I Am Baker

Forever Reign

I volunteer at my church’s youth group.  There are a few reasons why this is completely ridiculous.

1. I am old.

2. I am exhausted.

3. Being hip is apparently a cool thing and not someone calling me fat.  Not that anyone has called me fat.  To my face.

But there are a also a couple reasons why this is exactly where God wants me.

1. It is completely overwhelmingly acutely awesome seeing young people of faith.  How jealous I am of their love for the Lord at such a young age!

2. I get to hear cool young music.

This brings us to this song that I would be remiss not to share.

The youth group has a worhsip team and they are pretty awesome.  And the first time I heard this song it totally crept into my heart and has embedded itself there ever since.

Hillsong Lyrics to Forever Reign


photo credit spiritualinspiration.tumblr.com


When they started singing the chorus I pretty much had to strap my hands to my sides. (Sidenote: cause as much as I love Jesus, I am MORTIFIED to raise up my hands in church.  Seriously, I have issues.)

“And oh, I’m running to your arms

I’m running to your arms

the riches of your love

will always be enough

Nothing compares to your embrace

Light of the world Forever Reign!”

Even listening to it now I just close my eyes and feel myself being drawn closer to Him.  These words and this music is truly a worship experience for me.

Now dont go telling those kids that they are a big influence on me.  I want to remain as cool and hip in their minds as possible. ;)

Hillsong Music can be purchased here.