I Am Baker

Red, White, & Blue Dessert


More like red, white, and deep, deep navy.  Maybe even purple? Sorry Uncle Sam.


See, I saw these amazing chocolate edible bowls over on bakerella and I knew I wanted to try them.  I seriously get lost on her site.  The amount of creative and original and stunning desserts she creates just boggles my mind.

I sorta have a bakerella crush.  But I am in good company.  We all adore her right?

So I got this "brilliant" idea to make the bowls out of cherry chocolate chips.  Only the chocolate never got as creamy and beautiful as bakerella's did and I just could not get them to be uniform and magnificent like hers.

I am not even going to try and give you a recipe or directions… I think bakerellas directions are wonderful and easy to follow.

Just wish I had.

Here's what I did do.

Made chocolate bowls.  Oh, oh I have a little trick for you!  When you go to pop the balloon, put a piece of tape on the balloon and then pierce the balloon through the tape.  It will just deflate slowly instead of popping and causing your chocolate to break into a million pieces all over your kitchen! Not that I know from experience or anything.

Bake a white sheet cake.  Chilled it.  Cut it into one inch squares.

Opened can of blueberry pie filling.  Put cake squares in chocolate bowls.  Spooned filling over top.



Some more.


What I can attest to is the taste.  The subtle cherry chocolate (think cherry dip cone from DQ) combined with a silky rich white cake topped with a sugary sweet blueberry pie filling…

It. Was. Fantastic.

So unexpected… I had to let the flavors just dance on my tongue for a bit before really professing my love. 

But then I did.  Profess my love.  To a dessert.  Cause I have warped sensibilities ok?

Even if you don't make this for your Fourth of July celebrations, I highly recommend making it just to indulge in a new scrumptiously sweet flavor combination. 

I hope you will be delighted with it as I was! 

P.S.  Totally going to try this with fresh blueberries next time.  I might even make a blueberry simple syrup to drizzle over the top.  I really dont think you can go wrong experimenting with this dessert.  And I do hope you do!

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