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Howdy all! Just a little note to tell you that I started a little place for homeschooling folks.  Its just somewhere you can drop a link to a helpful site or ask a question or even offer support to another homeschooling mom.


Join a Fun Homeschooling Community for Free at

Now, AS a homeschooling mom I know how many things we are already juggling, so I am definitely not trying to add to your stress!

I just know that every now and then I want to ask a question or share a great site or even just check in with other homeschooling moms.  Even though Facebook is great for making connections, it is not as safe and secure as I would prefer when it comes to issues involving my kids.

There is no gimmick, no catch or strings attached for you being a part of it.  Its just a fun, safe, informative place to be.


Join the 'i am mommy' community at

There is also mommy community, as well as faith, baking, and general.  You are welcome to join one or all!  There are currently over a 1,000 members in the communities… I am looking for some more specific and intentional interaction in the coming months.  I really really just want to know more about you!  So all opinions welcome!

In the near future I will be having some great contests with AMAZING prizes and would love for you to be a part of it!

To join simply click here. (

Fill out the info and you are all set!





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