I Am Baker

Toolbars and Wedding Cake

They go hand in hand don't ya know?


I recently got to make a wedding cake for a friend.  Her invitation is just gorgeous, and recreating the flower in all buttercream was a challenge to say the least!  But so worth it.


This cake was a BIG boy.  The equivalent to five regular cakes.  And all Red Velvet.  

But whats this about toolbars?

I recently had my very own toolbar created!

(click picture to enlarge)

You can upload it right HERE for free!  

On the toolbar you will find everything you wanted to know about my cakes, cookies, and tutorials, as well as a "search" option! (powered by google)

 It is through Alexa, and here is a link to where YOU can create your own.  

You can even install it on your moms computer so she has no excuse about not being open to remember your blog name.  I mean.  Not that that has happened to me.

My sweet friend Cheryl (the amazing Miss Tidymom) told me all about… she even posted her toolbar and some neat details about how hers works!


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