Frozen S’mores Cheesecake

Frozen Smores Cheesecake!

Classic s’mores are kicked up a notch in this decadent frozen dessert! Is it hot where you are? I live in Minnesota (and love it) but one of the things that we deal with is humidity. So while it may only be 80 degrees, it will feel like 100 because the humidity is 70%. It’s […]

who is my tribe?


When I am passionate about something I go after it with everything in me.  Sometimes I forget to ask God if this is what He has in mind, and I end up getting rejected and hurt in my pursuit to reach earthly dreams. In those cases I fully take all the blame and know that […]

breakfast donut ball coffee cake recipe

Coffee Breakfast Cake! A layer coffee cake covered in donut balls covered in glaze!

This decadent breakfast cake made from classic coffee cake recipe and donut balls is a indulgent and beautiful way to start any day! Not really sure why I did this, but I can’t say I am ashamed. I mean, I know it’s wrong. Here it is January and everyone is making green smoothies and eating […]

Candy Corn Hi-Hat Cupcakes

Surprise Inside Hi-Hat Cupcakes from!  #cupcakes #chocolate #surpriseinside

I was so inspired by these Mardi Gras Hi-Hat Cupcakes that transitioning them into a Halloween treat seemed right.   More than right.  Necessary even.   There is a very special surprise inside these chocolate hi-hat cupcakes. Its a candy corn inspired treat and if you want to see hop on over to the Food […]

What Every Facebook User Needs to Know

How Sharing Images on Facebook can Get You Sued.

There is an epidemic on facebook lately.  Beautiful and delicious recipes (and their images) are being posted.  Those images and recipes are being shared hundreds and thousands of times. Here is the bad part: The people posting those images DO NOT OWN THEM. (example below) They have found them on search engines, pinterest, and blogs and are […]

My Future Flashed Before My Eyes

Chad and Parker

Friday night didnt go as planned. Chad was in the hospital. I was pacing my floors like a crazy person in an asylum. My husband wasn’t coming home tonight.  The doctors were keeping him overnight for observation because his heart was in Atrial Fibrillation. From the Mayo Clinic website: Atrial fibrillation is an irregular and often rapid heart rate […]

Rejection and Forgiveness


I came across this quote recently and couldn’t help but take notice.   “When you forgive, you heal your own anger and hurt and are able to let love lead again.  Its like spring cleaning for your heart.” -Marco Schimoff I sorta dismissed it because I generally disagree with the concept of “healing thyself”.  But dismissing it right […]



I have been spending lots of quality time with my kids lately.  As a homeschooling stay at home mom, (HSAHM) ~I just made that up~ (IJMTU) who lives in the middle of no where in Minnesota where its really cold, being together a lot is the norm. But as I rushed through Coltons lessons one […]

Forever Reign

Hillsong Lyrics to Forever Reign

I volunteer at my church’s youth group.  There are a few reasons why this is completely ridiculous. 1. I am old. 2. I am exhausted. 3. Being hip is apparently a cool thing and not someone calling me fat.  Not that anyone has called me fat.  To my face. But there are a also a […]


Grandpa Dennis and Audrey

After all the trials and tribulations of 2012, I was determined to embrace hope for 2013.  I desperately hoped that in 2013 there would be no deaths, no heartbreaks, no disappointments, no rejection. Just. No. More. Recently I posted a story that I consider life changing.  You know, one of those stories that sticks with you […]

Shark Day

"Shark" Parker

“Mom, are sharks teeth like triangles?” “Yes.” “Mom, are they sharp triangles?” “Yes.” “Thanks.” “You bet sweety.” Ten minutes later. “Mom, look!” “I’m a shark!” 1 roll tape .99 a stack of white copy paper 3.49 seeing how your kid can use his imagination priceless You may also like: Five Adorable Easter Crafts for Kids! […]

Family Holiday Gatherings: A Biblical Perspective

Hebrew 12:14 Strive for Peace!

I love Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Having hubby home, the spirit behind the seasons, the amazing food… its all enough to make me dream about these holidays for weeks before hand. But there is another side to gatherings, one that can be sometimes stressful. The truth is sometimes we just dont get along. I’ve been thinking a lot […]

Chocolate Curls Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake with Chocolate Ruffle Curls

I know I said I would stop with the red and green but apparently I was totally lying.  Sorry. I made a white cake, tinted some frosting red and green, then melted some chocolate.  Have you ever made chocolate curls?  I had tried once before.  It was a major fail.  I am pretty sure there […]

Great Grandma Inga

On Tuesday, November 21st, my Great Grandma Inga passed away.  She was 98 years old.  Not only was she my Great Grandma, but she was a Great-Great Grandma to my kids.   I love that they had years with her… and knew her and enjoyed her.   My Audrey is named after Grandma Inga’s daughter […]

Candy Corn Cake

Candy Corn Cake

This cake is completely inspired by candy corn.  But not the  regular candy corn, Brach’s Indian Corn. Have you seen this type of candy corn?  With the chocolate on the bottom?  I found it to be the perfect cake inspiration! (picture below) But I went wrong on this cake.  I was in a hurry.  A […]

Blogging 101: The Pitch

Your Social Media Package has Monetary Value.

Alternatively titled: The Ugly Truth about Pitches Lately I have been getting numerous emails from random public relations firms.  I am talking 3-4 a day.  I am convinced I ended up on someone’s “list” and am now considered fair game to the ‘pitch artists’. What I am experiencing is nothing new.  I have read about this […]

It Takes a Village… and a Tablet

Eddie Learning on the Motorola Xyboard

I want the best for my kids.  I want them to be smart and strong and generous and kind. And while I feel blessed beyond measure to have four beautiful children, I sometimes get overwhelmed with mom guilt. Am I doing everything I can to ensure they are the best they can be?  Shouldnt I be doing […]