I Am Baker

Lets Face It. I am Weird.

I don’t like the movie You’ve Got Mail.  Every single time I watch it I think, “Why didn’t he just buy her shop with his gazillions of dollars???  Her shop was so cute!”

I cannot watch commercial’s.  People rue the day they let me near the remote.  Commercials are simply the time I catch up with the other show I was watching on a different channel.

I still say rue the day.

I have no aversion to popcorn ceilings.  Or ceiling fans.  Which basically means every designer on HGTV hates me.

Every time I read a new “ABC” alphabet book to my kids, right around the letter “M” I start to get massive anxiety about what they will do for “X”.

It sorta drives me a little bonkers when people eat string cheese, but not in strings.

I cringe every time I watch someone lick an envelope.  I am sure they are seconds away from the excruciating pain of a tongue paper cut and it terrifies me.

Whenever I write out recipes and I abbreviate baking soda I giggle to myself.  Why yes, I will have 1 teaspoon of BS thank you very much!

As far as my palette is concerned, Skor bars and Heath bars are basically the same thing.

I feel as if my day is spent hearing random loud thuds followed by a few tense seconds wondering if someone will start crying.

Its pretty much the awesomest day ever if I can answer one question right on Jeopardy.