Family Picture

We had our pictures taken for the church directory.

It was about a month after we had just had our other family pictures taken, so I didn’t spend too much time worrying over whether they would be good or not.

Plus, our family is growing in a few months and we’ll need a new one anyway.

Awkward Family Photo


So when I saw this, I practically yelled at the lady to stop as we were viewing the pictures.

I ordered it.  A full 8×10.

I LOVE it.  Love it.  It makes me smile and laugh even when I am not looking at it.

I just snapped this shot of it with my phone to share, but I am going to proudly display this in my home until Parker tells me otherwise.

I hope he’s at least 40 before it bugs him. :)


Shark Day

“Mom, are sharks teeth like triangles?”


“Mom, are they sharp triangles?”



“You bet sweety.”

Ten minutes later.

“Mom, look!”

“I’m a shark!”

1 roll tape .99

a stack of white copy paper 3.49

seeing how your kid can use his imagination priceless

Now Thats a Big Sunflower

I couldn’t resist sharing a few pictures from our weekend.


My niece Inga came to visit.

Her and her mom (my sister) and her grandma (my mom) came to the cities for a girls/birthday/school shopping weekend.

They came over a bit later and we made red velvet cupcakes and let the kids decorate them any way they wanted.


Then I decorated one just the way I wanted.  And then looked at it.

Cause I am trying not to eat gluten.

And those were not gluten free.

The only thing they were free of was healthiness.


Dear sister posing with the sunflowers that run the edge of our garden.  She wears fun colors.

I sometimes try to liven up my black wardrobe with a splash of white.

I am a rebel.

Seriously though, our sunflowers are huge.  At least 15 feet tall.

Not sure why.

But I like lookin at em.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?




Out of Focus

Although the weather man predicted snow today, I really had no idea that it would be like a FOOT of snow and that it would cause massive power outages accross the state of Minnesota and that from 11:00am to 5:00pm today we HAD NO POWER.

About seven seconds prior to me putting to most beautiful cheesecake I have ever made into the oven, my world went dark.

I immediately hopped online and tweeted for "HELP!"  asking dear friends, "what should I do?  Leave it out?  Refrigerate?"  I had no idea!

Of course, just because my new laptop had a fully charged battery didn't mean my wireless modem was going to work without power.  Hence, no tweet ever went through.

So!  I left it on top of the stove and went outside to shovel.  In the middle of the storm.  Isnt that what everyone does in power outages???

Then I got hopelessly sidetracked by these guys and ended up shoveling only a portion of the driveway.

I do that a lot.

Lose focus that is.  Not shoveling.



And their insane ability to catch snowflakes on their ridiculously long eyelashes.


More snow tomorrow and then very very cold temps for later in the week.  

At the risk of sounding very silly I must tell you, I just LOVE this time of year!

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Tidbits and Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered to win some great stuff from!  When Mark from found out about the giveaway, he generously offered to cover the cost of one of the winners!  Isnt that amazing?  Thanks so much Mark!

The first winner is:


Steph said:

That is awesome that you are doing this!!!! I love the stickers!
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Do not leave sunglasses unattended around children.  They will inevitably find them and proclaim themselves too cool for you.


This Is Me Today. Yikes.

I wanted to put together a well written, thoughtful, and informative post today.  But soon realized that I was completely incapable.

Some things that have happened at our house today:

Audrey found a full tube of petroleum jelly and managed to lather it over her entire body.

Parker used a marker to draw on his shirt and it soaked through to his skin and he now appears to have tribal markings all over himself.  We have Awana tonight.  Should be fun.

I managed to make a cake and complete and entire order of cookies.  Then realized I made the WRONG order of cookies.

Audrey has a bit of a runny nose and we are out of kleenex so as I grabbed a new roll of toilet paper and was attempting to pull off a few squares to wipe her nose and  I started to lose my grip for some reason as realized I was going to drop the roll in my left hand so even though I had a firm grasp of the sheets in my right hand I let go with both hands.  I then gave myself a mental pat on the back for not holding on to the single sheets because then I would have had the roll unwind a lot and it would have been a big mess.  I then realized that I had given myself a mental pat on the back for dropping a roll of toilet paper.  

