I Am Baker

Food Blogging Etiquette



Something that amazes me is the number of new food blogs.  Every single day 100′s of people join the food blogging community and begin this fantastic journey of documenting the one thing that we all share… a love for food.

I thought maybe I could share a few tips for creating a successful, but more importantly, friendly food blog. 

Why is “friendly” more important then successful?  It is my opinion that you cannot attain great success unless you first choose to do it the right way.

1. Do not post someone else’s recipe verbatim.  Do post the directions in your voice.

You can certainly post ingredients exactly, but the directions should always be in your own words.  How did you prepare the food?  That is how your directions should read.  Even if you followed another recipes directions precisely, you should still share your experience in your words.  

2. Do not use someone else’s pictures without permission. Do take your own pictures.

In some instances you really just want to showcase someone else’s work. (if you are using their pictures, try to limit it to one) This is a wonderful aspect of the food blogging community and one that is encouraged!  However, always always always provide proper links back to the original blog.  If you really want to use someone else’s pictures, simply ask them for permission.  Most bloggers have a disclosure preference on their blog if you are unsure.  When in doubt, ask!
Even if you are not an expert photographer, people still want to see how you prepared the food.  It is your blog!

There is always opportunity to learn more about taking better picture of food. (Here is a quick tutorial)

3. Do not take credit for someone else’s work.  Do provide proper links and accreditation.
If you chose to make someone else’s recipe (which is not only common but expected) you make sure you are very clear with your readers about who provided your inspiration.  This involves clearly explaining where the recipe source originated.  If possible, try to include a link back to the creators website.  

If ever in doubt, just ask yourself the food bloggers Golden Rule, “How would I want to be credited if someone was using my recipe?”

I hope that these little tips can help you to not enjoy enjoy the food blogging experience, but help you to develop strong and long lasting relationships with other food bloggers!