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    • says

      Oh thank you sweet Paula! And I am so glad you enjoyed the cocoa… sounds like some wonderful memories were made with your girls.. granddaughters right?

  1. says

    Oh my goodness, these photographs of the Audrey’s and Great Grandma Inga are priceless heirlooms that your children will adore one day! You are so fortunate to have them here with you still so that you children have the opportunity to meet and know them.

  2. kathryn pickering says

    What great photos! They are both beautiful with beautiful names. Makes me miss my “Maw”. Before I was married, I taught at a school near her(about three counties away from my home). Three or more times a week I would turn the opposite way from home and run up to her house to see her if only for just a few minutes. Whe would often be sitting on the porch waiting to see if I was coming. I am so glad I did because I now realize it was often the highlight of her day. My BIL, who is in the dental field used his mold-making gel to create plaster casts of my MIL’s hands in a praying position and gifted each family with one. Kathryn

  3. says

    So sweet! Beautiful ladies…beautiful names….beautiful pictures! Such a sweet moment to capture, Amanda!!

    When we were pregnant with our daughter, I wanted to name her Audrey but my hubby vetoed it. Love that name!!