amazingest sugar cookies and how to be a good mom

Giant Sugar Cookies with Cherry Buttercream

This post is brought to you by me (all thoughts and recipes are my own) and Aquafresh. Thank you for helping me to continue to bring you beautiful and delicious treats! I don’t know if you are aware, but I have five kids. FIVE. (Ages 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2.) Five awesome little people […]

christmas tree cookie stacks (and a giveaway!)

Christmas Tree Cookie Stack!

Isn’t baking in December some of the most fun baking there is?  I have a few theories on why this is. 1. For the US folks, this is typically one of the cooler months, so being in a cozy kitchen with an oven full of delectable cookies and treats warms the soul as well as […]

Giant Sugar Cookies with Pink Buttercream

Giant Frosted Sugar Cookies!

Somedays just call for obnoxiously big cookies covered in pink frosting and sprinkles.   I have been fighting the impending-winter-blues.  It’s almost a brain sabotage if you will.  The summer has been so lovely with so many blessings and so many adventures and I just can’t seem to enjoy the beauty in the moment, I have […]

Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookies (best sugar cookie recipe)

My church’s youth group is having an ugly sweater party tonight, complete with a Baking Contest.  Since I am a local celebrity and all (you know, the kind of celebrity that you see late at night on the weather channel being filmed during a massive tornado saying something like, “Its like, windy out.”  Yeah.  Thats me.) I […]

Winters Beauty

Waking up to this wonderland today… sorta made this a little more appropriate. Just sayin. If you are in the mood for sweets, stop by and see my little Holiday Goodies roundup! You may also like: Beauty Product Review. Seriously? Holiday Goodies Sleeping Beauty Don’t Let This Happen To You.

Thanksgiving Blessings

  The first time I sat down to Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws, I had made the incorrect assumption that their celebration would be the same as my family’s. I expected Turkey.  And pumpkin pie.  And football.  Well, there was football.  But no turkey! Hubby’s family has a wonderfully diverse and sophisticated palette, and that […]

Don’t Let This Happen To You.

Its ok, its ok, I know. I have been there.  When I was first married I did not even know how to turn on the oven.  But a little youtube and hunger go a long way in the teaching department. So, in honor of everyone out there who burns toast and forgets at add cheese […]

I Had Four Pieces of Pumpkin Pie. Just Sayin.

Hi all!  Hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and weekend! I cant wait to read about all the amazing food people had and the fantastic deals people got black Friday shopping. Me?  I ate. I baked. I slept. I bought not ONE SINGLE THING. (insert really pathetic sad face here) But we did […]

Anything For You Sweetheart

So when my dear husband asked me if I would make some cookies for a silent auction at his work, my response was, "Of course!" I have another big project this week, and would not have said yes to just anyone.  But he is my hubby, and I would rather drop the other project then […]

The Sybil Cake

A very sweet blogging friend graciously offered to let me make cakes for her kids' birthdays this month.  I am SO excited… but also really nervous.   Cakes are sorta… well.. complicated!   So I started brainstorming. Its not till the end of the month… but I want to be prepared. I wanted to make a cake […]

Welcome To Amanda’s Diner

I'm serving up a few tasty treats for you today! The first specialty of the house is our new favorite way to have breakfast. Rainbow Pancakes   Yes, that is pancake batter.  Now.  There is no need to silently nod to yourself in victorious gloating satisfaction because (hanging head)… you were right.  I am obsessed […]

Precious Purple Pixie Princess

The very first thing I did when I met Hilary was gravitate to her gorgeous belly.  I wanted to touch it so bad… it was the most perfect little round bump of 'babyness' I had every seen. And this is not the norm for me.  I do NOT touch belly's.  Being a fat girl curvy […]

Cookies For Liz

I was asked a while back if I would be willing to donate some cookies to the Liz Logelin Foundation Gala.  My response was, "Yes!  Of course.  But really?  Cookies?  Who wants to bid on cookies?"  Well.  Most likely no one.  But that's ok!  I am just thankful that I was allowed to contribute in […]

I’m Hoping to Avoid Being Sued For This

It started a few months ago. I started brainstorming and sketching and generally freaking out because someone wanted my cookies…at their wedding.  Weddings are sorta a big deal.  Like, if something went wrong and my cookies looked terrible, the bride would remember it forever and I might even end up on Judge Judy being sued […]

The Final Piece to the Bizzy Puzzle

I had the distinct honor and pleasure to be able to make Beautiful Baby Braden some cookies for his first birthday. My BFF Laura gave me a napkin to work from.  When I saw it I thought…how cute! Then I looked a little closer and realized I was in trouble.  I always freehand cookies…  but […]

I’m At It Again

I've been busy with creating some new fun and colorful cookies.   Butterflies are in abundance.       We visited the Washington County Fair in Lake Elmo.  It was SO fun!!  The kids had a great time! Well.  Except for that whole corneal abrasion thing. But before we ran out of there with me praying out […]

Tasty Kitchen

Howdy!  Today I am featured over at The Tasty Kitchen… the Pioneer Woman's new food site.  I am pretty sure its like an automatically generated feature option and today was just 'my turn'.  There are some amazing chefs and some awesome recipes over there! Sadly, having never even conceived that I would be featured at […]

Things Successful Bloggers Do

 I have decided to stop apologizing about all the cookie related topics on my blog.  For two main reasons. 1. I would be apologizing ALL the time and that gets tiring. 2. What the heck am I apologizing for?  I like making cookies and showing you all.  Which reminds me. "Things That Successful Bloggers Do […]

I’d Like To Thank The Academy

If you are sick of me talking about cookies… please… stop now… slowly bring the cursor up to the big X in the upper right hand corner and click.  For those that figured they could stomach one more cookie post…. hey, ha, get it?  Stomach a cookie?  Ha ha.  I crack me up. … I […]

Sugar Cookies 101

Wanna know how I decided to start making sugar cookies?  I saw Martha Stewart do it and thought to myself, "That look easy enough for me to do!" So I went out and bought a bunch of supplies and baked cookies and started to prepare all the frosting for the cookies and I realized…this is […]