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How To Package and Ship Cookies

One question I get asked all the time is, "How do you ship cookies?"

Most of the time I answer, "Very carefully!"

Oddly, people fail to see the humor in that.

But I think I am ready to share with you how I ship cookies, most of the time.

This works for me because I often do round or square cookies. If you are baking cookies with small apendages or delicate arms and legs, I highly recommend using Bridgets method.

The reason I use this particular format is this.

Once upon a time Brides Magazine emailed and asked if I would ship them some facebook cookies for their magazine.

Um, yes. Yes I will.

When I walked into UPS carrying the precious cookie cargo, I explained in great (and annoying) detail how each and every cookie must arrive in mint condition and there was no room for error.

This is what they did. (interpretted by me)


Supplies I use. (Not pictured: packing popcorn. My sweet post office guy always gives me some.)


First I started out by wrapping each cookie in parchment paper. I them placed it in their own bag. I often double up the cookies to save room and matericals.

To double up just place cookies back to back and wrap parchment around.


Place cookies in some type of bag. I got these from my local hobby store.

Front cookie=incorrect.

Second cookie=correct.

I have found that the glaze icing I use can end up sticking to the bags if I do not use the parchment around them. And having someone recieve schmooshed cookies is not good.


They wrapped each cookie package in bubble wrap. So I wrap each cookie in bubble wrap.

They filled up a bigger then you would think you would need box with packing popcorn.

They placed the cookies in the box sporadically, filling in between with more popcorn.

They closed the box and sent me on my way trying to not laugh in my face for being so freaked out about cookies.


I also try to include a picture of the completed cookies in the box so the recipient knows exactly what they are reciveing!

(totally forgot with this particular order)

This was a science themed party for sweet Nicholas who is turning two. The invite said, "Our Little Monster is turning two." Ha! Love that.

I think that about covers it! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them on this post, and I will go ahead and answer them right here. :)


  1. Paula says

    oh, thank you for sharing this! it`s really helpful for me and I`m sure, that for other people too. I`d like to make such wonderful cookies as yours, by the way and I`m still trying. Some of the effects you can find on my blog :)

  2. says

    Hi Amanada,
    This isn’t really related but I did want to say I never miss any of your updates and you are truly and inspiring artist. Your designs are so simple yet complex and you take such pride in your work it just melts my heart.
    I did my own take on your simple rose cake and I wanted to let you know – I did give you credit and thanks again for the tutorial. :)

  3. amber says

    I know this post is about cookies, but since you do cakes, how to you cover them or transport them? Do you order big cake boxes, covers, etc?

  4. amber says

    When you create special cakes, how would you transport them to the place you were going to attend? Such as birthday party, office party? I have such a hard time finding boxes large enough for cakes that are several layers. I’m sure fondant covered cakes are okay without covers, but what about just the ones with buttercream frosting?

  5. Kristie says

    Dearest Amanda,
    I was just browsing through your blog and noticed Nicholas’ cookies!! They arrived in tip-top shape…not a single one was broken or smudged!! And of course, everyone not only loved your beautiful designs but they thoroughly enjoyed the taste! They are the best sugar cookies I’ve ever had! Thank you so much for making Nicholas’ birthday extra special with your amazing cookies! You’re truly the best!

  6. Claire says

    Thanks for the tips! Further tip is to use a shipping service to ship the cookies….they offer super cheap rates. I use them when shipping cookies to my grandkids about once a month. Hope it helps.


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