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I'm a Child Too

When I look into your eyes…those sweet, trusting eyes

My Father shows me, and I begin to understand,

When I'm holding your hands…those soft, tiny hands

The One who knows me shows me who I really am,

I'm a child too; I'm a child just lilke you.

And oh, how I need Him; I depend upon Him so

He's watching me closely everywhere I go.

In the Middle of the night I awake to hear your cries

And in a moment I'm there to comfort you,

As I'm holding you near and drying all your tears

I know there's Someone who's listening for me too,

I'm a child to Him; I'm a child deep within.

And oh, how He loves me; I am precious in His sight

I call to my Father-He makes everything all right.

And He'll carry me through, just the way I'll carry you

As I see you growing, I'll be growing too,

I'm a child at heart, ready for a brand new start with you.

-Author Unknown




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