Colton and Olivia

thats my baby   holding   my baby. I think she likes it. You may also like: One Week Today What I Never Wanted to Say What Happens When Mama Wears Lipstick Baby of Mine

Sweet Child of Mine


Its been a wonderfully hectic last couple of months.  We have had a baby, packed a house, staged a house, bought a house, sold a house, moved into a new house, and are subsequently unpacking in new house.  All while nursing full time and trying to wrangle four other very happy kids.  And one dog. […]

Advice to a New Mommy

Jen Shall Baby Shower, Original Image Credit Amber Bracegirdle

A sweet blogging friend is about to have her first baby.  The beautiful and talented Jen from My Kitchen Addiction! She will soon be experiencing her baby’s first coo, her first glance, her first smile. (Original design credit to Amber Bracegirdle) She is about to know what the old saying feels like, “Making the decision to […]