A Prayer Request and a Praise!

Prayer Changes Things!

UPDATE:  Chad’s cardioversion was not successful.  His heart went back into AFib within a minute of being converted.  We are looking into what our options are at this point.  Most likely they will recommend more (increased dose) drugs and another cardioversion.  After that they look at ablations.  We are trusting in God that He has […]


Grandpa Dennis and Audrey

After all the trials and tribulations of 2012, I was determined to embrace hope for 2013.  I desperately hoped that in 2013 there would be no deaths, no heartbreaks, no disappointments, no rejection. Just. No. More. Recently I posted a story that I consider life changing.  You know, one of those stories that sticks with you […]

Please Pray (Updated)

Just a few short months ago I wrote about my experience at BlogHerFood in San Fransisco.  It was an overwhelming and exciting experience, but definitely not one I was able to handle in my delicate emotional state. (pregnancy related issues) One person made it bearable for me… one person took the time to share her heart […]