I Am Baker

Rainbow Bus Cookies

These cookies are for sweet Jennifer and her adorable one year old Finn.

Jennifer had told me about her vision, and then sent a little picture along for me to follow from.

I would not consider myself a hippy by any means, but I sure did get my groove on making these!


As you might have imagined, I didn't have a bus cookie cutter, so I made a template and cut each one of these out by hand.


I love her color choices!


I sorta couldn't stop taking pictures of them.



Rainbows make me happy.  (See here. And here.  And here. And… well… this could go on all day.)


Rainbow sugar cookies make my belly happy.


Happy Birthday Finn and Happy totally non-official I am just making this up Rainbow Day to you!

*I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe and glaze icing.



I Am Baker

Facebook/Twitter Cookies

You can see where these cookies were featured in Brides Magazine here!


Do you remember these cookies?

Well, seems that folks really liked them.

A lot.

So I have been busy, busy, busy making more!



The facebook cookies.



(the @names are written in the light blue and super hard to see…sorry! It is, Jillie, then @mom, then @bestfriend.)

The twitter cookies.




I had fun making these cookies.

Oh! And BTW, the @twitter address I used are not real. At least, I dont know if they are real. I sorta made them up. But they might be real. But if they are I dont know them or anything. They didnt order these cookies.

Cause like, I dont know them.

At all.

And now I feel silly.

Its a whole long story as to why I made these cookies, but I cant tell you about it for five months. (Butbelieveme, I will be telling you about it!)


I really want to do some fun snarky twitter cookies… twitter can be so dang hilarious! And sweet. And funny! I love the crazy things people come up with in 140 characters or less.

Do you twitter? If not you totally should.

I do. Its @manda2177. Just in case you were dying to know.