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Congrats to comment #760 Vanessa

I am in the process of writing a book based on my baking blog, iambaker. It is set to be out in the fall of 2012. (We’ll see if I can meet my deadlines to make that happen!)

I truly believe that the only reason I am in this position is because of the amazingly rewarding relationships that have developed through this blog.

I just adore you all!  And, I am hoping to include you in as much of the process as I can.

So, here on i am author is where you will get a behind the scenes preview on all things book related.

But I know this process can be slow.  Believe me, this very first thing I want to do when I make a cake is to share it with you!  Its such a bummer keeping some things a surprise.

So, as a thanks to you for your patience, support, and encouragement…

I am giving away a Kindle 3G!

Kindle 3G Giveaway

And hopefully, one day, I will actually have something you can read on it!

Just leave a comment telling me your favorite cookbook and you are entered to win.  Please leave a valid email address!

For additional entries:

You can tweet “I want to win a Kindle 3G  from @iambakertweets so I can read (fill in the blank with your book choice) http://su.pr/1xLyC9 “

For an additional entry you can “like” me on Facebook.  If you already do (thank you!) just leave a separate comment letting me know.

This giveaway is open from November 7th through November 21st.

It is open to residents of United States.

I was in no way compensated for these products.

Read official rules here.

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my favorite cookbook right now is probably “What’s up Cupcake?” or “Hello Cupcake!”…..I think my new favorite one soon will either be “The Cupcake Diaries- by the owners of Georgetown Cupcake” or yours! :)

My church cookbook. Full of recipes submitted by my church family! Fantastic food from fabulous friends who share my faith! Doesn’t get any better than that. Well, except for sharing the food with them!

I love my “Greek Traditions” cookbook! I don’t have any natural instincts when cooking Greek, and my husband just wants his childhood foods, so it is one of the only times I really try to follow every step. It is stained and dog-eared!

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I LOVE the Taste of Home magazines/cookbooks. Every time I get a new one in the mail I have like 30 new recipes I have to try immediately!

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Sometimes the best cookbooks are those old Lutheran/Catholic church cookbooks. I actually don’t use too many cookcooks; I just google. But I would have to say my favorite is the one my husband’s aunt made me as a bridal shower gift – all her family’s favorite recipes. Her homemade chicken pot pie is to die for!

My favorite cook book is probably my Pioneer Woman one. I just love her…and even when I’m not looking for something to cook, sometimes I just flip through for the pictures. Can’t wait for YOUR book, Amanda! I know it will be lovely and bright!

My favorite cookbook is actually my church’s cookbook. Straightforward, simple, ingredients already in pantry kind of recipes.

You are amazing and CONGRATS on the book! So exciting! I am loving the new Momofuku MILK cookbook, lots of wacky recipes in that. I also taught myself to bake using the Martha Stewart baking handbook. Books are so important in the development of one’s baking self… so glad to hear you’ll be joining the ranks of the teachers.


Lyndsay :)

For the longest time I only owned the Better Homes New Cook Book, and I don’t use it much! I tend to print out recipes from the internet and put them in a recipe book my Mom gave me.

My mom, sisters, brother, and I used a company online to combine all our recipes that we use, to make a professional looking cookbook. We added pictures and personal stories about the recipes. That is by far my favorite cookbook :)

My favorite cookbook is the Better Homes and Gardens from 1979 (the year I was born) that my Mom gave me when I got married. No pictures, but some of the greatest recipes and my go to for new stuff when the internet runs dry.

My favorite cookbook has always been “The Settlement Cookbook” that my aunt gave me for my wedding. I pretty much learned to cook from that, so don’t use it much anymore, but still love it!

I actually don’t have a “favorite” cookbook. I love cookbooks with mouth-watering pictures. [Does that make me shallow??] Haha. I don’t often use a recipe from a book, I just salivate over the images. Most of the recipes I use have been passed on by friends or family…or found here or on other sites on the internet.

My favorite cookbook is Essentials of Baking from Williams-Sonoma. I got it as a gift from my boyfriend who loves my cooking (even when they don’t come out so right haha) and it was a very encouraging present for a baker newb like me. The book is very detailed out for beginners and the pictures are absolutely beautiful.

I would love to win! I am so “outdated” as it comes to technology so this would help me join the social network age. I love all types of cookbooks and am looking for a website that I can put in all my many recipes and then be able to download them. I need to get rid of all the paper recipes…..

my favorite cookbook is one that our community school put together by compiling everyone’s best recipes that they submitted. Really has some great stuff in there!

I have an Ina Garten cookbook that I just love. I also love all the sweet cupcake and yummy dessert cookbook collections out there.

Hard choices! Probably my mom’s old Betty Crocker. The pages are falling out of it, but it is full of recipies I was raised on and love!

My favorite cookbook is The New Celebrity Cookbook. I think it’s from the early 70s or late 60s. It’s got super old recipes from old stars, Doris Day, Phyllis Diller, Gregory Peck, Frank Sinatra, and on and on. I love looking at old recipes.

One of my favorite Cook books is my Perfect Pairings book. Part cookbook, part wine knowledge and a whole lot of yummy food and wine pairing suggestions.

My favorite cookbook is probably the Sonoma diet book- the recipes are full of flavor instead of guilt! Usually though, I’m on allrecipes.com when I need a recipe for something.

I liked you on Facebook too!

Currently I have been using the Eat this not that cookbook… you know trying to lose a few and yet now all I’m thinking about is brownie cake :)

My current favorite cookbook is The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook. LOVE that show. I think it’s the engineering in me that loves the fact that they really put things thru the paces to try to determine the BEST recipe and explain why this didn’t work or why that works best. Fun times!

