Tangled Christmas Lights Cupcakes

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I am so excited to share these cupcakes with you today, and they are super fun and SO easy!

Tangled Christmas Lights Cupcakes!  Easy, Fun, Delicious! #christmas #baking #cupcakes

These are my tangled Christmas light cupcakes!  Can you guess where my inspiration came from? 😉

Tangled Christmas Lights Cupcakes!  Easy, Fun, Delicious! #christmas #baking #cupcakes

I made some of my favorite chocolate cupcakes, then made a half batch of buttercream frosting and simply tinted it a deep green.  I actually used Ateco’s Forest Green Gel Food Coloring.

Tangled Christmas Lights Cupcakes!  Easy, Fun, Delicious! #christmas #baking #cupcakes

Using a #4 tip and holding the bag over the cupcakes,  just start squeezing and let the frosting just pile up on itself.

You really cant mess these up… the messier the better!

Tangled Christmas Lights Cupcakes!  Easy, Fun, Delicious! #christmas #baking #cupcakes

I then went back in an placed some circle sprinkles from Cake Mate, which I could not find on Amazon, but I believe I purchased at Walmart.

Tangled Christmas Lights Cupcakes!  Easy, Fun, Delicious! #christmas #baking #cupcakes

So fun, So easy!  Did I mention how easy these are?

Now if only it were so easy to un-tangle my Christmas tree lights.




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  1. says

    How cute!! So simple too. I’d say you got the color of the wire strands the perfect deep green color. That attention to detail is pretty impressive :)

  2. says

    so adorable!!! love them. this is what i dread when it comes to christmas lights…tangles!!! now i can look forward to them in cupcake form!!! love the red wrappers too.

  3. says

    how festive…everyone can relate to those tangled lights – especially Clark Griswald :) (btw – I made some rice krispie treat christmas lights this week and posted them, great minds as they say!!)

  4. Tammyj says

    Hi Amanda, another amazing treat!

    One question, where did you end off when piping the wires? I always end up with a messy unfinished looking spot…

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    These look so great! Gives me an excuse to buy some new piping gel and a new decorating tip! I can definately let the children loose with a decorating tip for these too! Loving the ‘messy’ look! Great job!


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