Welcome To Amanda’s Diner

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I'm serving up a few tasty treats for you today!

The first specialty of the house is our new favorite way to have breakfast.

Rainbow Pancakes


Yes, that is pancake batter.  Now.  There is no need to silently nod to yourself in victorious gloating satisfaction because (hanging head)… you were right.  I am obsessed with food coloring.

Food coloring and making my kids happy.

Picnik collage.rainbowpancake


Now that's one happy short stack.

Picnik collage.pancakeparker


My kids have never eaten so many pancakes in one sitting before.  They were loving it!  Seriously… if you want to start out your day with the most gloriously happy children, just try these yummy rainbow pancakes.

I used a version of  this recipe, and added food coloring, flax seed, and love. 

Don't forget the love.

Sorry.  I couldn't help myself.  I am corny like that.

*Do you want to see some more fun baked stuff?  Check out i am baker!

*Click here to see how I reply to Rainbow Pancake Haters.


Well, in addition to serving pancakes to our very special guests today (thats you!), I am also offering the specialty of the house.

Some magic cookies.

Because, if all goes well, they will magically help one exceptional blogger friend sell her house!

That's right… I made my very sweet friend Kami 'Open House' cookies! 

Each cookie has their address written on it.  How smart is that??  Wish I had thought of it.




You can bet that everyone who goes to their open house will remember these address cookies!

Did I mention what a great idea this is???

I think Kami might be on to something.


And yes, our menu would not be complete without some sweet, sweet honey.

As in the Winnie the Pooh variety.

I recently visited the local thrift store… and had a blast finding a bunch of stuff that I didn't even know I needed!


Have I told you I am obsessed with Classic Pooh?  No?  I'm surprised it doesn't come up in conversation more often. 

I came across this poor pitiful book that is in such terrible condition.

I love it.

It was first published in 1926.  This copy is from 1957.

It is perfection.


Wonderfully colorful and detailed illustrations.


Sweet tales and songs that can keep even the most fidgety child interested.

I even got some cookbooks!  I think it was $4.50 for these.


I might have bought the Country Desserts book just for this recipe.


Butterscotch Sauce.  Does it really need to go on anything? 

Isn't it sorta like a sweeter version of milk and should be consumed on a daily basis for its vitamins and nutrients?

Yeah.  I'm going with that.


And to top off a wonderful shopping experience, I even got this gem for FOUR DOLLARS!!!

I know!

Oh… not the baby.  The bowl

Its huge!  Perfect for big cakes and big orders of sugar cookies.

Well, I don't know about you, but my sugar buzz is almost wearing off!  Maybe I should stop by CF Mama's house and have a piece of cake

If anyone else attempts one of the crazy recipes I put on my blog, be sure to let me know!  I just may feature you!




  1. ElizaBeth says

    I STILL gotta find out what brand of food coloring you’re using! I can’t wait till your little guys share the result of the rainbow food with you later…
    I LOVE POOH TOO!!! All three of ours had Pooh Bear’s blustery day nurseries. We even have a Kenny Loggins CD with Return to Pooh Corner on it.

  2. says

    I have never even heard of that CD!!  Where have i been???!?!?!?!

    I use Ateco food coloring.  And they really eat such small doses of it, I have never seen it…uh… later… when uh… they, uh, use the potty.  Really!!  I put 1-2 dots in a one cup serving which makes 3-4 big pancakes and they ate one of each color… well, colton had 2 orange I think.  We’ve had it for breakfast for 2 days in a row now and I haven’t seen an signs of it!  Maybe its the brand?? :)

    Hope you are all well!!



  3. Sarah Robbins says

    Ahh, my husband always asks if I included my “secret ingredient” when I was cooking dinner. He says the “love” (aka “secret ingredient”) is what makes my cooking so good. Corny is definitely a good thing round here!

  4. Heidi says

    Wow she did a great job on your pumpkin cake. I tried the rainbow cake for Tim’s birthday and it did not turn out so nicely… I showed a picture on my blog yesterday, but only of a slice because it was just well…not that pretty! Probably because I didn’t follow all those detail directions.
    You also won one of the cleaning supplies sample packs I gave away. If you get me your address before tomorrow afternoon I will send it along tomorrow!

