It Takes a Village… and a Tablet

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I want the best for my kids.  I want them to be smart and strong and generous and kind.

And while I feel blessed beyond measure to have four beautiful children, I sometimes get overwhelmed with mom guilt.

Am I doing everything I can to ensure they are the best they can be?  Shouldnt I be doing more?  Should they be eating better, learning more, playing more, reading more, studying more, praying more?

Clearly I am screwing up my children forever!

My most recent “mom guilt” issue of late is sweet sixteen-month-old Eddie.

Eddie, as the youngest of four kids, has one particular phrase said to him over and over throughout the day.

‘Eddie, no!”

“Eddie dont take my markers!”,  “Eddie get off the table!”,  “Eddie don’t throw your food”, “Mom, Eddie is in the bathroom!”


I lay in bed at night and wonder if he will grow up thinking “No” is the only word people say.

I dont remember how it came about exactly, but somehow our new Droid Xyboard Tablet ended up in front of my 16 month old.

I reached for it and started to say “No!”, but something stopped me.

He hopped right on the Toddlers Triflin’ app I had installed for my three year old, and started playing.

As I watched his face light up as he popped each balloon, I relaxed.

Without instruction and without prompting, he just sorta got it.  He popped each balloon and clapped for himself and he felt a sense of accomplishment.

And honestly, so did I.

I had a moment of sweet peace, just knowing that everything was going to be ok.  No stress, no worry about the future, just joy and peace in that precious moment.

These sweet and smart and willing to learn kids were going to be ok.

Now if I can just figure out how to install a “clean your room” app life will be perfect!

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Midwest Savvy Gourmets program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.




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  1. says

    That’s awesome! We’re in a huge “no-no” stage here, too, and I hope we all survive!
    *I did see the coolest thing on Pinterest. It was a sign that said “For today’s wi-fi password, please make your bed, clean your room, and do the dishes.” That’s going to happen here in a few years!

  2. says

    Hi Amanda!! Well, the fact that you are asking the questions I think is proof that you are doing the best job possible parenting your children – we, as parents, will never be “perfect” – all we can do is try to do our best – which BTW, I think is how it is meant to be! Mine are older now (16 and 19) and I remember feeling much the same way (why am I always saying “NO!!”). It is sometimes so much harder to say “yes” – and yet when we do, when we are focused on the moment, it truly is so much easier.
    And that I think is the lesson – it isn’t about being “perfect” in terms of eating, learning, studying, etc. etc. It is simply being there in the moment with them – the simple affirmation that they are loved as they are and that you trust them and love them are what they need most as they grow (or at least that’s what my kids have told me). In short, I think it isn’t so much about “being perfect” as it is about “being there”!!

  3. says

    As an auntie- I cannot relate to all of you parenting experiences, but I do know that LOVE overcomes it all. And I know that you have to be one of the kindest and most loving mom out there!!

  4. says

    It’s so obvious to me that you’re a great mom. I recently started letting Noah play with the boys DS’s (lol..they’re not mine hahaha). But it amazed me that he could figure the little thing out. He also loves to play with the Itouch and can find things in there that are age appropriate. These little guys are just too smart!

  5. says

    You are great mom. It is encouraging to know that you feel this way. My daughters only a month old but they’re still days where I feel little bit like this!

  6. says

    Hi Amanda, all i can say is we are not perfect and we shouldn’t strive hard to be perfect, all we should do is do our best….I sense that you did your great job, and you perfectly perform as the great mom in this world. Please no worries at all. :)