Neapolitan Cake


I made the Neapolitan Cake for my birthday because I deserve it! My kids loved it and thought the chocolate butter cream frosting was the best I had ever made. I love the colours and flavours. I mean who doesn’t love Neapolitan?? :)I also love that it looks time consuming and hard. hehehe… Easy as […]



Inspired by iambaker! I just found it beautiful. See it HERE! NEOPOLITAN CAKE submitted by Dapur IbuCergas You may also like: Neapolitan Rose Cake Rose Ombre Cake (Lemon Cake with White Chocolate buttercream) spumoni cake Rainbow Heart Surprise-Inside Cake

Neapolitan Rose Cake

neapolitan cake

This is the original Neapolitan Rose Cake… everything else is just a copy! UPDATED: Video Tutorial HERE I am obsessed with Neapolitan lately.  And if you are friends with me on Instagram you already know this. I shared this picture yesterday.  As well as another picture of the pre-frosted cakes the day before. And I […]