  5. says

    {Drool} I think your obsession with food coloring might be rubbing off on me. I just showed Jay your rainbow pancakes and he might be restricting me from your blog soon enough. He told me today that we will never lose weight if I keep up the sweets. I pleaded with him…”but Nathan has a sweet tooth…What if I give everything away, can I still bake??”
    Thanks for the blog love!
    Nighty night!

  6. liesl says

    Wheee! YUMM!!! We just had pancakes for lunch (American style with maple syrup and bacon) and it was really good. But now looking at those!! Whee! Awesome idea! :)

  7. Sara says

    Food coloring in pancakes might just be the best idea ever. And I mean that. :)
    But I gotta ask–how’s the diaper the next day???

  8. says

    See what I’m sayin’ girl? I think you’ve gotta change your blog title to “i am culinary genius”…how do you get the colors so vibrant?!!!
    And I was gonna say, what a steal for that adorable little girl…the bowls great, too…but what’s in it is utterly delicious! Love it!

  9. tracie says

    What a great idea…I can’t believe I never thought of adding food color to my pancakes!
    I LOVE Pooh!! Especially Classic Pooh. I saw the first comment that said her children’s nurseries were done in Pooh’s blustery day…how cool! I love windy, cold days…I always call them Pooh (not poo..ha) days : )

  10. says

    How wonderful! Those pancakes look awesome! I attempted to make your cookies, but i am not as talented as you =[ they tasted great but looked aweful! haha. I took lots of pictures of them so i couldl blog about them but then was to embarassed lol. Yours of course look amazing. You should have your own tv show! 😉

  11. Tina Fisher says

    Wow! That’s about all I can say! I was wowified at the first picture of the pancakes and it just kept gettnig better and better. Especially the Sweetness in your bowl!
    I so love your post!
    AND…the cookbooks….well when my Grandmother passed away I (for some odd reason at age 13 with zero cooking skills, and pretty much still today) really wanted a couple of her bookbooks. They are oldies but goodies….it’s all from scratch and what’s really neat is that her handwriting is in them from when she would double a batch, or make comments. That was/is really cool!
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  12. Tina Fisher says

    I just checked out your cake instructions by CF Mama….she makes it look so easy! BUT I am sure it really isn’t!

  13. says

    I don’t even have small kiddos anymore, but I so want to make these pancakes! For some reason I have never even thought of making pancakes from a real recipe…I have always used a mix.

  14. says

    Sounds like my kind of diner! Yeah, I’ll have to look for that brand of food coloring next time…the diapers at my house turn out, well, let’s just say “she tasted the rainbow”

  15. says

    what an awesome idea for the pancakes! I am going to have to try that. And the cookies for the open house, what another amazing idea!!

  16. says

    Everything in this post is adorable!!! Especially your little lady :) I think Peter would convert from a Daddy’s boy back to a Mommy’s boy if I made those pancakes.

  17. Kimi says

    My kids are really excited about the idea of rainbow pancakes. This is an awesome idea. Even my non-pancake eater is begging me to try this.

  18. says

    I love the pancakes. Awesome. What a great twist on the rainbow cake. It makes me want to go out and buy food coloring.
    Classic Pooh is the best. I didn’t know you were a Pooh purist, I sure hope you weren’t too offended by my pooh pic last week. teehee

  19. says

    Hooray, I get to leave a comment! I’ve been reading but hadn’t tried to leave one since last week! I guess it is fixed :)
    Those bright pancakes look like a fun, yummy way to start the morning.
    Have a wonderful week!

  20. debbie says

    I love all things about this post! I’ve never thought of rainbow pancakes. My kids are older but I bet they’d still love this!

  21. love lives in the kitchen says

    oh amanda! these pancakes are just amazing! you are so creative! your lovely boy is so lucky!
    i had the same old edition of winnie the pooh when i was a child…
    have a great week, justyna

  22. says

    Those rainbow pancakes make me smile. *grin*
    The next time you make pancakes, make a smaller amount with food coloring so you can “draw.” Then put the un-colored batter on the griddle and use the colored batter to make a picture (or a face, or whatever) on the pancake before you flip it.
    Very labor-intensive, but I get the feeling you’re into that kind of stuff!
    And your kids will LOVE IT.


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