My favorite cook book is an unnamed cook book, with a red and white picnic table cloth print cover. The book has been in my mom’s kitchen forever. It has pages stained, written on, and torn out. Sure we could replace it, I mean really… it does not even have any pictures, but it would not be the same.

I have been hinting for one of these since my birthday. I think the kindle, nook, tablet reader phenomenon would be great for all those inexpensive cook books you really don’t need to own but want – 1001 cupcakes anyone? Or the novels that you would normally read once then donate. Less clutter around my house would be an amazing thing.

Ah! I wasn’t done typing! lol. I was continuing to say that your whole site design project came together beautifully and looks perfect! Congratulations!!!

Hmm I love Joy of Cooking because of its step by step instructions, but the one I use the most is my 3ring binder filled with handwritten recipes!

I’m really enjoying my new cookbook by Ree Drummond, “The Pioneer Woman Cooks”.
I just love it! So simple and good! The way life should be : )

I love my mom’s Betty Crocker cookbook from 1979. It has all the comfort food stuff my mom and her mom used to make. The best biscuit and pie and cookie recipes EVER!

i would love to win this for my sister. she’s been wanting one so bad but money is very tight right now and she loves to read!!

My favorite cookbook is a church cookbook that was given to me several years ago by a friend. It is filled with amazing recipes from women that have cooked from scratch for many years. (just wish it had pictures)

My Favorite cookbook is “Colorado Cache” I grew up with all the recipes from that book and now it’s my go-to for parties and what not.

My favorite published cookbook is the Betty Crocker Bridal Edition, but my favorite cookbook overall is one that my mom gave to me shortly after I was married, filled with passed-down family favorites and traditions!

My favorite cookbook is your blog i am baker! I know its not a “cookbook” officially, but I use it as guide to baking all kinds of delicious deserts to satisfy my sweet tooth. That’s my definition of a great cookbook.
P.S. I CANNOT wait till your book comes out! I’m so excited!

The Joy of Cooking is my go to book for those traditional recipes that my Nana made. However, in today’s hectic life of kids here, kids there, kids EVERYWHERE…I rely on Rachael Ray’s 30 min. meals AND Giada’s cookbook as well!! : }

well, strange as it is, my fave cookbook right now is Pinterest. So many recipes to try! If you need a real cookbook, I would say PW’s because I love that it is simple food and gorgeous pics.

My favorite cookbooks are from Taste of Home cooking. I have several that I use as well as their magazines. They are easy, tasty, and have ingredients that normal people have at home in their cupbord.

preciousmoments2004 at gmail dot com

My favorite cookbook is by Cooks Illustrated. They have some wonderful books with recipes that they have tested over and over again before publishing. Have made some really tasty meals from their cookbooks.

Congrats on your book! I can’t wait to see the finish product :)

My fav cookbook would be Ina Garten and Joy of Cooking!

I am a big fan of the Taste of Home cookbooks and I have a baking book from The City Tavern in Philadelphia with an amazing pumpkin bread recipe.

I have so many cookbooks, it’s hard to choose, but I do turn to Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian often (and have the app on my phone). And Anna Thomas’ The Vegetarian Epicure. And Baking With Julia….

Favorite cookbook.. with a huge 200+ cookbooks in my library that is going to be hard.. but I’m presently in love with Planet Cake…. and Sugar Baby.

my favorite cookbook is an old one from the ’80’s that my mom bought from a church function before I was even born. it’s got some really great southern dishes and yummy desserts!

I am a little obsessed with cookbooks! I do love my old Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook with a lot of classic recipes.

A book?! Wow! I was reading your blog back when you only got 4-5 comments per post…and now look!

My mom gave me a Better Homes and Garden cookbook when I got married and that is my favorite cookbook, partly because I truly do love it and partly because I have memories of using that cookbook when I was growing up.

My favorite cookbook is the one my sister and I created of our grandmother’s recipes! Many she didn’t have a recipe for so we are thankful for the recipes we do have!

Right now my favorite cookbook is Martha Stewart’s “Pies” cookbook. My husband and I are learning how to back delicious pies together. Yum!!!!

I love my America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. It’s wonderful and everything in there turns out perfectly every time! And, they have recipes you actually want to make, instead of things with weirdo, crazy ingredients. I gift to it everyone I know at weddings, holidays, birthdays, graduations, etc.

Pioneer Woman is my favorite cookbook at this moment.

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It’s REALLY hard to pick a favorite cookbook! But I think Pam Anderson’s Perfect One Dish Dinners is right up there. I can’t wait for your cookbook!

My favorite cook book right now is Our Best Bites new book…probably because that’s my most recent one! But it has some fun and quick recipes in it!

I’ve been cooking a lot out of Gordon Ramsey’s Healthy Appetite lately… I go through cookbook phases, cooking the most from my newest one, although I’m sure many of us do that. :-)

My favorite cookbook is the very first one I ever bought myself. My mom is not a cook. Never has been, never will be. I wanted to learn to cook, so I went to the bookstore and tried to find something that had lots of different kinds of recipes I could try. I found the 10th edition of the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. It is a small paper back book with over 800 pages in it. I think I was 16 at the time and I have had it, and used it, ever since. I don’t always make everything exactly as the recipe is written anymore. I don’t even look at much but if I am looking for something different to make, chances are there is something in there. I have used it so much it is broken in half. I found an exact copy on ebay for ten cents and bought it to have as a back up copy in case something I am looking for has fallen out and gotten lost. I know this is a long post but there is so much history in that little book and that is why it is my favorite!

my favorite cookbook is Alton Brown’s Good Eats books. I just love his playful approach to cooking, as well as explaining why things react together the way they do. His historical notes and experiments are so fun too!

