White Zucchini Cake

White Zucchini Cake

It is full-on zucchini season here, and I have no less than (and not even kidding) 50 zucchini’s to use up.  That is a tease and a warning, all wrapped up into one. I decided to try and re-do my white zucchini cake with yellow zucchini, then cover it in gobs of chocolate frosting of […]

chocolate zucchini cookies

Triple Chocolate Zucchini Cookies!

Every now and then I get an idea for a recipe.  Usually it is simple as thinking about it, googling it, finding a previously published recipe, making it into my own, and getting on with my day.   That was not the case with these cookies.  I really wanted to find a zucchini cookie that was […]

rich chocolate truffle pie

Rich Chocolate Truffle Pie!

Have you noticed I am doing a week of No-Bake desserts?  It’s so gloriously warm/hot/cold here that I have not wanted to turn on my oven.   (Cold only at night, it was 57 the other night!  But other than that I am LOVING the weather.)   Now I know this is a chocolate pie, […]

snickers special-k bars

Snickers Special-K Bars!

I win the internet.   I was going to tell you that, post a few pictures and a recipe and be done with it.  Cause I mean, hello.  I won.  Game over. But then I thought you might want to know why I won. But that would mean telling you all about these, and they wouldn’t […]

BEST Ever Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies!

There is a reason I can say that.  These cookies are adapted from the New York Times BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  With a few simple modifications, the recipe turned into a Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie! Well, its actually a chocolate, chocolate, white chocolate chip cookie, but that is just a bit redundant don’t you […]

chocolate ooey gooey cake

Chocolate Ooey Gooey Butter Cake #chocolate #cake

I just posted the buttery Ooey Gooey Butter Cake a couple days ago.  The recipe was so fascinating to me that I immediately had to make it in chocolate!   While I really enjoyed this chocolatey richness of this dessert, I think “taste wise” the same results can be achieved by simply making brownies or a […]

chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate butter glaze

Mini Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Cinnamon and Chocolate Butter Glaze! #pancakes #chocolate #breakfast

I made a mini-resolution to myself.  Start getting real on my blog. Which is weird because no one told me to stop being real, but I have been slowly morphing into “safe” mode.  Just get by.  Don’t ruffle feathers.  Not consciously mind you, I think it was a subconscious act of preservation.  Blogging ain’t for […]

homemade yellow cake mix

Homemade Yellow Cake Mix

Did you know I bake lots of cakes?  Like, lots and lots of lots of cakes?  I had a homemade white cake recipe that I love, but have been on the search for a good yellow cake recipe.   There are a couple reasons that I finally ended up in this recipe. #1 Its a […]

Red Velvet Chocolate Milk

Red Velvet Chocolate Milk

So I posted a picture on Instagram and asked people what they thought of Red Velvet Chocolate Milk.  Based on the picture I posted (darn my love of filters) , 99.99999% of them said NO.  No.  Not ever.  Just… no. Based on that awesome response you would think that I would scrap the recipe huh? […]

New Years Eve Crack

New Years Eve Saltine Candy (crack)

Its safe to say that I am addicted.  Ever since I made Halloween Crack I have been thinking (dreaming) of making it again.   If you can eat just one piece and walk away then I want you to teach me your ways oh wise one. The rich buttery caramel over crispy crackers and then […]

Red Velvet Peanut Butter Blossoms

Red Velvet Peanut Butter Blossoms #baking #cookies #christmas

I grew up with a very basic peanut butter blossom recipe. It had a star shaped chocolate piece on top instead of the Hershey’s kiss.  They tasted the same, but there is something about seeing that simple star chocolate piece atop the light peanut butter cookie that makes my heart smile. There was always a […]

The Perfect Chocolate Cake

The Perfect Chocolate Cake and Best Chocolate Buttercream #chocolatecake #cake #buttercream

It occurred to me that there are three things I have not done. 1. Updated the Best Chocolate Cake recipe. 2. Shared the perfect Chocolate Buttercream recipe. 3. Made a Chocolate Rose Cake. Well, I will remedy those three issues all in one post! I have made no less than 56, 743 rose cakes in […]

Triple Chocolate Devils Food Cookies

Triple Chocolate Devils Food Cake Mix Cookies!

I remember the first time I met my husbands grandma Carol.  We had been dating a little over a year and I was still very eager to impress all his family members.  (and failing miserably, buts thats another story)  I remember being very anxious and nervous and wishing I had brought flowers or something as […]

Chocolate Curls Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake with Chocolate Ruffle Curls

I know I said I would stop with the red and green but apparently I was totally lying.  Sorry. I made a white cake, tinted some frosting red and green, then melted some chocolate.  Have you ever made chocolate curls?  I had tried once before.  It was a major fail.  I am pretty sure there […]

Special Cake for a “Picky Palate”

Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Have you ever met Jenny?  She is the genius force behind the amazing blog, Picky Palate. And… she is having a baby!  A few friends got together to throw a virtual baby shower, and I was fortunate enough to be able to bring a cake! Well, did you know that sweet Jenny INVENTED the Oreo stuffed chocolate […]

Chocolate Cupcakes {contest closed}

This was the most fun post to do. I get to make something delicious and talk about one of my favorite people! I dont know if you heard, but today Amy Atlas’s book Sweet Designs,  is available to purchase!!  Its fabulous. She has so many tips and tricks, I think she can turn anyone into […]

Saint Patrick’s Day Cupcakes {Beer Mugs}

I made these cupcakes last year, but never shared the tutorial for them on my blog.  Since they are so easy and SO fun, I couldnt resist sharing them this year!   Pin It Not only are these beer mug St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes fun and easy to do, but they’re actually made with beer, thanks to […]

Red Velvet Hi-Hat Cupcakes

I was feeding my sweet baby last Monday and happened upon Martha Bakes on the Hallmark Channel. As *I* also enjoy baking on occasion, I was pretty excited to watch.  And Martha did not disappoint!  She showcased some delectable treats, including her Hi-Hat Cupcakes.   Pin It I decided to give them a shot using […]

Dark Chocolate Cookies with Champagne Buttercream

I meant to post this last week, but never was able. Please accept my sincere apologies.  I wish I could send you each some of these cookies to make amends. They are absolutely amazing.  Completely decadent.  Totally befitting an enchanting evening such a New Years Eve. I used Sprinkle Bakes Chocolate Sugar Cookies.  She describes […]

How to Melt Chocolate {Baking with Aunt Inga}

Aunt Inga was so excited to hear that someone needed her help!   She and Ole put together another video for your viewing pleasure, however the quality is pretty poor. Sorry about how blurry it is!     Just in case clearer instruction is needed, here are some tips when melting chocolate in the microwave. You can use any […]