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My First (And Last) Red Bull

At the festive hour of 8pm last evening, my hubby and dear children and I set off from balmy Florida for the cold, frozen lakes of Minnesota.

We were thinking that the children would sleep through the night, and hubby and I would drive in shifts.  This seemed an alright idea to me as I am often up four to five times a night anyway, and usually wake up for the day between four and six am.

Around 2:30am, I awoke from a fitful rest and informed hubby it was my turn to drive.

I was wide awake… I had thought.

At about 3:00am, I realized I was about to fall asleep!  Well, this really freaked me out seeing as I was totally responsible for the four people I loved most in the world who were sleeping peacefully and completely trusting me with their lives in the back seats.


I had to pee (I do all the time anyway since I am pregnant and sitting upright puts baby right on my bladder) so I stopped, ran into a convenience store peed and purchased a Red Bull, a container of Original Pringles, and a box of Junior Mints.  I figured that combination would keep me awake!

Well.  I have never had a Red Bull in my entire life.  Never.  I have no idea what possessed me to try one when I am six months pregnant and driving in the middle of the night!

 The next five hours are a blur for me.  I was teetering between two crippling conditions at all times.

1. A new crack like addiction to Red Bull.

2. The inability to go more then 13 minutes without having to pee so bad it was painful.

About five minutes after my first ever sip of that mysteriously fruity concoction, I was filled with energy.  My mind was racing.  I was singing the Red Bull commercial in my head and thinking, "It really DOES give you wings!"

I thought of no less then 40 amazing tweets that I was desperate to share on twitter (but totally unable to since I was driving and it was like 4:00am) that I have now completely forgotten.

When the GPS annoyingly reminded me for the zillionth time to "Stay Right" I exuberantly answered, "Yooooouuuuuu betcha!"

I stopped four times to use the restroom over the next five hours.

The first time I threw up Pringles and Red Bull.  (who am I kidding.  I had eaten some Junior Mints too.  I have no shame)  Seeing as I was now addicted though, I bought another, even larger size Red Bull.  

As well as a large cappuccino.

The baby was kicking me like mad, adding to the fact that I felt like I needed to pee a measly four minutes after I had left the bathroom.

And to top it off, I was STILL exhasuted and fighting the dreaded drooping eyelids.

Right about the time I thought for sure I would have to pull over and just give in to the fatigue, the sun peeked its bright head over the horizon and the breaking dawn rejuvenated me.  

Well, for about another half hour.

Then we stopped for breakfast, I realized that I was sick to my stomach again, and that I would probably never ever consume another Red Bull as long as I lived.

To top it all off, I cannot get the wretched taste of Red Bull out of my mouth.

And now I sit nauseous and sickly (not the glorified Victorian thin version, just the pukey one) in the back of a mini-van trying to share this with someone in the vain hopes that I am not the only one who has not had a good experience with Red Bull.

I gotta go before I puke on my computer.  (going for a record of how many times I can say the word puke and Red Bull in one post)

*I do NOT condone the use of Redbull during pregnancy.


  1. says

    hee hee hee!
    WHAT did possess you to try Red Bull for the first time while you were pregnant?
    Oh, wait! I think I know the answer to that!
    You are such a dork and I love ya!
    I was hoping you would be heading back soon.
    I don’t see you much, but I like knowing you are nearby just incase!

  2. says

    Oh. Sick. I cannot imagine ever drinking that stuff. Pregnant or otherwise. However, my husband will drink it and you should keep the pull tab if you still have the can. They are usually a nice bright neon color and look cute on your keyring. I wouldn’t know that though. :o)
    I hope you feel better soon, I am so sorry for that horrid experience. Drive safe!

  3. says

    LOL, I can’t help but laugh, I’m sorry Amanda.
    My bestie lives 7 hours away in upstate NY (though it may be only two hours if Joe gets this job in western NY!!! [and we're still waiting to hear back from MN...they aren't doing interviews until after Christmas though]).
    Last time her husband drove them to come visit us here in RI, he drank a few of those Red Bulls and lengthened their trip considerably because of the need to stop and pee often…lol. Those things are bad news for ya!
    Hope the rest of your trip goes much more smoothly. :-)

  4. says

    I have also thrown up red bull before… it may or may not have had alcohol mixed with it and I was FOR SURE not pregnant. Red bull tastes icky even if you arent throwing it up- I feel so bad for you today! Hang in there!