My favorite cookbook is the Junior League cookbook! It’s like walking into so many amazing women’s kitchens and sneaking a peek :)

my favorite right now is the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook! It is so good and so beautiful to look at. I use it all the time.

I have always liked my Betty Crocker cookbook. Right now I am also enjoying the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook and a crockpot recipe book.

better homes is my go to cook book but i love rees pioneer woman cookbook too! oh, and i can’t wait for your own cookbook!

My favorite cookbook is our family one. It has the things I ate growing up, things my husband’s family ate and our new additions.
eabivens at gmail dot com

My favorite cookbook is as of late, the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. I love her, her photography, and her style of cooking!

Oh, it’s so hard to pick just one cookbook!!! If I had to pick one, I guess it would be any cookbook by Paula Deen! Love her!

I think Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything is a basic staple every kitchen should have. That aside, I do have a pretty decent line-up of cookbooks. I love them!

“The Pioneer Woman Cooks” is my go-to recipe book! Not one recipe on there (or on her blog) has ever failed me! I love it! I can’t wait for her to publish another! (and yours of course!)

My go-to cookbook is the Betty Crocker cookbook. Both my grandma and my mom had previous versions, and my mom bought me my own when I first moved out. It’s great for all the basics!

My favorite right now is by Art Smith called Back to the Table. Lots of good recipes including Mashed Potato Casserole! Yum!

My favorite cookbook is one my mother put together for me….has all the stuff I grew up eating…plus many I have added over the years.

I have an old Junior League Cookbook from the 60’s, its a compilation of all the best recipes from a bunch of Junior League Books. It has everything in it, just recipes no pictures.

It’s an old icelandic one my mother has and it is called ” við matreiðum”, which would be ” wee cook” if translated to english.

I would loooove a Kindle!

I would love “The baker’s apprentice: Mastering the art of extraordinary bread” absolutely in love with that book when I browsed thru it on Barnes and Nobles…..

I love “The New Best Recipe” by Cook’s Illustrated. It really kickstarted my cooking career when I got married a couple of years ago. And then, of course, “The Joy of Cooking!” Can’t go wrong with that one!

Ohhh, right now my family is on the hunt for some good diabetic cookbooks that don’t use the old conversions like they used to, since they don’t teach that anymore. So that’s what I’d have to say is my current favorite because it’s my most relevant in helping my father cope with his diabetes. My daddy is a baker and being a diabetic baker is sure a bummer :[

LOVE your blog and can’t wait for YOUR book! I just picked up The Pioneer Woman Cooks and it’s my current favorite cookbook. I live on the prairie in the middle of nowhere, so I can relate with her life on a ranch, taking photos and making family meals that one hopes are memorable.

My favorite go-to cookbook would be the “green” Chesterfield Ward cookbook that my mother gave me. I also have a red one and purple one. The green one just seems to be a little better! Church cookbooks seem to be the best in my opinion!!

My favorite cookbook right now is probably this old, ratty church cookbook that was my MIL’s. I inherited it when I imported my husband from Nebraska. I like to just look thru it and find some really yummy things, as well as some really gnarly (and not in a good way) things! :)

I like the Taste of Home Cookbook.. but more than a cookbook I prefer the Taste of Home and Food Network Magazines.. like having a steady influx of new recipes to try!

I can’t say that I really have a favorite cookbook because I rarely ever use one. I get a lot of recipes from my head or from the web.

My go to cookbook right now is the Pioneer Woman. There are so many great recipes in there. I can’t wait for yours to come out!! Hope you can meet all your deadlines!! :0)

I Love the old Betty Crocker Cookie Book as well as any church published family recipe books. I also have a 5 Star restaurant based cookbook that’s got nummy goodness in it.

Thanks for sharing the Kindle!!

I have LOTS, but right now I am loving “In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite” by Melissa Clark. I like it because she tells personal stories about the recipes. Makes it special.

im old school…my favorite cook book is the red and white checked Betty Crocker cookbook. You guys know the one right? Love your blog!! Can’t wait to see your book!

It soo hard to choose, I would probably have to say my Hungry Girl 300 under 300 I have tried so many recipes from it and they have all been so good. But one of my best and go to recipe is a chocolate chip cookie dough recipe from Canadian Living in the Kitchen it is the first recipe i ever made by myself. And is so delicious.

My favorite cook book is changing daily, but right now it’s the Our Best Bites cook book! Thanks so much for the chance to win. LOVE the blog design!


My favorite cookbook right now is “The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals” because I have three kids who go red in the face when presented with anything that’s good for them.

My favorite cookbook (so far…) is The Pioneer Woman. It’s the book I use most often, the rest of my recipes are printouts off the internet. 😉 Can’t wait for your book, though!

My favorite cookbooks are usually the ones you get at the checkout aisle. You know, the small ones? I love cookbooks with recipes for every picture as well.

It would definitely be Mario Batali’s ‘Easy Italian Cooking’. If you’re going to do Italian, it has to be Mario Batali. The next best thing to being there! :)

My favorite cook book is one that was made by my aunt when I got married. All family and friends were asked to bring in their favorite recipes/family recipes along with stories or memories that went with them. She then added them all to a scrapbook and added pictures, etc to it and gave it to me as a wedding present. It is the best! I have all our family recipes and stories in one place. It was also neat because my husband’s family contributed also, so I have his family recipes and learned about his family through their stories. It is awesome! I continue to add recipes to it and will someday give it to my children!

huh. My favorite (most-used) “cookbook” would be the 3-ring binder that I’ve filled with printed recipe pages from blogs around the net, but my favorite ‘cookbook from a person’ would have to be P-Dub’s!!

