Food Photography Backgrounds

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I was browsing through some pictures for the book and realized that they all looked the same.

White background with a cake in front of it.  Maybe some plates.  Some forks.


White background.

White, white, white.  Then more white.

This will not do!

So I pulled up pinterest and entered photography backgrounds.

I just adore pinterest.  Everything you could want or dream to one day be/have/do.

And, as it always does, I was inspired by all the ideas that pinterest offered!

I got a few pieces of MDF, each measuring 2 feet by 4 feet.  (You can use cardboard, particle board, plywood, anything that is sturdy enough to hold its shape.)

Then grabbed my trusty staple gun.

And some fabric remnants I got at the fabric store.

Then simply wrapped the fabric around the board and started stapling.  I always pull the centers tight and staple, then work my way out to the corners.

I was careful cut the excess fabric when trimming the back… if there is enough left it can be used as coordinating napkins!

This is the green background.

I really, really liked how it turned out.  Seriously, this project took about 30 minutes (total!) and I now have some great options for the backgrounds of those silly cakes of mine!


And this is the khaki linen.  I choose pretty neutral colors as I am hoping they help make the food really stand out.

And this is both the green and the khaki!  There are really versatile and very inexpensive.

Next I will be tackling the faux-wood backgrounds!  If you have any great links or tips please feel free to share. :)

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  1. doughiedeb says

    LOVE IT! As a former professional framer @ Hobby Lobby I can say excellent job with the fabric mount. It’s exactly how we would do it for any formal mount.

  2. says

    I have several foam core boards….I get them locally for a dollar each at a dollar tree store, but any office supply should have them. I just use spray paint and paint each side a different color. It really works well the only issue I’ve had is with my black one. If the light hits it just right I can end up with a glare, but that’s only happened if I end up photographing at night with artificial light. I love the fact that they can be double sided and they aren’t big and bulky so storage is easy.

    I love these fabric ideas. I can’t wait to try one with burlap!

  3. says

    Hi !
    Love what you did! Great idea! I might even get to use the stapler I have !
    I guess wallpaper would do fine as well! You can often buy leftovers, just like fabric.

  4. says

    ‘fraid I don’t have any tips of my own, but I’ll probably keep your post in mind for myself. I don’t do much serious baking/cooking, but for when I do I sure wish I had a better backdrop than… whatever is on my table at the moment. These backgrounds look really nice, and definitely add to the quality of the pictures. And I do agree that the neutral colors really help the food stand out. Especially when you have a little contrast, like the muted and neutral green with the bright red berries in your example pictures.

    Though if you had a white cake or something, I bet a really bright blue would make a beautiful background.

  5. says

    You’ve inspired me yet again Amanda. I usually use a white foam core board as a background but now am thinking that some fabric pieces can easily be applied (spray glue) and easily changeable if needed. No weight either. Thanks for the inspiration. Can’t wait to get busy on this project!

  6. says

    Amanda…I always wondered how folks get the fabric to look so crisp. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this post. It is so helpful. This is a craft I could even handle & I love how you key worded it on Pinterest. When you find out about the distressed wood boards please share. I need BIG help with those. My boards and props are soon to take over our whole house!! xxoo

    • says

      Me too Marla!! I am running out of places to tuck boards and store fabrics… we might need to move just so I can have a prop room. *blissful sigh* can you imagine having a prop/picture room? With lots of natural light? That you could take pictures in? Your pictures and props are gorgeous… I am always inspired by your eye!

      • says

        No, I could not imagine having a photo studio…outside the home. Must be nice! Thanks for your sweet compliments. Always means so much coming from you :)

  7. says

    Wonderful tutorial Amanda!! Ok, here’s my “hot” tip for the week. Lowe’s sells packages of wainscotting – beadboard (which is already primed!) and a wider ( about 3 inches) version. From each package you can make two boards – just get a little bottle of wood glue and glue the boards together – they are already cut with a tongue and groove so it’s pretty easy! This will give you 4 different wood surfaces – pretty good for about $10 – $11!! Next hot tip – find a wood stain you like and stain one side – then to add some depth use Bri wax (you can find it at a good hardware store – found mine at our local Ace). or just plain old Johnson’s furniture wax (the stuff in the yellow can). Gives a subtle sheen to the stained wood!!
    Hoping to do a little tutorial on the blog about this soon!!