surprise-inside cakes book trailer!

Surprise Inside Cakes Cover1

I dont know about you, but I lovelovelove when a book has a trailer.  I dont care if it’s a cookbook or a thriller or a documentary.  There is just something in me that loves the quick fix and anticipation of more. That being said, here is mine.   I hope you like it.  And […]

surprise-inside cakes and a HUGE giveaway!

Kitchen Aid Mixer

CLICK HERE TO BE ENTERED! Today is one of those days that I live for as a blogger.  As much as I love sharing new and fun creative cake designs, one of the things that I enjoy most is getting to give YOU fabulous gifts! Today, in celebration of the upcoming release of my book, […]

surprise-inside cakes available for pre-order!


  The whole reason I started the “i am author” tab on the blog was because of this little book right here. For three years now I have been baking and creating and designing and writing and photographing and stressing and waiting very impatiently for it to all come together. And that is finally happening. […]

Why to Not Freak Out About the New Instagram Policy… Yet.

Instagram Cake {What to do about the new Instagram Policy}

I wrote about issues I was having with Instagram in June of this year. Social Media Cake My main concern was that people are using their site as a collection of others’ photos.  But I did also address the fact that once you upload a picture to Instagram, you give them full permission to do […]

Food {Faux}tography

I gotta keep it real here.  Food photography is tough.  I struggle with it every single time I do it.  I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that I am totally faking it. This is my favorite shot of a slice of cake.  When one person (whose opinion I trust implicitly) saw […]


I started out the morning yesterday with a box of eggs. Five dozen to be exact.   That was before I made fifteen cakes. White cake and chocolate cake and red velvet cake and even a brownie cake. Even though its windy, snowy and cold here, I never had to turn the heat up.  My […]

To Crumb or Not to Crumb

So I have struggling with a very important and life changing issue. I literally ask myself the same question every time I make a cake. Should I clean up crumbs on the cake stand or leave it as is? I completely understand if you just rolled your eyes at me.   Now.  Please forgive this […]

Food Photography Backgrounds

I was browsing through some pictures for the book and realized that they all looked the same. White background with a cake in front of it.  Maybe some plates.  Some forks.   White background. White, white, white.  Then more white. This will not do! So I pulled up pinterest and entered photography backgrounds. I just adore […]

Things You Should Know Before Writing a Cookbook

Here are a few things I have discovered about writing a book.   It would be wise to know how to express myself using actual words and not just winking smiley faces. 😉 It is simply not ok to describe every single cake as delicious.  Apparently there are other words that I can use to […]

Writing & Reading

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED Congrats to comment #760 Vanessa I am in the process of writing a book based on my baking blog, iambaker. It is set to be out in the fall of 2012. (We’ll see if I can meet my deadlines to make that happen!) I truly believe that the only reason […]

Banana Bread {And Some News}

I have another Banana Bread recipe on this blog.  Its perfect and amazing and I have made it no less then fifty times. But then my dear hubby brought some other woman’s banana bread home from work.  And then he said… get this… “I like this better.” I Faint. I Sob. I Throw myself on the […]

She Finally Pushed Me Too Far

So there is this woman who has been coming to my church. When I see her, I get so ticked. I could almost hear the the people right behind me in church today. “Honey, is that actual steam coming out of that lady’s ears? How odd!” See, I know her. She has said very hurtful […]