I’m in love with the cookbook my greyhound rescue organziation assembled and sold as a fundraiser. Delectible Dishes and Tasty Treats. All of my favortie recipes are compiled there, and for a good cause!

My favorite cookbook is Simply in Season, http://simplyinseason.org/ It’s a fantastic book filled with delicious, easy and creative recipes. The whole book is divided by seasons and made to cook with what is fresh and in season. I find myself turning to it all the time. And, there are sweets too, of course. I also use my Miller Family Cookbook a lot – our family collected recipes and published our own book a few years ago. It’s great having Great Grandma’s, Grandma’s, Aunts’, and cousins’ recipes all in one place.

I absolutely love “The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner” and “Our Best Bites.” Two of my cookbooks…I use them all of the time! :)

My two Go-To cookbooks are Southern Living and Betty Crocker. It’s hard to say favorites, because I have quite a few I love. Lately, I spend more time searching the web for new ideas. But the web doesn’t narrow it down any, does it? Looking forward to seeing your book.

I love cookbooks of all types, and it’s easily noticed throughout my home. My old stand by would be ‘Betty Crocker’s CookBook’ which I purchased shortly after I married in ’77. But….. I would suggest ‘The Good Home Cookbook’ edited by Richard J. Perry. It’s chock full of deliciousness and has an explanation before each entry. I would love to have it available to me at all times on a Kindle 3G from my good friend i am author. *) I also look forward to reading her book one day soon.

I would looooove to read the Cookie Craft book or the lovely book Ms. Julia M Usher wrote, The Ultimate Cookie. Such great books :) your book would be great too!! 😛

Following you already on FB and Twitter!

Happy Holidays and God Bless!

I get most of my recipes online, but one cookbook I keep coming back to, believe it or not, is a Sesame Street cookbook called “C is for Cooking”. The recipes are easy, healthy and delicious! I highly recommend it!

My favorite cookbook is Taste of Home Simple & Delicious – so many easy and really *good* recipes for meals (hard to find) and also some side dishes and desserts! It’s my “go-to” cookbook these days!

~Miss Rachel~

I have an old Betty Crocker cookbook that my bestie from college gave me. It is my go to book for everything. The pages are all dirty with fingerprints of chocolate, butter, flour etc. I am missing the N page from the index and it makes me sad every time I try to find something that starts with N. But I love it so I can’t throw it away or replace it. Whenever I make something from it and people ask where I found the recipe, I say Betty gave it to me.
Was that TMI? Sorry!

My favorite cookbook is Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything. I can have a bare bones pantry and will still be able to find a recipe that I can make out of that cookbook!

I still love the good ole Betty Crocker Cookbook I have a tattered old one that my grandmother added notes too and added lil papers with her own recipies…can’t get any better than that in my mind although I have tons!

My favorite cookbook is Beard on Bread. I love to bake, especially bread and his recipes are my go to base for everything I make.

My mom gave me a cookbook she had in her basement when I first moved out of my house (in with some girl roommates). The cookbook she gave me was the Betty Crocker Bridal Edition. It is awesome and give you so many hints! I use it at least monthly!

My favorite cookbook is any of the ones published by America’s Test kitchen. Their recipes are so exact is very hard not to have things come out perfect.


My favorite cookbook is our “family” cookbook that my aunt put together of family recipes. It has all my favorites that my grandma used to make, and even some recipes from my great-great grandma’s day (that I’m not brave enough to try but are fun to read!) Overall my grandma and her sisters had good “food taste” and their recipes are great go-to’s!

My favorite cookbooks are my books about cakes. They give recipes and directions for decorating too. I especially love Debbie Brown’s books. I have met her and been in her classes and she is a darling!! I love to read and have been wanting a Kindle so that would be fabulous to win!!!


I’d love to win a Kindle so I can read my King Arthur Flour cookbook! (and of course yours once it comes out…so excited for you!)

My favorite cookbook right now is At Blanchard’s Table. The flavors are spectacular! I haven’t tried a recipe in there yet that wasn’t a success!

I actually don’t have a favorite cook book. (I like compiling my own from recipes I get from my Mom, M.I.L., and friends.) But I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this for my husband! An English teacher and technology buff, this would make the best Christmas gift for him, ever! 😀

I think mine would definitely have to also be, What’s New, Cupcake!

Your new layout launch is absolutely fantastic and I think suits you to a T! ♥

Oh I like to just sit and look through them all.
The one I use the most though happens to be the one I have put our favorite recipes in through the years. I copied them off and gave the copies to my children when they got married.

My favorite cookbook at the moment is Ree’s The Pioneer Woman Cooks — I adore her, Tasty Kitchen and I truly feel I can “cook” too! :)

My favorite cookbook would have to be the internet! I haven’t gotten a new cookbook in awhile, but would like to try Nourishing Traditions. Or something about decorating cakes/cupcakes :)


I love several (Pioneer Woman, church bazaar cookbooks…), but I always find myself going back to the red and white Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook.

I like iambaker on Facebook and I love your blog. I LOVE baking and I am trying to figure out how to make a living doing something I really enjoy. Thanks for all you do!!! Good luck with the book. I will be looking forward to it!

I have been collecting cookbooks since I was in Junior High, which would be about 100 years ago give or take. My favorite book right now woudl be one written by Rebecca Rather. Thanks for the chance to win.

probably sounds silly, but my favorite cookbook is the handwritten compilation of family recipes my mother in law and sisters in law gave me as a wedding gift. it is my go-to cookbook.

My daughter’s preschool class compiled a cookbook from all of the families of four different classes and the teachers made it into a book for us for Christmas. What a blessing! I love all of the different “favorite” recipes=)

Do I have to name one?? EEK. I think then it would have to be PW’s cookbook. I LOVE the country fried steak and mashed ‘taters in it! 😀 I love your new site btw!

