […]

Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies on a Stick

Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies Brownie Bite on a Stick and covered in Snickers!

I am out at the Minnesota State Fair today.  Did you know that: “It is the largest state fair in the US by average daily attendance. It is also the 2nd largest state fair in the US by total attendance, trailing only the State Fair of Texas, which generally runs twice as long as the Minnesota State Fair.” […]

heath brownie dessert pizza

Heath Brownie Dessert Pizza!

Have you noticed I have been on a dessert pizza kick?  It’s really quite a fun way to enjoy a treat after dinner.  Or before dinner.  Or all day long.   This dessert pizza was inspired by my Heath Cake.  That cake is da bomb.  (As is using hip terminology from the 90’s.  It just […]

Brownie Frosting

The Perfect Chocolate Frosting for Brownies

I have a confession.  I have never liked frosting on brownies.  It was a rash decision that I made when I was a teenager and for some reason it stuck.  Kind of like deciding that you dislike peas so never ever ever trying them ever again. Well.  I was a foolish, foolish, foolish girl. I […]

Homemade Brownie Mix

Homemade Brownie Mix!

I am a sucker for a good box mix brownie.  I know, I know, it’s like against Foodie Law to say such a thing, but I can’t help it.  I like a consistently good brownie.  I like it to have a flakey crust.  I like it chewy inside.  I like to taste the chocolate.   But […]

Blueberry Brownies

Decadent Blueberry Brownies! #fudgey #chocolate #brownie

I was on a mission to create the most decadent and fudgey and chocolately and blueberrily brownie ever.   The center had to have a rich fudge-like texture but the top had to have a delicate and crisp flakey crust.  That in itself is the definition of a perfect brownie (in my humble opinion), but […]

Decadent Homemade Brownies

Decadent Homemade Brownies

If you have purchased my new cookbook, ‘surprise-inside cakes‘, you may have noticed something.  There really aren’t that many recipes. Which is weird for a cookbook.  The few recipes it does have are recipes that I truly adore, and today, I am sharing one! In the book there is a cake called the Neapolitan Hi-Hat […]

brownie carmelita’s in a skillet

Brownie Carmelita's

You may have noticed my latest obsession… baking in a skillet.  Its just so darn handy and fabulous, I feel silly that I waited so long to join in the trend!   I have also been obsessing over anything with chocolate or caramel.  As witnessed by my last skillet, the Brownie Oreo Skillet and my […]

Texas Brownie Cake

Texas Sheet Cake for Baby Shower

Kinda.  This is definitely a sheet cake, but I decided to “brownify” it today for a special reason. A group of bloggers has gotten together to celebrate the upcoming birth of Amber from Bluebonnets & Brownies baby boy! Chocolate sheet cake covered in rich vanilla buttercream.  I probably could have used 1/2 the amount of […]

Zucchini Desserts: Three Ways!

White Zucchini Cake with decadent Chocolate Buttercream

My husband is a fabulous gardener.  Every year we get get to enjoy the fruits of his labor, and this year is no exception.  We have an abundance of zucchini, and have been eating every day since the picking began! I would love to share with you three sweet zucchini recipes that we enjoy. First up, […]

Baking, Shopping, and Cakes

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED Congrats to comment #1535 somecallmeambingale     Welcome to my new digs! I have been working on this project for over a year now, and am so stinkin happy to have it done. I even baked a cake reminiscent of my new online home… what do you think? Now. I don’t […]

Secret Crazy Ingredient Ice Cream

As soon as I am done posting this I am going to work out. I just have to put that out there. One thing I love to do is share my recipes with you!  To let you enjoy the same sweets and treats that me and my family do. This is one of those times […]

Oatmeal Brownie Milky Way Bars

Milky Way Brownies

Milky Way Brownies are my everything.  Really. These bars are a perfect union. They bring together two important women in my life. In all our lives really. Martha Stewart and the Pioneer Woman. Martha brings her classic Oatmeal Bar recipe in all its splendor to our little party. I tweaked her recipe by adding six Milky Way […]