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I stopped by Carma's blog today cause she makes me laugh and 'I do so love to laugh' (name that movie) and read about this girl who does not age.  Brooke Greenberg is technically 16, but has remained a toddler.

So my heart just goes out to this family.  Their beautiful little girl has never advanced, physically or mentally, beyond being a toddler. 


And then.  I stopped.   And prayed.  And prayed and gave the Lord some glorious praise.  Thank you Lord, for letting my kids grow, and mature, and eventually learn how to close the door behind them and flush the toilet and pick up their clothes.

I cannot imagine having a toddler for 16 years.

My kids are wonderful and I love them, but if I had to deal with this same behavior for the next 16 years I might need to be institutionalized.

This mom is my new hero.


  1. says

    Wow is right….WOW. Never heard of that before, I am going to check it out. (And I’m totally with you on the 16 years of toddlerism…ugh!!) :)

  2. says

    It is stories like this that make me say thank you God and know that I am reallly happy inside that my boy is growing up and turning five in a couple of months.

  3. says

    Hi Amanda,
    This is unrelated to thsi post, but I had a question:
    I was thinking about funny mom-moments and trying to remember…were you the one who had your kiddos smear vaseline on your furniture?

  4. carma says

    Thanks for the shout out. What impressed me the most was how kindly all her sisters spoke about her…The whole family needs to be praised. I suppose they could have easily have paid to have her put in daycare all day or some other type of arrangement, but they’ve chosen to take it all on themselves. You are correct in that we have so much to be grateful for!! Remind me of this one of my whiny days :D I feel one coming on..

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