My favorite cookbook currently is “The Best of Cooking Light: Everyday Favorites”. The recipes are healthy and super flavorful…so I can afford to eat more cake later!

My favorite cookbook isn’t a cookbook at all… it’s my magazine subscription to “Simple and Delicious”. I get so much use out of those magazines! The recipes are easy to follow, usually have few ingredients, but always taste wonderful!

Besides a family cookbook passed, with recipes passed down from friends/family, Betty Crocker’s Big Book of Cupcakes is probably my favorite cookbook. :’))) Cupcakes are my favorite.

My favorite cookbook is actually a very old warn one of my grandmothers. It’s stained and dog eared with loose pages, but I wouldn’t take anything for it.

I found your blog not too long ago and I love it. I am still reading through the past entries. I am looking forward to getting your book. Having it on a Kindle would be awesome. 😀 I don’t have a twitter account so I hope commenting on your FB will work. I befriended you when I found you on Facebook. 😀

First congratulations and good luck with your book, even do I don’t think you will need the luck. Thanks for a wonderful blog and this giveaway. My favorrite book I would have to say is Puerto Rican Cookery, love it cause is real puertorican cuisine, and when you miss your mom and grandmas cooking, well you got to learn to do it your self and this book is being really helpful with that.

My fave cookbook is one that my home ec teacher gave me when I was a senior in HS – a red cover Betty Crocker cookbook that has been with me for over 20 years, numerous moves,full of sticky pages and I use it all the time!

My favorite cookbooks right now are the “Hello Cupcake” and “What’s New Cupcake” series. Can’t wait for the next one!

My favorite cookbook is not really a “cookbook” per say but a collection of recipes that I have that belonged to my mom . I keep them in a little tin container. You know that mom’s cooking is always the best.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks! Am working my way through it front to back, get slowed down by things I have to try from her blog every day though!

My favorite would have to be the one my mom made me when I got married 18 years ago filled with family recipes from both my side and my husband’s side of the family.. It’s my “go to” for everything.

Right now I’m trying to utilize our Farmer Markets, and so I’ve learned to love “Clean Food” by Terry Walters. :) Other than that though, “Sky High” by Alisa Huntsman!

I have a favorite cookbook, I just can’t remember the name; however I have been using The Pioneer Woman and Tasty Kitchen as my go to source for new things to try these day.

This is so hard to decide…I like variety so I must say anything that has to do with sweets/desserts. I also like recipes from Rachel Ray, Paula Deen…this can go on and on. Oh…and recipes from home magazines, those can be winners too. It all depends what I’m in the mood for. =D

I still love my Betty Crocker cookbook – it’s the one that my mom had and nothing is better than the way mom used to make it.

I often refer to my Betty Crocker for brides (or something like that) cookbook. I also am loving Mama Peas’ new cookbook. I have several that I’d like to dig into more often, but I end up using recipes from blogs and websites more often than anything else. Oh and Cooking Light!

My favorite cookbook has to be the Joy of cooking one my mom bought for me when i was 18- it has a recipe for anything and everything!

My recent favorite is Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. I’ve been baking homebread for the last year and haven’t really gotten tired of this book. I just picked up the new one on Pizza and Flatbreads — can’t wait to have a few minutes to really look at it.

I have several cookbooks from Texas ~ Jr Leagues, etc. I love them since I’m a native Texan! :-) I also love the original Betty Crocker cookbook….I think everyone my age received them as wedding gifts.

I’ve been wanting a Kindle forever!


Oh my, I’m pretty strict about my cookbooks, full page colored images of each recipe are a must. :) That’s why the internet has become the best cookbook ever.

My favorite cookbook.. my care bear cookbook from a garage sale. I actually made several things from that book, and the recipes were so sweet and creative.

My favorite cookbook…hmmm, that’s a hard one. I get most of my recipes online (alot from you), but I do have a few that I like. I like the Hershey’s cookbook, Top Secret Recipes and Hot Dishes and Other Cool Food! You may have never heard of the last one; that’s because it’s a fundraiser done by the 46mommas Shave for the Brave! (I’m in it, so I guess I’m biased!) You can learn about the mommas and our mission at http://www.46mommas.com, and visit my personal page by clicking on the ‘meet the mommas’ link, then the ‘2010 mommas’ link and finding Jaime Boudreaux.

My favorite cookbook would have to be Fannie Farmer’s. My dad first bought one when we moved into our house when I was ten, and we’d make griddle cakes and chocolate birthday cakes and roasted chicken, and we’d write things in the margins: who we were cooking for, the date, who cooked with us, substitutions we used. Now that I’m in my own place, I do the same thing with all my other cookbooks.

My internet explorer almost crashed when i tried opening up the comments page :) I love going to the public library and sitting through the 100s of cookbooks they keep! One day I’d like to own them all :) for now i have a book called the vegetarian epicure by anna thomas which im enjoying throughly!

I love them all but I must say my dearest one and most treasured is “Treasured Polish Recipes for Americans”. It is not because I have made tons of things from it but because after my father passed away my siblings new I’d want my dad’s cookbooks. I am Polish on my dad’s side and German on my mother’s. When I went home for my dad’s funeral I was going through his things and packing the things I’d be taking home. A few months after I got the stuff I was reading through the cookbooks and stumble across this one. I found a wealth of Polish traditions centered around holidays and meals that I want to pass on to my children. The treasure I found in this book was not a special recipe but all my dad’s little notes he wrote.

I have so many cookbooks it’s hard to decide which is my favorite. It’s definitely a toss up between Mastering the Art of French Cooking (I have the 2-volume boxed set and just made coq au vin last night for some coworkers!), and my “personal” cookbook with all my family recipes. Does a collection of recipes by your great-grandmother officially count as a cookbook? LOL!