So what is going on in the world today?  I saw that Joy Behar called Sarah Palin a b*itch and that she is going to burn in hell and that some Marie Clair blogger said fat people kissing is gross.  Seems about the norm huh? (If I can get up the energy I might provide links… if you happen to know them already feel free to leave it in the comments.  Seriously.  I am still thinking about toilet paper here.)

Oh!  Just an FYI, the LG TextEd campaign is going on over at BlogHer, and there are some really insightful posts from moms about how they handle issues related to texting/sexting/phone use. Even though that’s not an issue in our house right now, I was surprised at how much I learned about the issue and how I plan to parent on it! 

Hope your day is going smoother then mine!

I’m Gonna Miss This

I am leaving in a few short hours for San Fransisco, CA.

For the first time ever, I am leaving behind these guys.



I cant believe how long its been since I posted a picture of these sweet little people.




Of those tiny baby teeth and shining eyes.




Of my little ones out and about enjoying the world.


It is impossibly hard to leave them today…

…my heart hurts thinking that I might miss one moment of joy or one more opportunity to express delight in their accomplishments.

I know its good for me as well as them.

But that doesn't change the fact that I will miss them dreadfully.

At least I know they are in good hands




The Final Round-Up~ Party Style

This final post I really have to give all the credit to my hubby.

I basically told him, "Honey, can you build me a table and chairs for Parkers party?"

"Sure, what kind of chairs?"

"Well, just make it look like an "h" from the side.  Simple!"


But make it he did.  


It all started with a primed piece of MDF.


To which he cut out and assembled chairs one by one.


Parker even got to help, which makes a mama's heart proud and a little boys smile bright. 


Hubby made eight chairs all together, and I got started on painting them right away.  

cough More like over the course the the next two weeks.


After they were all painted I went back and added my detail… chalkboard paint so each child could write his/her name on their chair. 


And here is the final product!!


The table is black chalkboard paint as well, so I added lots of chalk to their supplies.  



My very talented MIL also sewed these beautiful "swag" bags for each family.  


The bags were filled with homemade playdough:



And a play watch and personalized bubbles and a thank you cookie and there were even toy bugs in there.  That was one of Parkers favorite additions!


We drank from personalized water bottles (and lots of pop, thanks Barb!) and dined on chili cheese dogs made with natural casing hot dogs and fantastic fresh from the garden salads.


This bag of chips my mom brought was almost bigger then Audrey!  Not surprisingly, we still have some left. 


The kids were pretty excited about cutting into all the treats on the dessert table… and I kinda was too. ;)

It was such a beautiful day and we were blessed to be surrounded by friends and family.

I cant wait for next year!  

And when I say I cant wait, I mean I will never, ever spend two months planning for and executing a party ever again.  

And when I say never, ever I really mean I just need a little break and then my insanity will resume. ;)

Personalized Banner on a Budget

When I finally tallied all the folks we invited and all the food that needed to be made and bought and all the 'extras' that I just couldnt help myself on… I realized I needed to reign in the budget a bit with Parkers party.

When I was at the home supply store with hubby getting materials for another project I cant wait to show you, this one just popped into mind.

Why not use some of the free pain sample cards?


And then, one day when I was wasting way to much time at Walmart, I saw some multi-colored plates that included sixteen plates for $1.50.

They were the perfect shape for my theme, and had most colors I was using!  So I just cut out the center of each plate.


The mini banner ended up like this:


And the 30 foot long main banner ended up like this:


I made two, and the front one had pictures of Parker from birth to today… it was a wonderful walk down memory lane for me… and I hope for him!


Total cost including ribbon for all the banners was under $10.

It definitely took some time, but I am so glad I did it.  Parker was just thrilled to see all those pictures of him hanging for all to see!