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Food Styling Challenge: Savory Simple

Food Styling Challenge


The Food Styling Challenge is all about showcasing talent for styling food. I have asked 12 amazing bloggers to pick any chocolate cake recipe they want and style it anyway they want. The catch? They only have $25 to do it! Join us on the journey to see how they can transform a cake stand into a work of art!

Jennifer from Savory Simple is hugely talented and I am so honored she agreed to participate in the Food Styling Challenge.  She can take light and airy images as well as dark, moody and texture filled pictures. Her pictures move me.  They invoke emotion.  They tell a story.

She is awesomely talented and I hope you will spend some time on her beautiful blog!

For August’s Food Styling Challenge Jennifer made us a Chocolate Espresso Layer Cake.  I get excited just thinking about it!   Be sure to stop by Savory Simple and get the recipe for her Chocolate Espresso Layer Cake!

 Chocolate Espresso Cake from Savory Simple

Did you find the Food Styling Challenge to be easy or difficult?
I found the food styling itself to be pretty easy but cakes can be challenging since I don’t make them on a regular basis. As I discuss in the post, I love making layer cakes and working with chocolate but they make me nervous. There are so many moments that could go so very wrong and there’s really no turning back. So the food styling itself isn’t necessarily a huge challenge but in my opinion the food needs to be beautiful in order to have truly beautiful photos.


Chocolate Espresso Cake from Savory Simple
Was the spending limit a challenge?
Not at all! I’m very lucky to live close to a place called Antique Row. It’s a small, quaint street located in a historic village lined with around 10 antique shops. Some of them are quite pricy but many are very reasonable and filled with the sort of props I love styling my photos around. I see similar products sold online for around 4x the price plus shipping. I highly recommend looking for props at local antique and thrift stores.


What are your favorite props to style with?
I love working with tarnished silver, pewter and dark bowls and plates. The fit with the moody image I’m often trying to create with my photos.


Chocolate Espresso Cake from Savory Simple
What is your favorite part of the challenge?
Sometimes, when I’m not feeling the food or the setup, photo shoots can be a real chore. But when I love the subject and the way it fits with the props, I find the experience inspiring, soothing and joyful. Chocolate is one of my favorite subjects to shoot and I already love working with antiques. Everything about this challenge was a pleasure. Thank you for including me!

Chocolate Espresso Cake from SavorySimple.net

Isnt that just stunning?  Thank you so much Jennifer!

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