Also, lots of “like” on FB!

What WONDERFUL news! Congrats and well deserved – your uniqueness and talent are fantastic! Wish you much success!!

I got so excited for you I forgot to mention my favorite cookbook – the cookbook that opened my eyes and ignited my passion for cooking as the one and only (original) The Silver Palate :)

My favorite cookbook is Mark Bitman’s “How to Cook Everything”. It is simple yet complete — how to cook something at it’s basic level and how to make it spectacular!

I know it’s probably sacrileg, but I LOVE the Quick Fixes with Mixes book. It’s excellent for someone like me who has very little time to make dinner!

My mom always had this cookbook called The New McCall’s Cookbook. So many “homey” recipes come from it. It’s my favorite, but I don’t think you’d find it for the Kindle. :)

Congrats on the book to be! My first and all time favorite cookbook is Mastering the Art of French Cooking. It was 1964 and she’d just started her first programs on TV — in lovely black and white. It taught me how to cook. My mother was the all time Champion World’s Worst Cook — and Julia saved me from the same fate. Thank you, Julia.

My current favorite cookbook is an old “Brand-Name Cook Book” my mom has. There are tons of colorful photos and I love the recipes inside. :)

My favorite at the moment, or the one I’m using the most is ” Baked: New Frontiers in Baking”. They have traditional and different stuff, both good to learn basics and be creative! It’s so hard to pick a cook book, they’re all good!!

I love your website! I stumbled acrossed it looking at a recipe on pintreste. Well it’s hard to say what my favorite cookbook is since I have so many. But the one that has my most favorite and repeated recipes is a church cookbook created by christian women that my brother gave me for Christmas many years ago.

My favorite cookbook is called County Fair winners or something to that effect. I picked it up at a yard sale probably 15-20 years ago and it has the most reliable recipes in it, including the absolute moistest chocolate cake I’ve ever had.

My favorite cookbooks are the Baked ones, from the boys at the Baked Bakeries. Baked Explorations and New Frontiers in Baking.

I love the Hello, Cupcake book as well. Our church also publishes some cookbooks every few years with yummy recipes from the elderly ladies who always supply the food for our special occasions. Its filled with comfort foods you can expect from your grandmother or great-aunt :) I am an AVID reader, I would LOVE a kindle to travel with my favorite books!

When my parents moved into our family home, they received a Welcome Package from the neighbors. Included in that package was “The Good Housekeeping Cookbook” circa 1973. The book has been used for everything under the sun, from pot roast to potato salad, from breads to brownies; almost every recipe well-worth its weight in gold. All the classics are there – the stuff Gramma used to make and the comfort foods I still feed my family. Of course, some of the best classic cake recipes as well. The book is now but a stack of pages held together by rubber bands, the binding long gone. Well loved, this book is a part of our family!

My favoritecookook is “Vefa’s Kitchen” – a Greek cookbook. I love to learn new recipes for my Greek husband!

So hard as I have so many and like different ones for different things but I think that the baking bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum (hope I spealt it right) is great

It’s my home church’s cookbook…being away from home and family, that cookbook has so many homey, comforting, familiar recipes!

I don’t use cookbooks, I make them! I go through my grandmothers’, my mom’s, my dad’s recipes, and the internet and use everyone’s knowledge to make everything better to me, then put the best recipes in a photo album with plastic sleeves to make a whole new cookbook that’s pretty cool. I love AllRecipes.com because of the review system, it makes it easy to see what other people have to say about a recipe so you can decide whether to tweak it or not beforehand. I also follow this site, and The Sonoma Garden, and lots of links in between.

Just in case a book recommendation is required, I suppose you could call The Backyard Homestead part cookbook. I learned a lot of basic recipes from it.

Hi! My favorite cookbook is “The Philippine Cookbook” by the late Reynaldo Alejandro. It helps my husband and me re-create the tastes of home for our kids here in the US.

My favorite cookbook is always my newest one. One of my favorite things in the world is to open my door and see a box on my doorstep that contains my latest cookbook!

I don’t actually have a favorite cookbook. I’m a collector of recipes myself. I collect from everywhere and print onto 5×8 index cards, always making 2 copies, 1 for myself, and 1 for my daughter in law. Once I have them printed for our card boxes I cover them with clear contact shelf liner. Very inexpensive way to protect them.
P.S. Love you on face book. {=

How exciting to be wringing your own book! I can tell you for sure I will be buying it, some of my favorite bloggers now have done books and it makes me so happy! My favorite cookbook (and that’s no small feat, I have tons!) is actually from one of those blogs, “Our Best Bites” cookbook, it is truly awesome, beautiful photography! There are recipes I have used for years on my own with new spins and some I’d have never thought of. It’s like it was made for me :) Thanks for the awesome giveaways! Andrea

My favorite old standard is the Joy of Cooking because it really did help me to learn to love cooking and to really find joy in it. I absolutely LOVE to cook and to share it with others. I have a blast!!! I even named my Kitchen Aid blender Mrs. Joy.

I use cookbooks when I need to but I usually go to my moms recipes. She’s one of the best cooks around. It took years of us kids telling her to please write them down and finally, little by little we’re getting them. She’s 82 and going strong….

I have to admit that I don’t have a fav cookbook. I mostly follow blogs like Pioneer Woman, Scrambled Hens, Joy the Baker, and yours.

My favorite cookbook is a collection of family recipes that was put together about 10 years ago on my ex-husband’s side. I should do one with recipes from my side!

