salted caramel peanut butter mousse in a mini chocolate cookie cup

Peanut Butter Mouse in Chocolate Cookie Cups!

As you can tell by my blog posts of late, peanut butter is becoming¬†my favorite ingredient to add to desserts. This amazing mini Peanut Butter and chocolate treat is no exception! Quite frankly, I was really inspired by the peanut butter itself for this particular dessert. Skippy has a limited edition flavor out that is […]

Chocolate Cookie Cups with Strawberry Buttercream {Neapolitan!}

Chocolate Cookie Cups with Strawberry Buttercream

Around January 2nd I started seeing Valentines Day goodies all around the web. Thinking that it might be too soon to start spreading the February love, I promptly ignored them and moved on. But it wasnt that easy. You know this is true if you are addicted to Pinterest like I am. ¬†They kept coming. […]