white as snow

these boots

It was one of the rare occasions that I get to the grocery store by myself. I mean, not nearly as rare as it used to be, as now I will make sure that I go either alone or with one child. It just works better that way. So this day I happened to be […]

criticism and community

Grateful Joy

I was lolly gaging along on Pinterest and this popped up on my screen. see more from Ann Voskamp Talk about convicting. I am so guilty of jumping to criticism.  So guilty of letting a small hurt or an unintentional rejection lead me to a path of character destruction. And when I say lead me, […]

october things, and joy

October Fields

I have a thing for sunrises.  There is something entirely magical and majestic about a kaleidoscope sky growing in intensity and whose light is ablaze against the dark tree skyline. With the water being balmy compared to the air in these cooler fall days, there is an etherial fog that lingers until the sun starts warming. […]

thou shall not steal

Let Go Let God

In the crazy world of online life, one theme is (sadly) forever rampant.  Stealing. In my specific little online world, there is recipe stealing, picture stealing, and idea stealing. That last one is a bone of contention for many, as they do not think “ideas” can be stolen. I feel differently. This print can be […]


Romans 5:3

Today’s guest post by Gianna Kordatzky from Traveling Thought and Family Fun Twin Cities.  So honored to have Gianna back and thankful for her willingness to share her faith with us!     For once, we didn’t have anything planned. No festivals, no time-consuming projects, no errands. Nothing. The weekend was a blank page. It was splendid. Then, the […]

calming my anxious spirit

"Prayer is the Language" by Leland Francisco

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Gina Horkey.   Gina is a freelance writer, with a background in finance. She’s passionate about Jesus and designing a flexible lifestyle suited to meet the needs of her young family…while honoring God of course! She hopes to inspire others to do the same and shares her […]

Do You Expect God to Do What You Pray?

God intercedes for us... Romans 8:26

Let me get real down and dirty here. I dont know what to pray. In August my Father in Law died suddenly of a heart condition.  Six months later my husband was diagnosed with the same condition.  So I prayed, “Dear Lord, we trust you with Chad.  Whatever Your will, may it be done.” I […]

A Prayer Request and a Praise!

Prayer Changes Things!

UPDATE:  Chad’s cardioversion was not successful.  His heart went back into AFib within a minute of being converted.  We are looking into what our options are at this point.  Most likely they will recommend more (increased dose) drugs and another cardioversion.  After that they look at ablations.  We are trusting in God that He has […]

Rejection and Forgiveness


I came across this quote recently and couldn’t help but take notice.   “When you forgive, you heal your own anger and hurt and are able to let love lead again.  Its like spring cleaning for your heart.” -Marco Schimoff I sorta dismissed it because I generally disagree with the concept of “healing thyself”.  But dismissing it right […]

I Could Use a Prayer

I hate to do this… but I am desperate. I recently told you about this tooth thing… turns out it was so bad that my dentist felt we should remove it.  I was fully on board with that and this past Monday they did. Last night I was in extreme pain again. When a tooth […]

Please Pray (Updated)

Just a few short months ago I wrote about my experience at BlogHerFood in San Fransisco.  It was an overwhelming and exciting experience, but definitely not one I was able to handle in my delicate emotional state. (pregnancy related issues) One person made it bearable for me… one person took the time to share her heart […]

The Best Laid Plans

(This story is long.. I am writing it down maybe more for me then anything… it has played through my head a million times since it happened, and I am just blown away by how powerfully it has impacted us… so thank you for indulging me!)   Last Thursday was a busy day for me… […]

I stopped by Carma's blog today cause she makes me laugh and 'I do so love to laugh' (name that movie) and read about this girl who does not age.  Brooke Greenberg is technically 16, but has remained a toddler. So my heart just goes out to this family.  Their beautiful little girl has never advanced, physically or mentally, […]


The Permanent Conversion

I may be revealing my naive world view here, but I am feeling compelled to share some thoughts. I was raised Catholic.  I never had a relationship with Jesus.  I believed that if I was a good enough person I would be going to Heaven.    I have seen a few blogs over the past […]

Gaven Baldry

Chad has known Brett for about 10 years now.  He met him through work and they have been friends ever since…. enjoying quality time hunting, fishing, and shooting the breeze. Brett and his wife Stacey were delighted when they found out they were pregnant about 10 months ago.  It was a difficult pregnancy, with many trials […]

Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff

This is a post from the blog Stuff Christians Like.  It is written by a guy named Jon who is funny, insightful, and funny.  I encourage you to check it out… and give yourself time!  His posts are like a great novel… you can’t stop after just one chapter! This particular entry really spoke to […]


I just returned home from visiting my parents in Fargo, ND.  We went there this weekend wanting to help my family and others try and save their homes and community from the highest flood waters ever recorded.  I left there impressed, inspired, and full of hope for a community that doesn't know how to give […]

An Elephant Named Disappointment

Disappointment. It’s just a part of life. It comes in all shapes, forms and degrees. It can range from our team’s losing the “big game” to our not getting the job/promotion we hoped for. It may signal the end of a marriage, relationship or friendship. It may be related to your child, your health, the […]

Biography: Bloggers Edition

I was inspired by MckMama to do a little biography.  I was born on a cold, yet sunny day on Feb. 1st, 1977.  I was a baby sister to big sis Angie, my only sibling.  A couple days later my father is put into the hospital, not to far from me… he was playing a hockey […]