  5. says

    Oh man, I’m completely nauseous just reading this. Oh wait, I was nauseous before, but now it’s the serious “look away, stop thinking about it now” kind. Hope you make it safely home–quick!

  6. ElizaBeth says

    Next time pull over and sleep oh the side of the road or at a rest stop! Seriously!! I have done it, when it was just me and the kids. Red Bull and puke really do go together. BLECK!! Sounds like you need some green juice when you get home :)

  7. says

    Ha! Is it okay if I call you a goober too, like Becki did??? ;-)
    Don’t feel bad, I did the goofiest things when I was pregnant too. It’s pregnancy brain, I tell ya.
    Hope you guys make it home safely. I’ll have to go check your tweets to see if you’re back yet.

  8. Amy K says

    Oh, you poor thing, that sounds miserable! Sorry, I’ve never had a Red Bull, so I can’t relate. Baby was probably dancing all over, and was the only one who responded to the need to stay awake with Red Bull! :)
    You had me laughing with the GPS lady….
    Prayers for safe and uneventful travels the remainder of your trip and feeling well!
    Blessings sweet Amanda…..

  9. says

    Ohhh, bad night. I hope you drive during the day and sleep at night on the return visit. ;-) And be kind to your bladder — caffeine irritates the bladder and the irritation results in the feeling that you have to pee. So drink water only for a couple of days to let your bladder rest. I think I read that red bull has three times the caffeine that coke has. It’s even been banned in some European countries, so no more Red Bull for baby. Enjoy your vacation!

  10. says

    “I thought of no less then 40 amazing tweets that I was desperate to share on twitter” LOL
    Oh, Amanda…you poor thing! ;) I think the answer to staying awake is chocolate….lots and lots of chocolate. You know those BAGS of mini chocolate donuts…THAT’S what you needed!

  11. says

    Oh. My. Gosh. That was hilarious and sick all at the same time. That takes talent. I hope you are feeling better. The only Red Bull Doug ever drank was on the way home from Florida. There was a Red Bull guy handing them out (it was Spring Break week) at some gas station. I have never seen my hubby like that. Not even after a 2 liter of Mountain Dew.
    Hope you and babe can get some rest and the kids get settled back at home soon.

  12. Shannon says

    Thanks for the chuckle! I’m happy to know I am in good company when it comes to doing something and then think back and say “what was I thinking?!” Travel Safe!

  13. says

    Oh. My. Word! You are hilarious! I had never tried Red Bull… I mean, by itself, but I imagine it would do fun stuff to my head. Unlike last Friday when I drank 3 cups of coffee and then took my A.D.D. medication and I tweeted about how my ex got my boobs in the divorce! (still totally true though)
    Sorry you got sick though. That’s a bummer. Maybe next time you try a Red Bull, do it after the baby is born and you’re at home so you can tweet funny stuff to your hearts content!

  14. says

    Holy Cow! That was a brilliant literary odyssey into the horrors of mid-term pregnancy “logical” decisions. I thought I was the queen of “this is a great idea!” but I pass my crown to you. This tops my “sure, I’m three months pregnant puking every few hours and I’m going to be in the car, but hey that chili dog looks great” experience by far.
    I’m glad you’ve recovered and have sworn off the Bull. :)

  15. says

    roflmbo!!! I love this post far too much! I like so many others have never had a Red Bull ever, and never been tempted, yet reading this thought “maybe if I had so much energy I could get my house completely clean!” But…I’m just not that motivated to go out and buy one and I don’t know if I could handle drinking it as it is! LOL
    This has to rate right up there with my decision a couple weeks ago to go down a super fast metal slide while it was wet and kids had dug the snow out from the bottom and I landed HARD,HARD,HARD!! LOL
    Thanks for the giggles!

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