Peeps Cake Pops

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I originally shared a couple pictures of these peeps pops with you a year ago.  But now I am going to share with you how I made them!

They were, of course, inspired by bakerella.  She is the Queen of Cake Pops.

And if I am being totally honest I will tell you…. I do not find cake pops easy.  I had to work to get them just right.

My hats of to you cake pops people.  You are talented and patient and creative.

Start out by making the cake pops as you normally would, but instead of a round ball, form them into ‘egg’ shapes.  Once you have made all your eggs, place them on a pan and pop them in the freezer to set up.

After your pops are st up nicely, prepare some melted chocolate to dip them in.

I mean, that is what normal sane cake pop makers do. I struggled with this step.  So I heated up a can of Betty Crockers classic white frosting in the microwave and dipped the pops in that.

To get the Peep head, just snip off the top of a Peep with a scissors. DONT FREAK OUT.  The peep will be OK. I mean, I am pretty sure he will be happy on his new home.

Then, while the frosting is still wet, attach the head by holding it gently but firmly against the cake pop for 30 seconds or so.

Gently set pop in safe place to dry. I stuck my pops into a piece Styrofoam to dry, but I inserted them at a 45-degree angle to keep the Peep heads from sliding off.

Once the cake pop has dried, you’re left with the cutest little Peep, “peeping” his head out!

But.  If you are weird like me you can take in one step further.

Its Peep Butt.


Er… Happy Easter. 😉




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  1. Christina A says

    Firstly, Love your Blog :)

    I too have A LOT of trouble with Candy melts for Cake Pops and have asked Bakerella REPEATEDLY for help and advise to no avail! Anyway, didn’t even think to melt premade icing, does it harden well?

    These peep pops are adorable :)

    • says

      So sorry you have had trouble as well! :( The frosting does not harden like chocolate, but it definitely does get firm. I like that (simpler to me) method and use it if I have more time… they need to set up a little longer than the chocolate ones do! Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Jessie says

    I also find cake pops very difficult and I’d rather just run through Starbucks and buy one. 😉 These are super cute though!

  3. says

    I always fail at cake pops! ALWAYS! I might just try these since my Dad has this strange obsession with peeps and well, they are adorable. Totally going to try your frosting tip though … one last try and then I officially give up the cake pops for good! :)

    • says

      I hear ya girl… I have not made them since these!! Traumatizing! Hope they work out if you make them… sounds like your dad would love it! :)

  4. DeborahB says

    SO CUTE! Peep butt! I love it. They are adorable, good job. I’ve made my fair share of cake pops, they aren’t easy, especially the fancy schmancy ones. I might make these for Easter myself!!

  5. Windy says

    Bwahhahahah. Now how could you leave the poor peeps devoid of their bottoms? That would just not be right. Do it for the peeps!

    These are adorable. :)

  6. says

    I tip my hat to those who create beautiful cake pops all the time too. They can be tricky and I admire those that do them.

    Your little peeps tutorial is as adorable as it is informative.

  7. says

    Love these little Easter treats – might try to do them with white chocolate – can’t stand to think what’s in melts/store bought frosting! I’ll let you know how I get on…

  8. says

    My cake pop skills are limited to balls. Nothin fancy for me except sprinkles.

    The best tip I can give for candy melts is to buy them fresh. Like the same day you are going to use them. If I have them for even a week before making the pops, they don’t melt smoothly and the pops fall off the stick and end up in the candy melts, and end up with a super thick coating because it won’t melt thinner/smoother. Basically if you stir the candy melts and let it run off a spoon (like you would with RI) and it doesn’t easily disappear back into itself, it’s not going to work well. Bakerella says to add oil, but this doesn’t work for me either. I use Wilton brand candy melts, so maybe different brands work better/melt smoother?

  9. says

    Adorable treats and you must have saint-like patience to assemble these! I love baking, but the decorating part is where I tend to lag. My nieces and nephews would go wild over these…if you sold them, I’d totally buy them!!

  10. Hayley says

    “DONT FREAK OUT. The peep will be OK”

    hahahaha!! Eating the head off of Easter candy used to be the most stressful thing for me when I was a kid! I would like to make these, but I’m unsure if I’m strong enough to ‘kill’ a peep twice over!