Name That Photo Contest Winner!

So I asked you to name this picture. And boy did you ever! Here are some of my favs: From kookla9 on instagram “What has two pointing fingers and loves cupcakes?  You do.” From Tammy “JESUS wants YOU” From carlasconfections on Instagram “You will make me a cupcake!” (using the “force”) From Heather O “Take […]

Name That Photo Contest (contest closed)

I took this picture of Audrey today. And I loved it.  But didnt know why. She is rockin pig tails.  And my old sunglasses with no lens.  And her Little Miss Sunshine shirt. And of course, plenty of attitude. So I leave it to you. Name this photo. Best caption wins. Judged by me.  I […]

Bakerella. Sur la table. And a Giveaway. {Closed}

I had such a fun day yesterday… hanging out with Shaina from Food for My Family and visiting with Bakerella and shopping at Crate & Barrel and Sur la table. I had never been to Sur la table. I might never be able to go again.  All sensibility quickly went out the window as I […]

Pumpkin Caramels and Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes (CLOSED}

Pumpkin Caramels. I made those.   Having never have made caramels before, the process seemed daunting. But I got this new book, Sweet Confections by Nina Wanat and knew I wanted to try.  Her directions are easy to follow and the photography was done by the amazing Todd and Diane of White on Rice.  The […]

Mystery Blog Cookies {Contest Closed}

UPDATE! The winner of the gift card is comment #1, from Renee.  (Winner chosen via   And of course you are correct, the answer is absolutely Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman!  You all are SUPER smart! ***** I recently made some cookies for another blogger and really liked how they turned out! Instead of […]

HUGE Giveaway (Like $500 Huge)

So when it rains it pours around here! I am so, so excited to tell you about this super easy giveaway on my brand spanking new review blog!  (Same thing as this but different.  Well, you'll see.) You have the opportunity to win $500.  That is right, I said $500.   Who couldnt use a […]

Cupcakes and Salvation

I would like to share some news!  Thanks to a tweet from the amazing Bridget, my cookie mentor and 'boss' over at the University of Cookie, I was able to enter a recipe in a contest at Sweet Surrenders Cupcake and Cookie Cafe. I will let you check out the details if you are so […]


Thanks so much everyone who entered.  I think the consensus is that everyone loves Duff! If you won please just email me at with your name and address and choice of flavor. *** #147 Wow! I hadn't heard about his products yet. Would love to try them! *hint hint!* Posted by: Gia | Jun […]

Some Very Sought After Advice~Contest Closed

Its been one of those days. I have just been in a funk. I made a cake and forgot the set the timer, so it shriveled and burnt up. I went grocery shopping and forgot some of my coupons at home. It rained so we couldnt play outside. It was all very important life altering […]

Let The Voting Begin!

Congrats to everyone nominated!  I chose the first twenty nominations in each category.  Polls are open for ONE WEEK! Click Here for PollOnline SurveyEnterprise Feedback Management | Polls | Email Marketing | Crowdsourcing SoftwareView MicroPoll Click Here for PollOnline SurveyEnterprise Feedback Management | Polls | Email Marketing | Crowdsourcing SoftwareView MicroPoll Click Here for PollOnline […]

Awesomest Food Blog Contest!

I wish I was sharing a baking post with you, but my oven blew up. So instead, I thought I'd share my contest! Stop by i am mommy and nominate your FAVORITE food blog! (or parenting, or inspirational, or photography, or overall blog… but really, its about the food right?) The winning blog will win […]

Its Nomination Time!~ NOMINATIONS OVER!

Are you ready?  Its here!!  I am so excited. It is time to nominate someone for the Awesomest Blog Awards!! Nominations begin now!  Here are the rules: Nominations will remain open for 24 hours, so  that means they will close on Friday at 11:59pm. Each person can nominate one blog.  You can nominate your blog […]

Awesome Blog Awards Are a Comin’

So I just wanted to let you know I have decided to go ahead and host the Awesome Blog Awards 2010! Do you remember last years? (be sure to check out this link so you know why on earth I would host such a thing!) Here is the skinny. There will be a nomination period […]

A Dessert Photo Contest? Yes Please. *UPDATED*

Bakerella is over at i heart faces this week.  Can you say 'starstruck'?  Cause I totally am.  I even wrote about Bakerella on my baking blog! So.  When I saw that i heart face's contest this week was desserts, I fainted*, then got back up on my chair, fainted* again, got a glass of water, […]

The Big Giveaway Winner… UPDATED!

UPDATE! The winner of the $20 cash is Yvonne!  She emailed at 9:02 (talk about fast!) with the correct answer of… the third picture!  Did ya see it?  In the reflection on the motorcycle?  I am in desperate need of a tan.  Lots of you emailed with the correct answer which just confirms to me […]

Mom Blogging Contest

Ok, so i entered this contest.  Here is the info. Mom Blogger Contest: Enter your blog to win a $1000 cash Grand Prize and/or other gifts described below. The 20 Mom Bloggers who receive the most votes from their Fans will win prizes and be featured on the Little Remedies® website blogroll (20 winners total). […]

Foodista Cookbook

Thanks to the fabulous Diane for letting me know, I was able to submit a recipe to the Foodista Cookbook contest just in time! I chose the Ultimate Dessert… and now its up to you. If you are so inclined, you can just click on the green box below and then 'vote'.  To vote, all […]

We Have Winner!!

This was a close race ALL day long!!  There were over 500 votes… and man it was tough!!  You all have some gorgeous kiddies… so please know… you are all winners cause you get to see those cute mugs everyday! The winner is BJ Mama of For What Its Worth! Congrats girl!  Please send me […]

Cute Kid Contest-Voting Starts NOW!

*I'm sorry for any inconvenience… but please wait for the poll to load on your screen.  Unfortunately I cant take any votes that are left in the comments! Here we go!  Please look through all of the pictures and find which one strikes you as the Cutest Kid!  Scroll to the bottom to vote.  Voting […]

Four Ways to Win, Just for Being Quick

Wow!!  You guys rock!!  When I left my house this morning there was 10 votes… now there are almost double that!  THANK YOU!! I was trying to figure out the details of another giveaway, but thanks to your awesomeness, I gotta kick it up a notch…and quick!! ——————————————————————————————————————————————– (All of the voting is in LIVE […]