My favorite cookbook is the one I learned to cook from when I got married – River Road Recipes.
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My favorite cookbook…hmmm. I guess I have to go with Joy of Cooking. B/c it is so handy. I mean, it has almost any bit of info you could ever need. I’ve got more fun cookbooks…but that one is the one I’d take to a deserted island.

My favorite cookbook is the one I put together a few years ago with recipes from my family and friends! It’s my go-to book for most things!

anything by America’s Test Kitchens – I love the way they break down all the components of a recipe to come up with the best one.

Food Cook Eat by Lulu Grimes, a cookbook I discovered in NZ that is perfect for dinners for two, and Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook by Isa Chandra Moskowitz , Terry Hope Romero. I’m not even vegan, but these are some of the best dishes I have ever cooked up, especially good as left-overs.

My favorite cookbook is a very old hand-put-together church cookbook. It has some of the best recipes that I have come to love and cook often. Thanks for the chance to win a Kindle.

I love my recipie box! I have been collecting recipies from a variety of sources since I was in middle school so my recipie box has become quite the collection. It’s not very organized and is a variety of cute recipie cards, old cards with my Grandmother’s writing on it, post-it notes, torn out pages of magazines, and most recently print out pages from beautiful cooking blogs that I love to read!

My favorite cookbook is Cocolat by Alice Medrich. It has very specific instructions that make it possible to make beautiful, fancy desserts!

I love the ” Pioneer Woman Cooks” it’s my favorite right now. Congrats on writing your own book, how exciting! Thanks for the opportunity to win the Kindle :)

My favorite Cook book is my mother’s Betty Crocker – (red binder) book from early 1970’s. I still use it for anything classic. It’s so warn that pages are falling out of it.

Thanks for the chance to win the Kindle – how exciting :)

PS. I LIKE you on FB too.

I get most of my recipes from blogs really….I have printed them out and put them in a notebook. I don’t really have but one real cookbook….one done by our church ladies.

One of my favorites is an old church cookbook. Otherwise, LOVE the internet now for receipes (and great websites like this one!)

I’ve been looking forward to get a good cookbook that I can use to pull out great recipes that my family would love, I found out about Diana Kennedy but she has a lot of them and can’t decide quite yet which one I want. I love making family recipes and also finding new ones from blogs.

I must say alot of my favorite recipes are from my iphone app “dinner spinner”
and blogs
But my favorite cook book right now is probably “deceptively delicious.”
until your book comes out!

Favorite cookbook is from the church I grew up in. All the ladies contributed recipes and whenever I pull it out, I’m flooded with such good memories from my childhood.

My favorite cookbook is an old Betty Crocker book my mom inherited from my grandma…it’s got all the goodies and treats recipes I remember as a little girl : )

My favorite cookbook is a home made family cookbook that my mother-in-law’s family put together. They sent photocopied sheets to everyone in the family, asking for our favorite recipes, along with history or memories associated with the recipes. We filled out the sheets and mailed them back. They copied every recipe for every family, put them into binders, and mailed each family a binder. It was a wonderful way for me to learn more about my mother-in-law’s family. She passed away very shortly before the cookbook was finished, so she never got to use it, but the recipes she contributed before her death have become very valuable to me.

I can’t wait until your new cookbook comes out! My favorite cookbook is hard to choose. I love a church cookbook that my Grandma gave me many years ago, but I also love The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. Her step by step pictures have really helped my 12 year old begin to be more independent in the kitchen. :)

My fav cook book is from the 50’s, it’s my mothers from when she was at school!
It’s in bits but I still love to flick through the pages for recipes I remember growing up!

I don’t have any cookbook that I absolutely love, but I hope to find one soon. I’ve just started this search. Maybe it will be yours!

My all time favorite is my grandmother’s 1950’s edition of the Betty Crocker picture cook book. It taught me how to cook. My daughter’s fight over who is going to get it when I pass it on.

My favorite cookbook is actually a church cookbook from Iowa. It’s just awesome!

I love looking at your website. Everything is so beautiful!

My current favorite cookbook is “Chocolate Never Faileth” by Annette Lyon. And when I’ve finished making every recipe at least twice, then I might get a chance to crack the cover on the adorable “Zombie Ate My Cupcake.”

My favorite cookbook is Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook. I also really enjoy allrecipes.com. Thanks for the chance to win!

My favorite cookbook is the one our Church published a few years ago. It’s my go to book. I also enjoy cooking from Pioneer Woman’s cookbook and Southern Living.

My favorite cookbook is nothing fancy but is the Better Homes and Garden cookbook from 1975 or so that we had growing up. It was simple and straightforward and was the perfect starting point when I learned how to cook.

This is incredibly difficult. My shelves are STOCKED with cookbooks of all kinds, because I love them so. But I suppose my favorite would have to be “Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone” by Deborah Madison, because it not only encourages me to be healthy, it does so in such easy and delicious ways that I don’t even realize that it’s lacking meat most of the time. (And I am an omnivore.)

Hrm, I haven’t used a cookbook in a while, years even. However I was eyeing the Real Simple cookbook and the Test Kitchen book as well, I love books with beautiful pictures. I was half-tempted to use my graphic design skills to write up my favorite recipes and make a photobook out of it. Still, I am looking fwd to seeing your book come out and see what you felt were the essentials.

We have a really ancient Betty Crocker book that we use all the time! As a bonus, someone along the lines started pasting in other recipes (like from the paper) that we like in the back. So, we no longer have a workable index, but there’s a lovely recipe for pork chops back there!

My favorite cookbook is actually a textbook that I got with a baking class I took, called “On Baking”- along with being really informative, it has hundreds of delicious recipes of a bevy of different types of baked goods.

