whipped chocolate buttercream frosting

Whipped Chocolate Buttercream Rose Cake!

Is there anything better than light, fluffy, rich and flavorful Chocolate Buttercream Frosting? No. The answer is no. I have this recipe on my blog way over here,  but it gets lost next to that beautiful marble cake deliciousness, so I decided to make sure this fantastic recipe got it’s turn in the spotlight. This […]

Pink Cherry Cake with Fudge Frosting

Pink Cherry Cake with Glossy Fudge Frosting

I have been waiting this book for a long, long time.  The amazing Rosie, the powerhouse of talent behind Sweetapolita, is the Queen of Baking in my mind. She wears so many hats; baker, decorator, photographer, stylist, writer, etc. and wears them all beautifully. Her book, The Sweetapolita Bakebook is nothing short of stunning. I […]

red velvet buttercream rose cake

Red Velvet Buttercream Rose Cake

It’s all about that cake, bout that cake, bout that cake… Sorry. But that song (with my personalized cake-y lyrics) is stuck in my head. Funny thing about it is, it is NOT all about that cake. At least, not for this blog post! It’s all about that buttercream. Red Velvet Buttercream. Deep, rich, vibrant […]

Beet Cake


I never considered myself a baker, but since my first daughter was born 3 years ago, I’ve gotten quite into it! It started with cupcakes, and recently progressed into cakes. One of my coworkers hired me to make cupcakes and a cake for her daughter’s bridal shower a few months ago, and since then, I’ve […]

rose cake


So I copied your infamous rose cake, for my mother in laws 89th birthday. I piped on lilac coloured roses, as that is her favourite colour. The ooohhhs and aahhhs I attribute to you! See it HERE! rose cake submitted by You may also like: Violet velvet rose cake Rose Birthday Cake Rose Tower Cake Basket […]

spumoni cake

Spumoni Rosette Cake!

Kinda.  I mean, in all honesty this cake was inspired from some ice cream I saw at the grocery store.  But when I saw it the first thing I thought was… Neapolitan Cake.  I need to make this “spumoni” into my Neapolitan Cake! So I did.  I mean, kinda.  I got the colors right… but […]

coming up roses (frosting roses of course!)

Pink Rose Cake ~ #rosecake #original #rosettecake

Events. Questions. Cakes.  Oh my!   For all of the readers in South Dakota, I am having a book signing at Zandbroz in Sioux Falls on May 10th.  I will be there from 1:00-3:00pm.  Looking forward to meeting you!   May 15th – May 17th I will be in Miami for BlogHer Food.  So looking forward […]

rose cake party with chinet

Green Rosette Cake on Chinet New Cut Crystal

Do you have that one chore that you simply detest? For me, it’s washing the dishes. I would rather iron every single one of my husband’s shirts with military precision than do dishes. Especially baking dishes. I bake all the time, and after the preparation and assembly and decoration, the last thing I want to […]

Christmas Surprise Inside Cake

Christmas Surprise Inside Cake #surpriseinside

I had no intention of sharing this cake. Everything that could go wrong, did. The multi-colored roses are oddly resembling a pile of mush.  The touch of green leaves is a more of a massive green undergrowth and has a life of its own. And the inside… well.  Lets just say that was not my […]

The Perfect Chocolate Cake

The Perfect Chocolate Cake and Best Chocolate Buttercream #chocolatecake #cake #buttercream

It occurred to me that there are three things I have not done. 1. Updated the Best Chocolate Cake recipe. 2. Shared the perfect Chocolate Buttercream recipe. 3. Made a Chocolate Rose Cake. Well, I will remedy those three issues all in one post! I have made no less than 56, 743 rose cakes in […]

Pumpkin Pie Rose Cake

Pumpkin Pie Rose Cake!  The perfect way to jazz up pumpkin pie!

This “cake” was a fusion of two things I love.  My original Rose Cake design and Pumpkin Pie.  Let me be more specific… pumpkin pie smothered in whipped cream.   I have to tell you, the Buttercream Rosette Cake is near and dear to my heart.  Its by far the most popular cake I have ever […]

property of iambaker {custom t shirt giveaway}

iambaker custom T-shirt from whooptee.com

WINNERS CHOSEN! Christine Kristin M Renee Becca Jeannine Jodi Gina Catherine Pam Kavli You will be receiving some information shortly… so excited for you!!   ********** Do you love t-shirts as much as I do?  They are more than just an article of clothing we put on in the morning.  They are an invitation into […]

Today is the Day!

Gender Reveal Rose Cake

We are scheduled to have our fifth child this morning via C-Section!  Five kids.  Who would have thought? We are nervous and excited for this newest addition to finally make his/her way into our lives! For this pregnancy we chose to not find out the sex of the baby, and its been really fun!!  Thank […]

Rose Covered Checkerboard Cake

Original Rose Cake on Mackenzie-Childs Parchment Check Cake Stand

I had no intentions of making a Rose Cake.  I was actually planning on doing a tutorial for this cake, but something happened. I was so inspired by the whimsical beauty of the MacKenzie-Childs products, I just couldnt help myself!  Since I knew the interior was a checkboard design, I thought the soft Rosette’s would […]

Some Things (Silver Rose Cake)

Silver Christmas Rose Cake

I hope you will forgive me interrupting your regularly scheduled program, I just need to take care of some business. First off, the sweet little Silver Bell’s inspired Rose Cake above was seen in an ad in the latest issue of Sweet Paul Magazine!  I am a huge, huge fan of those great guys and hope you will be […]

Patriotic Rose Cake {Video Tutorial}

Did you know that the Rose is the National Flower? Did you know I just made that up so that a Patriotic Rose Cake would seem more natural? A very smart reader, Lisa, shared this (thanks Lisa!) : “The rose was designated the official flower and floral emblem of the United States of America in […]

Rose Birthday Cake

Our sweet Audrey has a December birthday. She is destined to share her special day with the red and green accents of Christmas and to recieve the dreaded “two-fer” gifts. Pin It So this year for her third birthday, I wanted to make her a cake that was all about her. I asked her what she […]

Neapolitan Rose Cake

neapolitan cake

This is the original Neapolitan Rose Cake… everything else is just a copy! UPDATED: Video Tutorial HERE I am obsessed with Neapolitan lately.  And if you are friends with me on Instagram you already know this. I shared this picture yesterday.  As well as another picture of the pre-frosted cakes the day before. And I […]

Mothers Day Cake Ideas {10 Great Cakes Mom Will Love!}

Whipped Chocolate Buttercream Rose Cake!

Edible ideas that is. But I guess you knew that. Since that is the whole point of this blog. Anywho! I have got a ton of fun, new ideas for cakes and cookies and treats this year, but I RAN OUT OF TIME!!  Mothers Day is just a few short days away!! So, here is […]

Royal Wedding Cake

This cake is a combination of my Original Rose Cake (video tutorial) and my Original Hydrangea Cake. You may remember this little hydrangea cake I did. Or maybe even my rose cake. I decided to just put them together and see what happened. I dont know!  What do you think??? I kinda like it! You may also […]