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    • Christina says

      I can appreciate the quote but my happiness lies in my children, husband and health. All three I could lose…I will still place a large majority of my happiness there, that’s what I was put here for. I do understand that this quote was probably intended for material items we possess and put way too much time and energy into. Thought provoking though…

      • says

        Hi Christina- This quote is actually all about faith. The Lord, our God, encourages us to put our faith and trust in Him, not in earthly things. While my husband and children are the most important people to me on earth, my relationship is God the most important relationship I will ever have. The author is suggesting to us that we put our happiness in God, because that is where *true* joy comes from.
        God knows that people make us happy, as he is in fact the creator of those relationships. He loves when we love one another! But I believe that God wants us to first and foremost seek Him, seek His eternal peace and love, and seek His joy. Ultimately, I believe, if we put all out hope and faith in man, we will be unfulfilled. I hope that explains it more? Blessings~

  1. Janette says

    This is on my wall!
    I am absolutely in love with your site! It’s so wonderful to see a woman of God that loves to bake as much as I do! 😀

  2. Barbara O'Flynn says

    I just discovered your site. I am new to Pintrest. Appreciate your sharing your faith. We manifest our faith and love for God and those around us by sharing our talents. For some of us it is our enjoyment of baking and giving gifts of food. I look forward to more entries.