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I started out the morning yesterday with a box of eggs.

Five dozen to be exact.


That was before I made fifteen cakes.

White cake and chocolate cake and red velvet cake and even a brownie cake.

Even though its windy, snowy and cold here, I never had to turn the heat up.  My oven kept the house toasty warm.

Today I get to take pictures of assembling cakes.  Tomorrow I get to decorate cakes.

But first I need to run to the store.

I have two cakes left to make,  and I need more eggs. 😉





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  1. says

    That is a lot of eggs! yay for cakes! Can’t wait to see your gorgeous creations! Happy New Year to you!! Hopefully we can meet up in 2012-with our little guys:) xoxo

  2. Always Wright says

    That is WONDERFUL! I made several different recipes for deviled eggs lately and my five year old grandson just loved them. When I was much younger my aunt and uncle next door raised chickens. Also my Aunt Perk about five miles away had them walking around in her yard. I used to think it was the greatest thing to walk around with all of those chickens and I love what we get from them! I’m anxious to see and hear more about your cakes!

  3. Mary Lynn says

    Holy Moly! You must be Wonder Woman! I hope at least one will have those beautiful rose circles – they are so beautiful1 My few attempts to emulate them have looked like my room at the home awaits my imminent arrival!

  4. says

    Oh how I would love to watch you decorate those cakes. I live far enough in the mountains that I stock up every time I go out. There is nothing worse than having to make an egg run in the middle of baking.