Gluten Free Cake {Baking with Family Fresh Cooking}

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People often ask me for gluten free options with baking.  This is not something I know much about, but luckily I happen to know an expert!  Miss Marla makes food beautiful and interesting.  You would hardly know there is anything missing!  I know I have learned so much from Marla, and I hope you do too.

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Hi my name is Marla and I publish the blog Family Fresh Cooking.
What does “publish” mean? I create all my own recipes, shoot all my own photos and blog about it all 2-3 times a week.
Amanda and I met at Baking with Betty in August 2010. Shortly there after we spoke on a panel at at BlogHer Food.
We hit it off immediately and I LOVE her quick wit, passion for life and amazing baking talents.
I must tell you how flattered I am to be here on the pages of i am baker! Amanda’s blog is fanciful, fabulous and what dreams are made of.
What more could a gal ask for?! Thanks for having me over to visit!
A bit about me….When not blogging I am hanging out with my two kids and drinking large amounts of espresso.
My daughter is 8 years old this week (where is the time going?!) and my son is 4. They keep me very busy and always on my toes.
We lead an active lifestyle that includes lots of travel and as many days on the slopes as possible. I am a fall/winter girl. The onset of spring makes me flustered but that’s another story…
To keep up with such a busy & active life I cook most of our meals at home, rely on whole foods and always pack our own lunch boxes.
My goal is to de-mystify healthy eating and make it beautiful so you want to reach into your screen to grab some. I use the freshest of ingredients and try to keep my recipes simple to prepare and budget conscious too. My recent post 10 Secrets to Skinny shares more on that.
We LOVE cakes in my house. All kinds of cakes from layered ones to muffinscupcakes and quick breads.
These days it seems like many folks are on gluten restricted meal plans.
Amanda suggested that I share some of our favorite gluten free cakes with you. I usually bake with stevia, a sugar free alternative. It can be tricky to find the right one to use. Please check out my post on stevia it if you wanna see my favorites.
First up let’s talk about my Sweet Strawberry Snack Cakes.
A burst of fruity flavor in a healthy cake that you can enjoy for breakfast, brunch or on the go snacks.
Don’t forget a big glass of milk to wash down all that cake…
Another favorite cake is Very Blueberry Layer Cake.
If you are blueberry obsessed like me then you must try this! There is homemade blueberry sauce in the batter, more of it in the cream cheese filling and fresh blueberries topping the cake.
Blueberry bliss.
But wait…there’s more…..
How about Peaches and Cream Cake! Sour cream adds great texture, moistness and depth of flavor to baked goods.
If you don’t have that you can use thick Greek yogurt instead.
Dates are a great way to add natural sweetness to everything from oatmeal to of course cake!
For additional gluten free treats please visit my recipe page. I also have sconesmuffinscupcakes, cookiespancakes, crumblessavories and more!
And please don’t forget the espresso! XXOO
*The family portrait was taken by Sadie Olive. The rest of the photos in this post were shot by Marla Meridith. I am available for your photo assignments too.
I love making new friends! Stop by Family Fresh Cooking to say *hi* anytime!  When not blogging you can find me on FacebookTwitterStumbleUponInstagram and Pinterest too.





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  1. Lucy Lean says

    I love anything Marla sprinkles with her fairy dust – especially when it’s GF – and no that’s not Good Fairy it’s Gluten Free!

  2. the urban baker says

    I feel blessed to know both of you. And being able to go to one place to see you both – it’s a win win for all of us!

  3. Christen Robinson says

    I don’t know which is more beautiful, your family or your food. mmmmm…. Def. checking out your blog.

  4. says

    what a gorgeous family! those cakes and other treats look absolutely beautiful! gluten-free doesn’t seem so bad, in fact it looks downright delicious!

  5. ElizaBeth says

    Hi Marla! I’m so excited to try out some of your GF recipes! My daughter went GF almost 2 years ago and now I had to give up wheat too. My daughter is a budding pastry chef and has made a couple recipes we use. Thanks Amanda for sharing her with us!

  6. says

    Love stopping somewhere and seeing two of my favourite people in one spot. I’m already a fan of both of your blogs but it’s nice to see some of your beautiful photography over here, Marla! Love all your gluten-free options and recipes!

  7. says

    Fabulous guest blog post!! I was admiring all of your yummy treats, wishing I could make them gluten-free. Now I can use some of Marla’s recipes!