How My GE Appliance Saved My Sanity

I think of myself as a reasonable person.  I mean, most of the time that is. I will think to myself, “It’s perfectly reasonable to expect that an eight year old child will remove muddy boots before he jumps on the couch.  Right?” But no.  It’s not.

Turns out my expectation of how things should be and how things really are two VERY different things. Let’s play a little game of Expectation vs. Reality.  Feel free to laugh play along.

I am even going to throw in Modern Conveniences to show how technology has helped this family stay sane! My Thoughtful Children

EXPECTATION: My children will listen when I am speaking to them.

REALITY: My children are thinking about everything BUT what I am saying.

What My Kids Are Really Thinking

MODERN CONVENIENCE: “You will not be allowed to play on an electronic device until you repeat back to me what I just said.”

Note from mom- it works every time. 

Fresh Fruit in GE Fridge

EXPECTATION: My children will come to a point where they understand what healthy food is and choose that for their snacks.

REALITY: Upon inspection, the kids choose the most fattening, high fructose corn syrup-laden item in the fridge.

Marshmallow Fluff

Example: ”Mom, can I have this marshmallow fluff for my snack?”

MODERN CONVENIENCE: The fruit/vegetable drawer is exactly at eye level for my little munchkins and is inevitably the first thing they see when scouring the fridge for treats.  It makes it easy for me to suggest, “Have an apple!”


GE Fridge Door Hanging Wide Open

EXPECTATION: The kids will understand and appreciate what it means to be a conscientious consumer.  They will practice energy conservation.

REALITY: My precious bundles of joy open the fridge, grab a snack, then leave.  Just walk away.  With the door WIDE OPEN.

Awesome controls on the new GE French Door Fridge

MODERN CONVENIENCE:  Our fabulous GE Appliances fridge has a buzzer that alerts me when the door has been left ajar.  I hear it no less than five times a day.  It also has a fabulous “Lock Controls” option which means I won’t find huge puddles of water and ice cubes on the floor because one of my kids happens to be obsessed with water and ice cubes.  

EXPECTATION: My five beautiful kids will learn how to avoid spilling things.

REALITY: Those five beautiful kids will no doubt find the sweetest, stickiest, hardest-to-clean liquid in the fridge and spill it everywhere that light shines.

Controlled Spill in GE Fridge

MODERN CONVENIENCE:  Adjustable spill proof shelves, clearly worth their weight in gold.  If any of that sticky orange juice had gotten on my White Chocolate Cinnamon Cake I would have lost precious time and money.  And time and money are probably two of the biggest stresses a busy working mom deals with!  Knowing my cake will be safe and sound and chilled to perfection is a big, big relief.  

Clearly the key to happiness is simple: When it comes to children, abandon all expectations and assume the worst. They are not going to listen, they will always choose sugar over veggies, they will do absentminded things, and they will most definitely spill.  Many, many things will be spilled. When it comes to saving your sanity, buy a GE Appliances Fridge! GE Appliances is helping us all to reimagine our homes! They spend countless hours studying consumer insights about appliances – looking to improve the design and functionality of each one. My relationship with my fridge is simple. She (yes, it’s a she) does all the work and I reap all the benefits.  It’s win-win.     

Since I know every mom and dad out there could use a little sanity saver, I would love to offer you a $100 Visa gift card!

To win this fantastic prize simply tell me, if your kitchen could study you, what would it learn?  

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The Official Rules are available here. This sweepstakes runs from 08/23/13-09/29/13.

Be sure to visit the GE Brand Page on where you can read other bloggers’ reviews and find more chances to win!


  1. Tabathia B says

    That even though both my grandmothers were fabulous cooks and cooked from scratch, that most of the food I cook is from a box or a can

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  2. Sarah L says

    My kitchen would say: After cooking for 50 years, you’d think she’d learn to clean up as she goes instead of leaving it all for afterwords.
    Thanks for the contest.

  3. Whitney says

    If my kitchen could study me, it would know that I love mexican food! Maybe the appliances will get smart enough one day so it can cook me dinner!

  4. Miranda says

    If my kitchen would study me, it would learn that I hate doing dishes [which is why I get mighty frustrated when my not-even-two-year-old dishwasher decides to stop working!]

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