Bubbly Baby Cupcakes

Smiling Baby Sugar Cookies

I really have baby on my brain. And on my bladder. And kidney.  Just sayin.   We are not finding out the sex of this little one, and I am loving the anticipation of the surprise!  As of now, he/she is scheduled to be born on May 31st,2013.  I think that’s a pretty good date! When I […]

Rainbow Bus Cookies

These cookies are for sweet Jennifer and her adorable one year old Finn. Jennifer had told me about her vision, and then sent a little picture along for me to follow from. I would not consider myself a hippy by any means, but I sure did get my groove on making these! As you might […]

Facebook/Twitter Cookies

You can see where these cookies were featured in Brides Magazine here! Do you remember these cookies? Well, seems that folks really liked them. A lot. So I have been busy, busy, busy making more! The facebook cookies. (the @names are written in the light blue and super hard to see…sorry! It is, Jillie, then […]