peanut butter cookies

Perfect peanut butter cookies!

This classic cookie is always a treat for kids and adults alike!   I discovered this recipe on, where it is called “best ever peanut butter cookies ever” and has over 700 reviews. I think it is named appropriately! One thing I found interesting is the fact that these cookies do not contain any […]

peanut butter marshmallow butterscotch pizza

Peanut Butter Marshmallow Butterscotch Dessert Pizza!

This dessert pizza is amazing. If you only ever make one thing from my blog ever… please let it be this. My first bite of this sweet (oh so sweet) pizza was bliss.  Pure bliss. I had visions of world peace.  Kids getting along.  Hour long pedicures.  Laundry done.  Basically everything was right in the […]

BEST Ever Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies!

There is a reason I can say that.  These cookies are adapted from the New York Times BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  With a few simple modifications, the recipe turned into a Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie! Well, its actually a chocolate, chocolate, white chocolate chip cookie, but that is just a bit redundant don’t you […]

Cherry Cheesecake with Oreos and Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cherry Cheesecake with Oreos and Chocolate Chip Cookie!

You may have noticed. I know I have.   My blog has turned into a den of gluttony.  A shameful place to gorge on insane amounts of calories.  A sinful stuff fest.  Can it be stuffed into something?  Then I will do it. I feel as if I need to share a behind the scenes […]

rustic blueberry tart with white chocolate

rustic blueberry tart

Blueberries are IT for me.  Sitting down and eating a pint is no big deal.  Sharing is a no-no.  And finding new ways to incorporate them into baking is a must.   So this is a very simple and dumbed down version of a classic tart.  I removed it from the constraints of a traditional […]

Red Velvet Rose Sandwich Cookies


A while back I posted some Neapolitan Spritz Cookies.  I love the cookie so much that I just knew I had to make it for another special occasion! This recipe is one that I am really, really happy with as well.  Its almost like a red velvet brownie, only in cookie form. Pair it with […]

Red Velvet Peanut Butter Blossoms

Red Velvet Peanut Butter Blossoms #baking #cookies #christmas

I grew up with a very basic peanut butter blossom recipe. It had a star shaped chocolate piece on top instead of the Hershey’s kiss.  They tasted the same, but there is something about seeing that simple star chocolate piece atop the light peanut butter cookie that makes my heart smile. There was always a […]

Red Velvet Melting Snowman Cookies

Red Velvet and Cream Cheese Melting Snowman Cookies #cookies #christmas #redvelvet #creamcheese

If you have read my blog for awhile now you know that I am very, very serious about two things. 1. Honesty and Integrity in blogging… always crediting the source when you use someone else’s idea. 2. Sugar. These cookie were inspired by the amazing Meaghan from The Decorated Cookie.  She created the Original Melting […]

Pumpkin Sandwich Cookies with Brown Butter Buttercream

Pumpkin Spice Cake Cookie Sandwiches with Brown Butter Buttercream

Its a mouthful.  But its a scrumptious mouthful. These cookies were a total accident.  I had a craving for a pumpkin cookie.  I found a recipe from Martha Stewart but didn’t have all the ingredients on hand so I googled ‘easy pumpkin cookies’. Easy is an understatement.  Let me tell you this whole recipe. 1 […]

Monster Cake with Monster Cookies

Monster Cake with Monster Cookies {Cookie Decorating Tutorial} #halloween #cookies #cake

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw these cute little Monster Cookies I shared last week.  Since they ended up turning out pretty well, I decided to cake-i-fy them!  Thats totally a word by the way.   So I whipped up a the Perfect White Cake and threw some cookies on top.  Voila!  Monster […]

Lemon Sugar Cookie Sandwiches

Lemon Sugar Cookie Sandwich Cookies

Did I ever tell you the whole reason that this blog started was because of my love for sugar cookies?  (That is seriously the BEST sugar cookie recipe.  Ever.)  Anytime anyone said anything about cookies my mind would wonder to the light and sugary deliciousness that is a soft sugar cookie. As I grew and […]

Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Spider Cookies #halloween #spiders #scary #cookies

So there is this image floating around the internet.  I am just going to link to it (I was not able to find the owner and get permission!) but I do encourage you to check it out.  It is a chocolate chip cookie with spiders superimposed on it. I kid you not I stared at […]

Chocolate Fudge Pepper Cookies

Cocoa Fudge Cookie with Pepper

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the Chocolate Cupcakes with Pepper and Raspberry Filling I recently shared.  The flavor combinations were something I was not used too nor comfortable with… until I tried them. Now I crave a little complexity with my desserts. I loosely based this recipe off of a Cocoa Fudge […]

The Giving Cookie

Cookies for Random Acts of Kindness

  I have the amazing privilege and honor to be able to homeschool my kids.  I have spent hours going over curriculum and studying learning styles and trying to determine the best ways to teach my little ones everything they need to know about english, math and science. But as any parent knows, we teach […]

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Lactation Cookies

Lactation Cookies

So I recently put a post up on my facebook page about some lactation cookies I had made.  I ended up getting more emails and private messages than I knew what to do with.  So I decided to get this recipe up fast so that everyone would be able to make them!   What is […]

Triple Chocolate Devils Food Cookies

Triple Chocolate Devils Food Cake Mix Cookies!

I remember the first time I met my husbands grandma Carol.  We had been dating a little over a year and I was still very eager to impress all his family members.  (and failing miserably, buts thats another story)  I remember being very anxious and nervous and wishing I had brought flowers or something as […]

Bubbly Baby Cupcakes

Smiling Baby Sugar Cookies

I really have baby on my brain. And on my bladder. And kidney.  Just sayin.   We are not finding out the sex of this little one, and I am loving the anticipation of the surprise!  As of now, he/she is scheduled to be born on May 31st,2013.  I think that’s a pretty good date! When I […]

Rose Neapolitan Spritz Cookies

Neapolitan Rose Spritzer Cookies!  from

I wish I had OCD for something like laundry or eating celery.  But no.  I have to be obsessed with Neapolitan.  And ‘rose’ anything. Like the Neapolitan Rose Cake.   Or the Neapolitan Chocolate Cookies Cups with Strawberry Buttercream.  I cant even tell you about all the Neapolitan desserts and Rose themed desserts I have […]

Triple Chocolate Sugar Cookies with White Chocolate Buttercream

Double Chocolate Sugar Cookie with White Chocolate Buttercream

I adore sugar cookies. I love how they keep their shape and you can make anything you want out of them. Add chocolate… and I am pretty much smitten. This recipe was originally inspired by the brilliance that is Sprinkle Bakes. Her chocolate sugar cookie recipe has been a favorite of mine for more than a year now! […]