I definitely have a tendency to turn to the Internet when I’m looking up recipes, but that certainly doesn’t stop me from buying a whole shelf-full of cookbooks! The one that gets paged through most often is probably the first Everyday Foods cookbook, called Great Food Fast. The directions are clear & concise and there are picture to go with every recipe! I LOVE great photos in cookbooks!

I don’t read many cookbooks anymore, because the internet is so convenient, but I won’t get rid of the classic Betty Crocker cookbook I got when I got married.

My all time favorite cook book is the Fannie Farmer Cookbook! I knew right away, when I read the “comment topic” what my answer would be. It’s the first cookbook I ever made anything from. My mom owned a copy, I found it one day and read all the dessert sections! I must have baked my way through every cake, cookie, brownie and other dessert in that book. I don’t even know how young I was, but the thought of the Fannie Farmer Cookbook just brings warm, fuzzy memories. My mom still has the copy (thought I don’t think she every used it, certainly not as often as I did)… it’s torn, tattered and the pages are stained from my messy kitchen experiments! I don’t own a copy, but I really ought to get one!

I love my cookbook by Vincent Price, but the food he talks about there is usually too rich for everyday. It is my favorite specialty cookbook. For day to day, I’m quite fond of my 1976 edition of Joy of Cooking. It has everything from how to boil water to how to skin small game. I even learned how to eat a lobster from that book!

My favorite cookbook is my own collection in my recipe box. I’ve collected them from so many sources and it is easier to put them in my box than it is to find a particular cookbook. I do refer often to my trusty Betty Crocker Cookbook.

I like a “quick 30 minute meals” cookbook because it has a nice variety and they really are quick to make, which is sometimes a blessing after a busy day!

My favorites will always be my mom’s old copies of Maida Heatters books. I don’t usually open a book to cook, but for baking it’s a must. These make me smile because of my mom, and the recipes are always perfect.

I love any cookbook – but my faves are the ones that have all the family recipes – I have one I covet from a friend and it is messed up from all sauces and stuff that has spilled on it.

I think my favorite cookbook is More-with-Less Cookbook. Every time I pick it up to read, I find something *else* to try!

I am an a cookbook/recipe collector – but the main ones I reference are two church cookbooks from the 80’s and my Better Homes & Gardens cookbook. However, I am on Pioneer Woman and Tasty Kitchen every day!! I am also in the process of writing my own cookbook – a collection of family recipes for my 4 daughters.

I love your website and I look forward to your book!

My favorite cookbook is my mother’s battered, copy of the Barbour’s Cookbook.

Lately, I’ve been addicted to Pinterest recipes, but I still love my Taste of Home Baking Classics. Both have awesome pictures that make me want to try new things!

My favourite cookbook is the binder with all of the recipes I have received, printed, or written out and then included my notes on how I tweaked it (usually to be gluten free). It actually sits on top of all the other books and is pulled out all the time.

The next book that is pulled out the most is the Better Homes and Garden. But, it is more of a reference.

I think my favorite cookbook is Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles cookbook. It’s simple french bistro fare done right with Tony’s wit leading you the way.

Congrats! I”m so happy for you about your new book, that’s great news!

My husband’s favorite cookbook is “More Best Recipes from the Editors of Cook’s Illustrated” and, since he is the best cook in the house, that makes it my favorite cookbook too :)

My favorite cookbook is the one my mom made for me when I was ten. It has all our favorite family recipes in it, plus a bunch that are great for taking to potlucks.
Thanks for running the giveaway :)

My favorite is my copy of my mom’s cookbook. A friend helped me type it up in high school typing class…then we’ve added in stuff we’ve found as we went along.

I’ve always said I would never “buy” a kindle. Winning on is different, right. My favorite cookbook is a Taste of Home from my papaw. I absolutely love the variety in it.

My favorite cookbook is: The I Love to Cook Book, because I LOVE Lauren Groveman, the author. She is a GREAT inspiration to me. :)

I don’t know if I could choose just one favorite cookbook! I do love all of Martha Stewart’s – especially her cookie book, cupcake book and pie book. I have yet to have a recipe fail from one of those!

Hi Amanda.
I have 3. Really. If you should ask my husband this question, he would tell you she has 3 and he would be able to name them. Seriously. They are very helpful and informative. I don’t favor one over the other, they all 3 are important to me and a valuable resource. I like them because they have excellent recipes AND they provide useful information. Almost like a teaching book, providing you with why you should use this, why that ingredient is important, tips, etc. I love it when I not only am giving an excellent recipe, but with tips and reasons why things are done a certain way and why certain ingredients are used and what they do! That is why these 3 books are so valuable to me.

There are:
The Cake Bible
Rose’s Heavenly Cakes
Baking Illustrated – The Practicle Kitchen Companion for the Home Baker

My favorite cookbook is a church cookbook with a compilation of recipes from church members.

(I thought I submitted this earlier but I don’t see it. My apologies if this is a repeat entry.)

Stumbled across your page and fell in love.
My favorite cookbook was put out by a church group for a fundraiser, a gift from a friend in aerobics class. After all, gotta work off some of those delicious calories.

Like you on facebook also :)

My favorite cookbook is the Joy of Cooking. (received from my Grandmother years and years ago.) My close second is Giada DeLaurentis – Everyday Italian.

My favorite cookbook is a red binder filled with copied pages straight out of my Grandmothers recipe box. When she passed away 3 years ago, my aunts gathered up all of her recipes they could find and copied them into binder books for all of her grandchildren. In the back of the book they also copied the pages from one of those “grandma books”, where there are a bunch of questions for grandma to answer. I absolutely LOVE looking at this book and seeing her own handwriting. She was known for her baking, especially her pies. Oh what I would do for a slice of her pecan pie or are toffee cookies right now.