Puppy Chow surprise-inside cake

Puppy Chow Surprise Inside Cake HOW TO

I love this cake. Every little thing about it.  From the amazing chocolate flavor to the chocolate sprinkles to the glorious surprise waiting inside. Delicious. Beautiful. (in my opinion!) and Easy. Let’s get to it! After assembling the layers of this cake I covered it in a thin coat of buttercream.  I used about 1 […]

ring cake ~ surprise-inside cake

Easy Ring Pop Cake!

I had so much fun hanging out with Elizabeth and the crew from Twin Cities Live.  They are such a classy group of talented individuals, I always feel at home and totally comfortable there! But before we see that I just want to show you one of my favorite Surprise-Inside Cakes! Can you guess what […]

Patriotic Cake {surprise inside cake}

Red White and Blue Surprise-Inside Cake! #usa

So I do this thing with cakes where I hide surprises on the inside.  I have been doing it for about 4 years now.  I even wrote a whole book about it. It’s kinda my thing. I can’t help but love this cake.  I am so excited by this new way to share a surprise-inside […]

Vanilla Bundt Cake with Vanilla Frosting

Vanilla Bundt Cake with Vanilla Glaze!

I have probably made three bundt cakes in my life, and I totally plan on rectifying that this year.  I declare 2014 the YEAR OF THE BUNDT! My bundt cakes will be overly a-bundt-ant. Ha, ha, see what I did there??   This is simply a vanilla bundt cake with vanilla glaze.  Well, maybe there […]

easter egg surprise-inside cake

Easter Egg Surprise-Inside Cake!

I have been so inspired by this never ending winter.  Not to make surprise-inside snowflake cakes, but to make flavorful and beautiful cakes that are reminiscent of Spring. And warm weather.  And sunshine.  And warm weather.  And flowers. And warm weather.  We got 14 inches of snow last night.  Please send warm weather. Prep Time: […]

boston cream pie surprise inside cake™

Boston Cream Pie Surprise Inside Cake™

When I realized what day today was I immediately started baking. Baking for me is therapeutic.  It helps me to sort out my head and thoughts. I can still remember the moment I heard of the Boston bombings.  Like everyone else, it was shock.  Horror.  Dismay. I grieved for the three precious lives lost and […]

this and that

surprise inside cake

I have been baking up a storm and have so many new designs and recipes to share.  So excited!  Think you can guess what is in this cake?  It’s coming to the blog soon! Since I have been getting quite a few inquires of late I thought I would create a blog post to answer […]

international orders for ‘surprise-inside cakes’!

Surprise Inside Cakes Cover

So many people from around the world have asked how they can order my new book, surprise-inside cakes.  I get positively giddy thinking about people from all cultures and walks of life sharing in the beautiful experience of baking cakes together. Below I have listed links to how specific countries can order.  If you do […]

surprise-inside cakes book trailer!

Surprise Inside Cakes Cover1

I dont know about you, but I lovelovelove when a book has a trailer.  I dont care if it’s a cookbook or a thriller or a documentary.  There is just something in me that loves the quick fix and anticipation of more. That being said, here is mine.   I hope you like it.  And […]

surprise-inside cakes and a HUGE giveaway!

Kitchen Aid Mixer

CLICK HERE TO BE ENTERED! Today is one of those days that I live for as a blogger.  As much as I love sharing new and fun creative cake designs, one of the things that I enjoy most is getting to give YOU fabulous gifts! Today, in celebration of the upcoming release of my book, […]

Countdown Cake Tutorial {surprise inside cake}

New Years Eve Countdown Cake #surpriseinsidecake

Here is the tutorial for the Countdown Cake! My timing could be better, I know.  So I am doing something a bit unorthodox and posting to my blog twice in one day, just in case there are any of you who want to make the countdown cake! Here is a video tutorial on how to […]

Countdown Cake {Surprise Inside Cake}

New Years Eve Countdown Cake #surpriseinsidecake

UPDATE:  Full tutorial now posted! This is cake is one of my “crazy” ideas.  I didn’t really think it could happen.  But then it happened.  And it wasn’t that hard.  And I am super excited to share it with you! I didn’t take any step-by-step pictures because this was my first time making this cake. […]

Christmas Surprise Inside Cake

Christmas Surprise Inside Cake #surpriseinside

I had no intention of sharing this cake. Everything that could go wrong, did. The multi-colored roses are oddly resembling a pile of mush.  The touch of green leaves is a more of a massive green undergrowth and has a life of its own. And the inside… well.  Lets just say that was not my […]

Candy Corn Cake {cake decorating tutorial}

Candy Corn Cake & cake decorating tutorial! #cakedecorating #halloween #cake

I have something very serious to talk with you about today.  There is a great travesty occurring in our nation. A great injustice!  And I cannot, no I WILL NOT sit idly by for one moment longer. And please forgive my boldness as I callously divert from the true spirit of this blog.  I try […]

BOO surprise inside cake tutorial

Surprise Inside Cake!  The PERFECT #Halloween #cake!

I love the idea of having words inside a cake and this tutorial will share just one method of achieving that.  I actually did my first already baked surprise inside cake for my book, Surprise-Inside Cakes, back in 2011.  (The book is out this March!)  Cant wait to show you that one! I created this […]

skull cake {surprise inside cake}

Skull Cake with a Surprise Inside!

One of my favorite cake decorating seasons is Halloween.  I think its tied into my deep love for fall and all things orange, yellow, and white!  But I feel as if I must be very clear.  I am a Charlie Brown’s Halloween girl, not a Halloween: The Return of Mike Meyers kinda girl.  I like […]

Candle Birthday Cake {Surprise Inside Cake}

Pillsbury Funfetti Cake decorated with #32 Tip

The best part of birthdays??  The cake of course! I would love  to share with you a fun cake idea as well as some tips on how YOU can best enjoy all the birthdays you celebrate!    Here’s  Tip #1: Use a box of cake mix to ensure a level, beautiful and delicious cake!  Don’t stress […]

Rose Covered Checkerboard Cake

Original Rose Cake on Mackenzie-Childs Parchment Check Cake Stand

I had no intentions of making a Rose Cake.  I was actually planning on doing a tutorial for this cake, but something happened. I was so inspired by the whimsical beauty of the MacKenzie-Childs products, I just couldnt help myself!  Since I knew the interior was a checkboard design, I thought the soft Rosette’s would […]

The Ugly Truth About Instagram


UPDATE: Why Not to Freak Out About the New Instagram Policy Dec. 18th, 2012 Let me start by saying I am not a lawyer and I wouldn’t know how to think like one even if I tried. What I am is an honest blogger who is feeling duped. When I started my Instagram account I […]

Fathers Day Cake


This cake probably looks pretty silly. With the weird banner.  And funky stand. But it just happens to be perfect for a very special daddy in our lives. See, a few months ago I saw this bowl at a Picket Fence Gals sale in Lindstrom, MN. It intrigued me!  I wanted to make one, but […]