Kids Swimming at Lake George

I remember few things clearly from childhood… as in, I can remember big life events and generalities, but the specific details are fuzzy. One thing I do remember though, is feelings. The feelings of comfort and security and being loved. I remember that clearly. One of my fondest memories/feelings was swimming in Lake Bemidji. I […]

why does a child need a mother?


Why does a child need a mother?  To tell them they are beautiful…to make sure they don’t become spoiled…to teach them to play fair… to assure them that heartache will not last forever…to believe in them when it seems that no one else does…to be a trusted confidant… to encourage them to be serious about […]

i failed to teach my kids about childhood hunger. did you?

Project Sunlight and Hatch Project: Stop Hunger Now and start at Home!

We have a pretty good life.  We have a warm house and food to eat and books to read and toys to play with. My kids have never known true depravation.  They have always had a warm bed and clean clothes and full bellies. I recently was sent a video from Project Hatch. <div>Please enable […]

birthday celebration (with LOTS of desserts!)

Zucchini Chocolate Cake!

This past weekend was a busy one, with lots of food, fun and desserts of course!   My little guy is turning eight in about a week and my sweet niece turned nine last Friday!  We are also celebrating one year in our home as well as a long and beautiful summer.  School time is right […]

You are the World

Parker and Eddie 2014

The older I get, the easier it is to accept responsibility over fun.  Ten years ago that is not a thought that would have lasted more than a millisecond in my brain, as I was all to often one to fulfill the self serving need.   I dont know when it started (birth) but I have […]

Family Picture

Awkward Family Photo

We had our pictures taken for the church directory. It was about a month after we had just had our other family pictures taken, so I didn’t spend too much time worrying over whether they would be good or not. Plus, our family is growing in a few months and we’ll need a new one anyway.   […]

Shark Day

"Shark" Parker

“Mom, are sharks teeth like triangles?” “Yes.” “Mom, are they sharp triangles?” “Yes.” “Thanks.” “You bet sweety.” Ten minutes later. “Mom, look!” “I’m a shark!” 1 roll tape .99 a stack of white copy paper 3.49 seeing how your kid can use his imagination priceless You may also like: Five Adorable Easter Crafts for Kids! […]

Now Thats a Big Sunflower

I couldn’t resist sharing a few pictures from our weekend. My niece Inga came to visit. Her and her mom (my sister) and her grandma (my mom) came to the cities for a girls/birthday/school shopping weekend. They came over a bit later and we made red velvet cupcakes and let the kids decorate them any […]

Today I Will…

  What are you doing today??? Poor Parker got cut off! Audrey is actually covered in petroleum jelly in this shot… she thought it would be fun to wipe it all over herself. And her bed. And the carpet. You may also like: Just a Little Rant What a Precious Person You’ve Become Sunny Smiles

Out of Focus

Although the weather man predicted snow today, I really had no idea that it would be like a FOOT of snow and that it would cause massive power outages accross the state of Minnesota and that from 11:00am to 5:00pm today we HAD NO POWER. About seven seconds prior to me putting to most beautiful […]

Tidbits and Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered to win some great stuff from!  When Mark from found out about the giveaway, he generously offered to cover the cost of one of the winners!  Isnt that amazing?  Thanks so much Mark! The first winner is: #85  Steph said: That is awesome that you are doing this!!!! I […]

This Is Me Today. Yikes.

I wanted to put together a well written, thoughtful, and informative post today.  But soon realized that I was completely incapable. Some things that have happened at our house today: Audrey found a full tube of petroleum jelly and managed to lather it over her entire body. Parker used a marker to draw on his shirt and it soaked […]

I’m Gonna Miss This

I am leaving in a few short hours for San Fransisco, CA. For the first time ever, I am leaving behind these guys.   I cant believe how long its been since I posted a picture of these sweet little people.     Of those tiny baby teeth and shining eyes.     Of my little ones out […]

The Final Round-Up~ Party Style

This final post I really have to give all the credit to my hubby. I basically told him, "Honey, can you build me a table and chairs for Parkers party?" "Sure, what kind of chairs?" "Well, just make it look like an "h" from the side.  Simple!" Ha! But make it he did.   It […]

Personalized Banner on a Budget

When I finally tallied all the folks we invited and all the food that needed to be made and bought and all the 'extras' that I just couldnt help myself on… I realized I needed to reign in the budget a bit with Parkers party. When I was at the home supply store with hubby […]

Personalized Birthday Book

I have been planning and preparing for Parkers birthday for over a month now!  It is actually over now, but I still have so many fun projects and highlights to share, I really hope you dont mind! One of my favorite projects was this personalized book I made for Parker.  Its just a blank book for guests […]

The Beginnings of a Celebration

It all started with this. A simple invitation to a birthday party for a wonderful little boy.   The invites and cutout man were inspired from candyland… I love the colors and ideas behind that concept, and wanted to do something sorta like that for Parker! I made Parker a personalized autograph book for all the guests […]

How We Beat The Summer Heat

A pictorial review.    (sorry your face got cut off Parker!) One of the neat things about this metal tub is that it is the very same tub that the kids' Grandma bathed in as a child. Kinda neat how it came full circle! :)      You may also like: Four Summer Must Haves My […]

Take Me to the Old Playground

***anyone ever heard that song by Bruce Hornsby?? A couple weekends ago we ventured to the small, small town of Odin, MN.   Hubby's Grandma and Grandpa were celebrating a 68th Anniversary (sorry I wrote 50th), as well as throwing a "Thank You" party to everyone in town who helped out with his uncle Dales' farm […]

Audrey and Beezus

        And when I say Beezus I mean Inga.  All of my kids claim Inga as their best friend.   I sure hope that lasts forever! We met up with my mom and Inga last week… (or was it two weeks ago?)… and had such a fantastic time.   My mom bought Audrey that […]