Rainbow Birthday Cake

Swirly Rainbow Cake (Inside and Out!) #rainbow #cake #birthdaycake

My little girl turned five this past week.  Five!  In the midst of extensive Christmas baking, I took a break from all this green and red and peppermint and made a perfectly perfect girly girl cake. With Audrey’s help of course!  The last couple years I have let her “design” her cake;  she tells me […]

Rainbow Delight {Ten Rainbow Inspired Desserts}

Rose Rainbow Cookies

As much as I wanted to get my latest St. Patricks Day post up I just didnt have time this week.  So I thought I would share some of the Rainbow inspired desserts I have made in the past! Rainbow Bus Sugar Cookies   Rainbow Sugar Cookies   Rainbow Ruffle Cake   Candyland Inspired Rainbow […]

Rainbow Ruffle Birthday Cake

Rainbow Ruffle Birthday Cake

Today is my sweet little girls birthday. She is going to be four! And so far, she is the only girl among three boys. So yeah… a little princess to say the least. Every year I let Audrey pick out what kind of cake she wants. This is the cake she wanted last year. And […]

Mothers Day Cake Ideas {10 Great Cakes Mom Will Love!}

Whipped Chocolate Buttercream Rose Cake!

Edible ideas that is. But I guess you knew that. Since that is the whole point of this blog. Anywho! I have got a ton of fun, new ideas for cakes and cookies and treats this year, but I RAN OUT OF TIME!!  Mothers Day is just a few short days away!! So, here is […]