Success! Kinda.

Hardships and Destiny

Its taken me awhile to update my blog about my husband. I havent really known what to say. Its been an emotional roller coaster to say the least.  I was an wreck before and during his ablation procedure… but after having researched it and nurses and doctors explaining it, it seemed like no-fail. When I […]

The View From Here

Chad Before Ablation

We arrived about 9:30 this morning. Tentative.  Nervous. Cautiously Hopeful.   As I type this Chad is having an ablation. Technically not a surgery, but an invasive procedure none the less.  They are going in and going to try and get rid of any unnecessary tissue in Chad’s heart.  It can be a long and […]

My Future Flashed Before My Eyes

Chad and Parker

Friday night didnt go as planned. Chad was in the hospital. I was pacing my floors like a crazy person in an asylum. My husband wasn’t coming home tonight.  The doctors were keeping him overnight for observation because his heart was in Atrial Fibrillation. From the Mayo Clinic website: Atrial fibrillation is an irregular and often rapid heart rate […]