my husband went away and I have never been happier

Chad Bow Hunting

If you know me at all, that title probably doesn’t make much sense does it? Let me explain. I married an outdoorsy guy. Chad likes to hunt most things and fish for everything, any time of year that it’s legal. He is just one of those guys that gets his soul refreshed among God’s nature […]

how to dominate after school snacks

How to Dominate After School Snacks

Did you know that I have been a homeschooling mom for the last 4 years? It was great! Well, kinda great.  I love everything about homeschooling and still stand strong in my support of it. But I got overwhelmed. And stressed. And sometimes angry. And impatient with my kids and found teaching three different grades […]

daddy’s girl

Olivia and Daddy

They didn’t know I was there. Watching them.  Feeling my heart ache as she looked up at her daddy with such love and delight in her eyes. Giggling to myself as she collapsed in a fit of belly laughs after the tickle monster came to visit. Feeling blessed and thankful after seeing her close her […]

grilled chicken rainbow cobb salad

Grilled Chicken Rainbow Cobb Salad!

This post is brought to you by Aldi’s. I used fruit and vegetables to turn this salad into a beautiful and refreshing meal!  A bit different from my norm, wouldn’t you say?   One of my favorite meals in the world is a Cobb Salad.  It has a little of everything; meat (usually chicken), greens/vegetables. […]

how not to do a selfie (i.e. with underwear on your head)

Our Driveway

Or maybe I should title this, “How to absolutely do a selfie.”  I haven’t decided.  But I digress. Every Tuesday is garbage day.  Which means that when my husband is out of town and just happens to have the 4-wheeler with him, I need to walk the large and often heavy garbage to the end of […]

three quick photography tips

How to insert a lens for a DSLR camera

  I just have to preface this with, I think you already know these tips.  I think everyone already knows these tips. There tips are along the lines of “DA” and “common sense” but when I started using using a DSLR everything about it was terrifying, and the photography was so overwhelming that these little details were […]


"A good garden may have some weeds." - Proverb

Our property is overcome with “weeds”.  These wild grasses and flowers and mushrooms pop up in the garden, in the grass, in the driveway, in the pond.  I decided to document this subtle overrun of the vibrant visitors, and share a few quotes a long the way. (Most of these images were taken an hour […]

(un)invited house guests

Smiling Snake

You may remember the frog incident; Our ponds and surrounding swampy areas were inundated with frog mating and frog babies and croaking and leeches.  To call it traumatic was an understatement.  Well actually it’s not, according to the dictionary traumatic describes it perfectly.  But anywho. We have snake.   Here he is in action.  It […]

not gonna lie…

potato bugs

… it’s been a tough week. My husband and two oldest children left early in the week for a fishing trip in Canada. Roughly a day later our chickens and guineas were attacked by neighborhood dogs and a couple of them were killed.  I tried to save some and in the process didn’t realize my […]

today is a new day

Sunrise on the Pond

(an update from ‘the best laid plans…‘) Last night was definitely a long night, with countless tosses and turns.  Crying babies (Olivia developed a small fever) and racing thoughts.  I did not sleep well and felt groggy and a bit dejected as I thought about what was in store for today. But then my eyes […]

the best laid plans…


UPDATE: ‘today is a new day’ Here is how my evening should have gone. Get kids dressed.  Head out to Audrey’s very last soccer game and picnic for all the players and parents.  (Husband is on a fishing trip in Canada with Colton and Parker, so it is just me Audrey, Eddie and Olivia.) Come […]

she gets it from me

Olivia and her First Marshmallow

Hey.  Mom.   What’s that you got there? Yeah, the white thing.   Um, can I have one. Just one. I really want one.   Yes! Wait.  Really? Are you sure? I can eat this whole thing?   Cause I am eating it. All of it. Right now. You can’t take it back no matter […]

Roots and Wings

Dad 1981

Happy Fathers day Dad.     You are an amazing man. You are an inspiration. You are much loved. One day, I hope I will be just like you.   Thanks for teaching me how to fly.     You may also like: And He Will Rise, On Eagles Wings Fathers Day Cake Happy Birthday […]

You are the World

Parker and Eddie 2014

The older I get, the easier it is to accept responsibility over fun.  Ten years ago that is not a thought that would have lasted more than a millisecond in my brain, as I was all to often one to fulfill the self serving need.   I dont know when it started (birth) but I have […]

froggy business

pond life: frogs

If you can agree to any of the statements below, just stop reading this and move on with your day.  Trust me. 1.  You passed high school Biology.  (The frog dissection part). 2.  You have basic knowledge of how frogs procreate and give birth. 3.  The idea of seeing frogs being intimate does not gross […]

even though

Colton and Audrey

 even though I asked him to look at her even though I told them to hug   even though he protested and clenched his fist and tried not to smile even though he acts so much tougher than he is… he loves that pesky sister of his. And she adores him. You may also like: Audrey […]

Book Signing

Surprise Inside Cakes Cover

If you live in the Sioux Falls area, you definitely need to come out to my book signing!   I will be at Zandbroz Downtown on May 10th from 1:00- 3:00pm!  You can bring your copy or purchase one there. Can’t wait to see you! You may also like: coming up roses (frosting roses of […]

chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate butter glaze

Mini Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Cinnamon and Chocolate Butter Glaze! #pancakes #chocolate #breakfast

I made a mini-resolution to myself.  Start getting real on my blog. Which is weird because no one told me to stop being real, but I have been slowly morphing into “safe” mode.  Just get by.  Don’t ruffle feathers.  Not consciously mind you, I think it was a subconscious act of preservation.  Blogging ain’t for […]

what makes a kitchen the heart of a home

The kitchen is the heart of the home!

My kitchen is all at once the messiest and most cleaned room in my home. It causes me stress and joy simultaneously!  I stress over dirty dishes, moldy bread, crumbs on the floor and stains drying and setting in my table cloth as we speak.   But then there is the joy. We embrace the joy […]

perfect rainbow pancakes

Tips on how to make the Perfect Rainbow Pancakes! #pancakes #rainbow

My original Rainbow Pancakes have been quite controversial, but hopefully that is all done.  I am sharing a slightly less technicolor version of them today, AND sharing tips on how you can great the Perfect Rainbow Pancake, just in time for Easter!   Here are a few tips! Have lots of bowl on hand.  By […]