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Food Styling Challenge: Pineapple and Coconut

Food Styling Challenge


The Food Styling Challenge is all about showcasing talent for styling food. I have asked 12 amazing bloggers to pick any chocolate cake recipe they want and style it anyway they want. The catch? They only have $25 to do it! Join us on the journey to see how they can transform a cake stand into a work of art!

Shanna, the awesomely talented creator of Pineapple and Coconut is the creative force behind Septembers Food Styling Challenge. Have you been to her beautiful blog? Its full of delicious and healthy recipes. She also includes a page dedicated to Food Photography… and man is it gorgeous!

Today Shanna is sharing with us a beautiful Chocolate Vanilla Tuxedo Cake with White Chocolate Raspberry Buttercream. Visit her site for the FULL recipe and extra tips and tricks from Shanna!  I hope she spills on where to get that cake stand.. its a must have!

Chocolate Vanilla Tuxedo Cake with Raspberry White Chocolate Buttercream #foodstylingchallenge

Did you find the Food Styling Challenge to be easy or difficult?

Both. I love baking and decorating layer cakes, especially HUGE cakes, but it seems I never take many pictures of them. They are always for an occasion such as a birthday or anniversary so I make it and we dig in. Well only after I snap a few pics for Instagram that is. So this really challenged me to think about styling and photographing it they want I wanted to best represent the cake and my photo style. I am still trying to figure out what that is exactly. I am drawn to more artistic food photos, light and darker moody ones, I love backlit photos and food styled in not a typical manner. This challenge really pushed me to think past just having a piece of cake on a plate but to be more artistic.

Chocolate Vanilla Tuxedo Cake with Raspberry White Chocolate Buttercream #foodstylingchallenge

Was the spending limit a challenge?

Only when I realized an antique mall wasn’t the place for me to find something for the challenge. I couldn’t find what I really wanted and one cake plate I found was $40 and cracked! So I headed to Homegoods and Cost Plus World Market and I found exactly what I wanted and spent $24.98! NO clue how I made it 2 cents under budget. But a cake stand for $12 at Homegoods was a major score. So were plates on sale and 10% off coupons.

Chocolate Vanilla Tuxedo Cake with Raspberry White Chocolate Buttercream #foodstylingchallenge

What are your favorite props to style with?

I love all kinds of props from vintage items to newer modern pieces. I love a mix of both in the same pic. Sometimes pictures call for more props, some I love just letting the food shine and not cluttering up with too many props. I love different surfaces/backgrounds and have been experimenting with making some new ones at home with different media and textures. Such as faux painting, decoupage with wax paper, using plaster of Paris/joint compound to make a textured surface or even painting fabrics such as burlap and linen. I love the aged/chippy paint wood boards too, but I love having a variety. Plus if I don’t like them I can always paint over them.

Chocolate Vanilla Tuxedo Cake with Raspberry White Chocolate Buttercream #foodstylingchallenge


What is your favorite part of the challenge?

Being asked to be a part of it. And having a huge cake in my fridge, who doesn’t like a lifetime supply of cake?? Actually I froze most of it, I really don’t need to eat cake daily. Maybe every other day. Also getting to be a part of an amazing group of bloggers in this challenge. I wasn’t sure how I was going to follow everyone that has done such an amazing job with it, but I think I held my own and did an awesome job with it.

Chocolate Vanilla Tuxedo Cake with Raspberry White Chocolate Buttercream #foodstylingchallenge

Thanks so much Shanna! I adore this cake!

Feel free to join in on the fun and follow here:

Shanna Schad

Pineapple and Coconut

Blog – http://www.pineappleandcoconut.com/

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/PineappleAndCoconut

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  1. Linda says

    Shanna…gorgeous! Love the photos and staging. I also like the mix of rustic and elegant. Especially loved seeing the Blue Willow pattern. I grew up with that as our everyday pattern dishes, and later my mother bought me my own set.

  2. says

    I have loved this series, Amanda. It’s awesome to see how different every blogger’s take has been. Shanna, that is a breathtaking cake! I am sitting here with my jaw on the floor. I’m in awe of it.

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