Father’s Day Cake

An Easy and Fun Father's Day Cake!

This cake is a fun way for everyone to show dad just how much they love him! Mastering this simple piping technique can be done in just moments! This is a basic chocolate cake that I baked in a 9×13 pan. When the cake is cool, invert onto a flat surface where you can cover […]

A Prayer Request and a Praise!

Prayer Changes Things!

UPDATE:  Chad’s cardioversion was not successful.  His heart went back into AFib within a minute of being converted.  We are looking into what our options are at this point.  Most likely they will recommend more (increased dose) drugs and another cardioversion.  After that they look at ablations.  We are trusting in God that He has […]

My Future Flashed Before My Eyes

Chad and Parker

Friday night didnt go as planned. Chad was in the hospital. I was pacing my floors like a crazy person in an asylum. My husband wasn’t coming home tonight.  The doctors were keeping him overnight for observation because his heart was in Atrial Fibrillation. From the Mayo Clinic website: Atrial fibrillation is an irregular and often rapid heart rate […]

Ten Years

Today is my 10th wedding anniversary. I have been married for ten years. To this guy. Who does stuff like this. Which I secretly love even though I typically have my over-protective mom hat on. And does stuff like this, cause he’s such an amazing dad. And does lots of other amazing things that I […]

Kids Will Be Kids

Last weekend we had the pleasure of spending lots of time over at my grandma and grandpas house in Bemidji. My grandparents have this wonderful hill (awesome pics in that link) in their yard that I remember playing on as a wee little child. I was wee once. Anyway, my dad and cousin Scott and hubby […]

A Tease No Longer

Remember way back when I told you my dear sweet hubby got me a gift that would make our (meaning you and me) relationship better? I totally didnt mean to tease.  I sorta forgot.  I do that a lot.  I just saw a study on NBC that stated "pregnancy brain" is a myth and that when […]

Fishing for Smiles

I dont know what was better. Catching his first large mouth bass…     Or just being with dad. You may also like: Sunny Smiles

He Surprised Me Today

So I went into my *hubby's bathroom this morning. *When I say hubby's I mean the 'downstairs' bathroom the he just happens to keep all his very manly toiletries in. I have been using the sauna that's in there about five times a day the last three days, as I seemed to have developed a […]

I’m Sick of Being So Sweet

I mean really. Everything I make has seven pounds of sugar in it.  Its got to stop! But…I must warn you. If you do not like veggies or pickling, you might want to turn back now. Chad's been pickling peppers. He almost turns it into art. Each jar is a mini masterpiece of color, variety, […]

15 Reasons

I originally posted this in July of 2008. I wanted to re-share it with you because I truly believe that it is essential that we, as wives, speak well of our husbands.   I try so hard to not speak ill of my hubby.  Not because he is perfect and never gives me the opportunity, but […]

The Big Reveal

After many months of planning and preparation, we finally decided to fix our retaining wall outside. It wasn't terribly bad before.  Just not as functional as it should have been.  And sorta ugly.          We had to tear down the existing retaining wall.       So we could start over with […]

Life, As It Should Be

  My darling husband brought home roses the other night… just cause. He knows how much I love roses.  As cliche as it is, as common as they are, they are one of my favorites.     Here is my other favorite flower… hydrangea's.   Then the kids and I went out in the field behind […]

The Great Marshmallow Debate of 2009

  As I stepped outside into the fading sunlight, I was humbled by the scene before me.  This type of setting is commonplace, but this moment was, in the brief second I was able to observe, breathtaking. In addition to my unwavering love for the Lord… …this is why I do what I do.  These little […]

For The Greatest Father on Earth

  A Fathers Day Proclamation _______________________________________   Sunday, June Twenty First, in the Year of Two Thousand and Nine, for the duration of the day.   You, Chad, father to Colton, Parker, and Audrey, have been declared the Greatest Father on Earth.   On this day, in recognition of your selfless deeds, limitless love, and […]