How to Label Pictures for Pinterest

Have you heard of Pinterest? If you answered no then please just stop reading.  Open your browser, type in and be prepared to lose the next hour of your life. If you have then you most likely know how much Pinterest has affected blogging.  No matter what topic you blog about, Pinterest can drive […]

Pinterest Etiquette 101

I wrote a post on Food Blogging Etiquette about a year ago.  I think I wrote it more for me than anyone else, as I often refer to it when I am in doubt about how to proceed.  Based on the great feedback, I decided to give it another go! A lot has happened in […]

Carrot Cake

We’ve got a little business to do today.  I have lots of fun things to share! 1. I made a cake.  A carrot cake.  And its wonderful. Recipe below. 2. I get to share with you a great pinboard by McCormick! Here is an example of my McCormick Pin-Spiration board.  Please let me know if […]

Social Media Cake {Surprise Inside Cakes}


CONTEST CLOSED! Winners are: Comment #468 Chelsea Comment #477 Patti You have been notified and I hope to hear from you! Congrats ladies! *********** Most of my IRL (in real life) friends and family are not big into social media.  I say words like Pinterest or Instagram and they say, “You’re Excused.” But you, you my […]