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Red, White, & Blue Dessert


More like red, white, and deep, deep navy.  Maybe even purple? Sorry Uncle Sam.


See, I saw these amazing chocolate edible bowls over on bakerella and I knew I wanted to try them.  I seriously get lost on her site.  The amount of creative and original and stunning desserts she creates just boggles my mind.

I sorta have a bakerella crush.  But I am in good company.  We all adore her right?

So I got this "brilliant" idea to make the bowls out of cherry chocolate chips.  Only the chocolate never got as creamy and beautiful as bakerella's did and I just could not get them to be uniform and magnificent like hers.

I am not even going to try and give you a recipe or directions… I think bakerellas directions are wonderful and easy to follow.

Just wish I had.

Here's what I did do.

Made chocolate bowls.  Oh, oh I have a little trick for you!  When you go to pop the balloon, put a piece of tape on the balloon and then pierce the balloon through the tape.  It will just deflate slowly instead of popping and causing your chocolate to break into a million pieces all over your kitchen! Not that I know from experience or anything.

Bake a white sheet cake.  Chilled it.  Cut it into one inch squares.

Opened can of blueberry pie filling.  Put cake squares in chocolate bowls.  Spooned filling over top.



Some more.


What I can attest to is the taste.  The subtle cherry chocolate (think cherry dip cone from DQ) combined with a silky rich white cake topped with a sugary sweet blueberry pie filling…

It. Was. Fantastic.

So unexpected… I had to let the flavors just dance on my tongue for a bit before really professing my love. 

But then I did.  Profess my love.  To a dessert.  Cause I have warped sensibilities ok?

Even if you don't make this for your Fourth of July celebrations, I highly recommend making it just to indulge in a new scrumptiously sweet flavor combination. 

I hope you will be delighted with it as I was! 

P.S.  Totally going to try this with fresh blueberries next time.  I might even make a blueberry simple syrup to drizzle over the top.  I really dont think you can go wrong experimenting with this dessert.  And I do hope you do!

 *Check out this dessert and many other amazing things on Tidymom's I'm Lovin It!


  1. says

    Cherry chocolate chips??? Now why don’t I ever see anything like this in my market?
    Such an adorable idea for 4th of July, too! I’m saving the link and hoping I will find those chips somewhere…..

  2. Linda McDearis says

    Just an unrelated note to thank you for posting the recipes for the thin mint cake and your homemade fondant. I combined the two for a beautiful baby shower cake this weekend and it turned out fabulous! Thank you!

  3. says

    Oh Jenny!!! I can soooo relate! And I cant help but chuckle … I am finding red bits of chocolate all over… something new everyday! I hope the tip works for you… I have used it dozens of times and its never failed me. :)

  4. says

    Saw these on twitter and had to come here so I can really post. These look very yummy and to think these are edible bowls. Awesome!! And I am totally with you on bakerella’s site, like your site I can sit there for hours going through her site and looking at all the wonderful things you all make!! :-)

  5. says

    you mean I can eat this bowl? what a wonderful way to eat “green”. no waste, no trash! this is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I may have to do this for the 4th, fill them ice cream and make a blueberry sauce? oh my – you have just added so much stuff to my already filled week of things to do. you seem to have this effect on me. xx

  6. Josee says

    The way to prevent the bowl from cracking when removing the balloon, is to not pop it…use scissors and make a small cut, way up below the knot…the air will release slowly.

  7. says

    These are a super-fun idea. What about people who live in hot climates? Should these primarily be served indoors? Or would they resist melting long enough not to be TOTALLY messy?

  8. says

    What a clever idea to use the cherry chocolate chips(I didn’t even know there was such a thing:))! What a beautiful, tasty and fun dessert~to be able to eat the bowl! Have a fabulous 4th of July, Amanda!

  9. says

    Just wanted to say that I too adore Bakerella, but I also really and truly love YOUR blog. LOVE love love your blogging style and photos oh and your baking too ;-)
    You are SUCH an inspiration to meeeeeeeee!


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